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Despite persistent rumors about Galaxy Note III having a flexible glass display, Samsung hints that it won't be possible to mass produce the flexible display as quickly as they plan to and the demand for the Note III can potentially equal that of the Galaxy S 4. Furthermore, according to ET News, Samsung is searching for alternatives to its "encapsulation technology" because the units take too long to manufacture with their "Vitex System" and time is of essence because they want to meet their sales target for the year.

There is no official announcement on the specs of the Galaxy Note III yet but expect Samsung to do so during the IFA 2013 in Berlin. But Samsung will most likely work on its devices' designs following the success of the sleek and streamlined HTC One, which, according to rumors, Samsung is really jealous of. Bring on the smartphone wars! In the end, when the competition is tough, manufacturers tend to outdo each other with more innovative products and features.

Source: etnews


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