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Samsung looks like it wants to introduce a Galaxy S IV Mini despite how many people were quite disappointed with the S III Mini's capabilities last year, which is nothing like its "big brother's" at all and falls short of being spectacular. Many thought that they'd much rather buy the more popular Galaxy Ace smartphones, since they have very similar features.

The impending official announcement for the Samsung Galaxy S IV stirred the tech world and a lot of speculations were made regarding the introduction of an S IV Mini. What with the buzz about Samsung's "secret" Project J Mini, it looks like the rumors might actually be true.

No reports exist as to what features the Galaxy S IV Mini will have, but it better be similar to its bigger version, or Samsung will risk another disappointment over another "mini version" of its flagship smartphone. This means specs that are near the bigger version's 1920 x 1080 Full HD display, quad core processor, 2GB memory and a 13MP camera. If Samsung can come up with a mini version of all of that, then plenty of people just might buy an extra smartphone.


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