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Many people switched to the Apple iPad Mini, leading many to believe that the bigger version will already be pulled out of Apple's line-up. Apple officials would like to reiterate that this is not spot-on because it will actually be redesigned and launched third quarter this year.


According to the market research company, TrendForce, Apple will overhaul its popular device and is said to possibly capture consumer interest again.

The design will be improved and will possibly be thinner than it is today because the company plans to use the panel used with the iPad Mini. Also, the company will retire the iPad 2 with the announcement of a revamped 9-in iPad.

It remains to be seen whether or not Apple will decrease the price for the new iPad because of the narrow panel, but it is a welcome thought to many who cringe at the price of Apple products compared to other brands of equally-capable or better devices.

source: BGR

AT&T will start taking pre-orders of the BlackBerry Z10 tomorrow prior to its official date of release on March 22nd. This phone is not only a new device since BlackBerry has revamped its name and removed RIM. It will also introduce the newest OS from the company, along with as many as 70,000 initial applications to boot. It will run on the BlackBerry 10 OS and is 4G LTE-enabled.

AT&T is offering it at $199.99, which is $50 less than what T-Mo is offering its business customers. The Z10 looks sleek and promising with its dual core Snapdragon S4 chipset that clock in at 1.5GHz each. It has front and rear cameras at 8 and 2 MP, respectively and 2GB memory. It will come in black and white variants. Who knows, this might just be the redeeming factor that BlackBerry has been waiting for in "ages"?

Link: AT&T Website on Z10


It looks like HTC One will not be available on March 15th or if it will be; only a few units might possibly be distributed to retail stores because of parts shortage. As if it's not enough, HTC is actually experiencing shortage of two types of components and these are the camera module and the voice coil motor.

Initially, only an average of 1M units will be shipped in the next two months because of this shortage. Let's hope that HTC will be able to bounce back because, like it or not, there are many who are rooting for the HTC One and are actually labeling it the underdog versus Galaxy S 4 and other leading phones in the market.

This can actually be a good move by the Taiwanese company because they would not want to be overshadowed by the possible success of the Galaxy S 4 launch on March 14th. Introducing the HTC One at a later date will make it possible for them to gather more steam. This is HTC's final chance to redeem their brand and they have to make it right and timing is also quite important.

According to analysts, the Galaxy S 4 could finally take the lead from Apple on the high-end smartphone sales. Samsung sales mostly come from shipping out mid-range and low-end devices. For years, they haven't really gone past Apple on the sale of high-end smartphones and the introduction of the Galaxy S 4 might just change that.

Since last year, Samsung has sold over 50 million units worldwide since it was introduced in March. This year, the Korean company's goal for the Galaxy S 4 is a bit more ambitious and with the way the interest in the S 4 keeps on gaining, this might actually be possible. When that happens, Samsung will beat the long-standing leader in sales of high-end devices.

Furthermore, the Galaxy S 4 is not the only high-end device to come out this year. The Galaxy Note 3 is next to be introduced after the S 4 was successfully launched last March 14th and more people are also expressing interest on the Note 3. It is but normal for Apple to be nervous about this situation because they've held the title of the "most" for years. Also, this is most beneficial for users, since providers like Samsung and Apple will really need to come up with excellent products to stay in the competition.

Source: ValueWalk



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