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According to a new report, Apple's iPhone is actually more susceptible to attacks than other operating systems such as Android, Windows and even BlackBerry.

According to the report, the number of people who want to ditch the iPhone in place of an Android or Windows device just keeps on growing.

Furthermore, out of all the "vulnerabilities" that were recorded for phones of various operating systems, 81% have been found in different iPhone models, whereas only 19% of other phones were found to have these similar vulnerabilities.

Source: ZDNet

According to a report by Reuters, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd infringed a key portion of an Apple Inc patent by including a text-selection feature in its smartphones and tablets, an International Trade Commission judge said in a preliminary decision.

The decision is appealable, but if Samsung is to lose the appeal in front of the full commission as well, Apple is entitled to requesting an US import ban for most smartphones and tablets in the Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Nexus lines.

The final decision is expected to arrive sometime in August and it is not known if Samsung can avoid the potential import ban via a software update that would change the way text selection is made.

We'll keep you posted on any updates.

Source: Reuters

In a final bid to redeem itself, HTC is now "challenging" Apple and Samsung and taking a different approach in the marketing of its smart devices. If any, HTC is one of the leading innovators in the smartphone industry and has produced sleek and, well, brilliant (no pun) devices over the years. However, it slowly slipped away in market share and along with it, its ability to create and introduce excellent products.

The introduction of its 2013 flagship device, HTC One, has suffered a minor set-back and will only be produced in minimal number of units in the hundred thousands, compared to Samsung's Galaxy S 4, which is said to be produced in hundred millions of units. Despite this, HTC remains upbeat and is even challenging the leaders. It is said to be putting aside ‘Quietly Brilliant' in place of a more proactive stance in their fight to redeem their formerly avant garde company. I am one of those that are hoping that it bounces back to improve its market share.

HTC's Global President of Sales, Jason Mackenzie, speaking recently with Fierce Wireless advised:

We're changing the culture within HTC. Our culture has always embraced this "quietly brilliant" mentality, which meant the good things about being humble. But we've been too quiet. We're embracing that we need to be a challenger. HTC is a company fighting against two of the biggest companies in the world, Apple and Samsung, who have a lot of resources. So we're embracing that.

Source: Fierce Wireless

According to HTC's CEO, their recent innovations has caused trouble the current market leader in the world of Smartphones i.e. Samsung Co. According to him, Samsung hasn't been much active in the market during the recent times; on the other hand, HTC has been on a move. Especially, by launching the first ever 5-INCH full HD display phone by the name of HTC J Butterfly.

HTC J Butterfly hasn't had made an arousing debut on the world stage, especially, in Japan where it beat the first week sales of iPhone 5. In Taiwan, similar sort of scenario is expected by HTC's executive. HTC has though taken these sales as unexpected and they look this as a gateway to some better sales revenue in upcoming future. HTC executive lastly said, his team each day is working upon furnishing some of the best products for their consumers and everyone can expect far better products from them in future.


HTC President Mike Woodward was interviewed by the Business Insider and unabashedly mentioned that HTC was quite pleased that the Samsung Galaxy S 4 offered a rather boring design and without much any innovation. Although he also acknowledged the Galaxy S 4's numerous software add-ons, but then cited after that these are more gimmicky than they are groundbreaking.

Furthermore, he mentioned that the Korean company is spending too much on creating hype and admittedly said that HTC is no match for Samsung when it comes to ad and marketing campaigns. However, he thinks that their flagship phone the HTC One will stand a chance against the S 4, specs-wise. Well, we can't wait until the device is shipped to see what's in store for HTC fans who would love a good come-back story for the company.

Business Insider

Samsung mentioned that they're preparing a smartphone with a QHD AMOLED screen (2560 x 1440 resolution). Some believe that this will be the display on the Samsung Galaxy S5, but it's all speculation at this point. 

Samsung apparently also confirmed that it plans on launching smartphones with UHD (4K) displays with a resolution of 3480 x 2160 in the future, which would result in a pixel density of more than 700 ppi, making it suitable for phablets.

No time frame was offered, but it's likely we won't see these UHD displays make it to phones any time soon. Samsung basically said that UHD displays will come to smartphones somewhere down the line, so it probably won't be before 2015 that UHD phone displays become the next big thing.

In non-cell phone related news, Samsung also announced that they will be releasing AMOLED television sets with UHD SHD resolutions (7680 x 4320).



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