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According the BusinessInsider, American Airlines bought 17,000 samsung Galaxy Notes last fall also called a "phablet" because it's part smartphone and part tablet. The idea is to equip each flight attendant with a device that gives them ready access to the latest flight information and other customer service information.

In an interview with the Business Insider, Lisa Canada, American Airlines Managing Director of Operations Technology explained why:

  • BI: Why did you buy so many tablets and what are you doing with them?

  • Lisa Canada: We've started rolling out the Samsung Galaxy Note tablets this year to our flight attendants, who use the device to access customer information like preferences and gate connections to better serve travelers.

  • Our aircraft maintenance technicians also use a Samsung device - the Galaxy Tab, giving them a modern tool to better troubleshoot and address any aircraft issues. We also offer Samsung Galaxy Tabs to our Business Class customers on certain routes for a premium inflight entertainment experience.

  • BI: Why Samsung?

  • Lisa Canada: We chose Samsung devices for select workgroups after months of testing different devices and gathering employee feedback. We felt that Samsung's tablets were best suited to our enterprise environment, plus we were able to make customizations to fit our needs.

  • BI: How important was SAFE to you?

  • Lisa Canada: SAFE provides additional administrative features which facilitates our development and device management.

  • BI: Why is this initiative important to AA?

  • Lisa Canada: Our priority is to make serving our customers easy and as intuitive as possible. This includes efforts such as rolling out tablets that simplify and modernize the American experience.

  • For instance, because of the applications we were using, we have also provided pilots with Apple iPads containing information and navigational charts. The iPads replaced the paper-based documents they used to carry around in cumbersome 35-pound pilot kitbags. Regardless of mobile platform, we are committed to providing employees with the best technology tools for their specific roles and responsibilities.

Looks like Samsung continues to win over Apple on many fronts.


The Galaxy S 4 was announced to come in two variants based on different types of processors used. Furthermore, different markets will either get the Snapdragon or the Exynos version but not both.

Exynos Octa by Samsung is actually made up of two quad core processors, wherein four cores take care of heavy processing, while the other four take care of lighter tasks, thereby, saving battery life, according to the company.

On the other hand, the Snapdragon 600 clocks in at 1.9 GHz and is of course, made by Qualcomm, which is a leader in providing mobile processors in the industry.

In the UK, they will get the quad core or the Snapdragon 600 version and although many would have wanted to try the Exynos version, it has just been confirmed that this is what they will get. They can chance upon it probably on online mobile vendors at a likely higher price if they wanted the Exynos variant.

Also, this is not yet final as some reports are showing up that UK will actually get both variants. Hope the reports are true.

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