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According to analysts, the Galaxy S 4 could finally take the lead from Apple on the high-end smartphone sales. Samsung sales mostly come from shipping out mid-range and low-end devices. For years, they haven't really gone past Apple on the sale of high-end smartphones and the introduction of the Galaxy S 4 might just change that.

Since last year, Samsung has sold over 50 million units worldwide since it was introduced in March. This year, the Korean company's goal for the Galaxy S 4 is a bit more ambitious and with the way the interest in the S 4 keeps on gaining, this might actually be possible. When that happens, Samsung will beat the long-standing leader in sales of high-end devices.

Furthermore, the Galaxy S 4 is not the only high-end device to come out this year. The Galaxy Note 3 is next to be introduced after the S 4 was successfully launched last March 14th and more people are also expressing interest on the Note 3. It is but normal for Apple to be nervous about this situation because they've held the title of the "most" for years. Also, this is most beneficial for users, since providers like Samsung and Apple will really need to come up with excellent products to stay in the competition.

Source: ValueWalk



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