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According to uSwitch, the Samsung Galaxy S III continued its reign on top of the best-selling smartphone charts, topping iPhone 5, LG Nexus 4 and other highly-rated smart devices. Last month, it also held its number 1 position on its ninth consecutive month and it does not show signs of stopping. Quite possibly, this will carry on until the Samsung Galaxy S IV gets launched in the market.

However, what's more surprising is that Samsung Galaxy Ace, which is a favorite among mid-range customers and is one of the longest-living in the Galaxy series, is at number 2. This just goes to show that a smartphone need not have super stellar specs to gain a top sales spot and is the reason why Samsung continues to improve this unit.

Samsung is truly making its waves in the smartphone market-something that other players such as Apple, Google, LG, HTC, and Sony should definitely watch out for.



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