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Google Glass has been finally distributed to the first users, known to the tech world as the "Explorers" and naturally, everyone raced to become the first to unbox and review the gadget.

The handsomely-priced device comes in a black Google Glass paper bag and a white box that very much looks like one that is used on the Nexus. Once you open the box, the Google Glass is neatly and safely cradled by indentations and included in the box are the device a 90-deg micro USB cable, pouch, nose pads, lenses and charger.

An interesting to note is how Google labeled the parts that also tell the user enough about the Google Glass for them to be able to turn it on, take photos, "Listen", "See", and "Touch". According to Dan McLaughlin, who owns one of the review videos, he thinks that the bone conduction system is much louder than the one he had tried on previously.

Some reviews showed the quality of videos that the Google Glass can record, while others have shown the content of the Google Glass box. Soon, Google will make the device available for the greater public and we're hoping for a first-person review of the Glass while it's on the wearer-if that's even possible.

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