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While there have been media reports that Samsung's Galaxy smartphone is outselling Apple's iPhone, new research by Dr. Esam Alwagait, Dean of King Saud University's Deanship of e-Transactions and Communications, and Basit Shahzad, a Deanship researcher, provides key insights into the reason for Samsung's growth.

"According to our research, while Apple is more popular in English-speaking countries, Samsung predominates elsewhere, particularly in Asia and Africa," said Dr. Alwagait.

He said the research suggests Samsung's smartphone may be seen as more user friendly by non-English speakers.

Some highlights of their findings include:

  • Samsung smartphones are universally more popular;
  • Android operating systems are more popular than Apple's iOS;
  • Apple followers are more likely to live in an English-speaking country than Samsung followers;
  • English is the primary language of choice for both sets of followers, though Samsung is more popular where English is not the primary language;
  • Considering the continental review, Samsung is significantly more popular in Asia, Africa, North and South America and Europe, while Apple is more popular in Australia;
  • While Samsung is overwhelmingly more popular in Asian and African countries, it has a relatively small lead over Apple in Europe
  • Based on Klout scores - a measure of a user's influence across his or her social network; Apple followers are more influential and more popular than Samsung followers. However, the sheer volume of Samsung followers suggests this could be a growing factor.



Samsung is undoubtedly the leader in smartphone manufacturing and has dominated the mobile industry with its record marketing and research and development budget. In 2012 alone, the company shelled out a total of $21.6B on these departments, enough to make it to the top of the industry.

Whatever Samsung is doing seems to be working really well. Also, note that the company sells other big and small home appliances and are also venturing in providing equipment in the medical industry. Samsung also gets revenues from sale of these products.

The company owes its great success to marketing and more than this, the introduction of pioneering parts and products such as octo-core smartphones like the Galaxy S IV and the use of flexipanels on many of their products.

However, let us wait to see if time will come when Samsung no longer needs to spend that much for everyone to know that the brand and its products are excellent.

Link: koreatimes


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