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Vertu phones have relied on the now obsolete Symbian or Series 40 platform and despite being extremely expensive, they are not regarded as smart phones, including the brand's top of the line models bedecked with diamonds and precious metals.

According to the popular Russian blogger, Eldar Murtazin, A Vertu smartphone running on an Android platform is set to be launched at the end of February. It will cost 3000 Euros, relatively low for a Vertu. No further details are forthcoming though it is bound to have the normal traits regarding sapphire glass, hand-crafted metal and genuine leather. The 24 hours a day Vertu Concierge service is probably part of the package.

Current owner EQT opted for the Android platform due to its flexibility as far as customization is concerned.


The Android distribution chart shows the total number of users of various Android firmware and many developers and news writers use this as a basis for their projects and reports. This is critical information for those who want to create updates and versions of their applications and it is also a good PR booster for Android, since it shows the total number of users, which can easily be compared to those who use other platforms.

It seems that the old way of data collection to display the actual number of users is inaccurate and is not really doing their PR good in the process. Google changed the way they collect data and now only shows the firmware of active Android devices that visit the Google Play Store, which will yield a better and more updated result.

According to Android Developers, the new way of data collection "reflects the percentage of those that use the Android and Google Play most" as compared to the old method of tallying those who only use the Google servers. Because of this, Jelly Bean users jump to 25% from 16.5% using the old method of data collection.

Source: Android Developers

Imangi Studios has launched a free, ad-supported version of its updated Temple Run 2 game on Google Play for Android users. Until recently, the popular "infinite runner" game was exclusive to iOS devices.

Temple Run 2 features a glitzy, vibrant feel in addition to a generally busier milieu and a new mine cart level.

Previously, the mine cart level was used as the definitive mark of disgrace in a video game. As times change, the standard has been lowered by all this informal trash.

For now, we'll settle for the amazing Super Hexagon until we are totally irritated. For those who prefer informalities, Android Temple Run 2 is here.

Source: Google Play Store


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