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We first heard about the possibility of a 12-inch Android-powered Samsung  tablet back in June, when Korean-based ET News reported that the massive tab would feature an impressive 2560 x 1600 resolution. Besides the resolution, all we knew at the time was that the tablet allegedly would arrive in the not-too-distant future.

According to a market research firm IDC, Samsung Electronics sold 8.1 million units of tablet PCs in the second quarter of this year, up 2.1 million units from a year ago, with its market share rising to 18.9 percent worldwide, a 2.5-fold jump year on year.

That same report speculated that the display could match the resolution of Google's smaller Nexus 10, which is manufactured by Samsung.
Apple is also reportedly considering larger tablets.  Needless to say, if both Samsung and Apple come out with larger tablets, others will follow suit.

Source: androidcentral


Some countries in Europe can now look and book their plane tickets using Google Flight Search. This allows travelers in France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the UK to easily book flights to selected destinations. Google Flight Search links airline websites according to your search parameters such as budget, destination, date of arrival or departure, etc.

You can easily compare lists of bookings from any countries or even airlines and it caters to various European languages, Basque, Catalan, Dutch, English, French, Galician, Italian and Spanish. You can also choose to view prices of tickets using your local currency.

Google now makes trip planning easier with this functionality and it can easily be accessed using your mobile devices, too, so it is an added convenience. Furthermore, Google and its reputation in providing the best services means that this service will only get better as time goes by.


Thanks androidauthority


Every time there is a sale going on in the Google Play Store, we would love to let you guys know about it.  Following is a list of Android Games that's currently having a nice discount, get it while it lasts,  and I would personally like to thank AndroidCentral for providing this list.


If you know a game that's currently for sale and I missed, please don't hesitate to let me know.


Mozilla's upcoming smartphone, outfitted with the new Firefox OS is said to be coming to other places first before it can come to the US. Emerging markets will be first among those who would love to get their hands on the all-new Firefox OS.

The smartphone OS will be available in Brazil, Spain, Venezuela, Portugal and in Poland. These countries will get to test the maiden launch of the Firefox OS by Mozilla, according to Gary Kovacs, Mozilla's CEO. By year-end, more countries will get to experience the smartphone OS.

On the other hand, US and Europe will probably get to try it after this year, possibly first quarter of 2014. The reason for this is that Mozilla chose to focus on emerging markets, that are much easier to penetrate than compete with existing platforms and high-end devices in US and Europe, namely Android and IOS. This could be a double-edged sword for Mozilla, since emerging markets can actually build the hype for the US and European markets to follow OR this may also become a reason for these markets to get bored waiting for the platform to come to their shores.

Source: AllthingsD

Celebrate Google Play's second birthday with this goodie bag of great deals! Be their guest and join the storewide party by picking up these limited-time gifts, from movies and music to exclusive offers on apps, games and e-books. Enjoy!

You'll find an assortment of apps, music, books, and movies, but don't expect amazing deals.  Most of the apps are offering discounts on in-app purchases. Although, you can play as a bugdroid in Badlands now, which it worthy of celebration all by itself. Google is also knocking a few bucks off some movies, albums, and books.

Check out the link below for more information

If you are in a particular Starbucks coffee shop happens to be in the few areas where Google has its Fiber service set up, the speed bump will be up to 100 times faster than the current Starbucks WIFI connection

As TechCrunch points out, this isn't Google's first attempt at providing free Wi-Fi access in a public place. In San Francisco, the company is having talks about setting up free access points in key public spaces. Google's free hotspots should go live there in April, 2014. There are also numerous Wi-Fi access points in the surroundings of Google's Mountain View HQ, too.

Google will start rolling out the new networks this August. They appreciate your patience if it's still a little while before they get to your favorite Starbucks-you'll know your new network is ready to go when you can log in to the "Google Starbucks" SSID.

Source: Google


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