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According to technobuffalo (see screenshots above), it looks like Samsung might be working on a Smart Watch.   It's unclear when such technology is expected to hit, but internal Samsung chatter is allegedly attempting to figure out how it'll align with its current lineup of Galaxy products. According to a Korean message board, though, the device is most definitely coming.

First of all Samsung doesn't use codenames on their splash screen, like you can see in the second image Samsung Galaxy "Altius". The UI doesn't meet Samsung's UX guidelines and Samsung never uses mirror effect on their branding. 

Many rumors are saying Samsung will unveil its Galaxy S IV on March 15, a little over a month from now. So could a smartwatch be a huge surprise? Guess we will have to wait and find out.

Source: technobuffalo


Following the appearance of a Galaxy S3 running on Android 4.3 (which is most likely an imitation), a screenshot showing the new version of Android running with an octa-core Galaxy S4 has surfaced online. The firmware version is XXUBMA8, one which we haven't seen before (though it's quite much like XXUBMF8), but that's about all the details that can be gleaned in the screenshot.

The Android 4.3 update is expected to add a few features from the Galaxy Note 3, along with standard 4.3 features such as improved performance and security, OpenGL 3.0 support, always-on Wi-Fi scanning for location reporting, and more. Samsung has promised to produce the update in October, so it won't be long before we find out what Android 4.3 gives millions of Galaxy S4 owners.

Source: blogspot

Samsung announced WatchON an application that lets yor control every Smart TV from Samsung.

Check out some screenshots of Samsung's new WatchON application.  Samsung's new WatchON interface will look like. What struck us the most is its flat appearance like Samsung's new S-Voice and their new Life Times app. Also for the new samsung WatchON app the guidelines of Android 4.4.2 KitKat are clearly seen. We have to say that everything looks better, the functions generally remain the same.

The android market is constantly featuring new applications from developers worldwide. And because there is also an increase in demand for android tablets, these app developers are already starting to focus on creating better experience for tablet users. Because of the nature of this type of gadget, developers have begun taking advantage of the bigger screen and resolution to add more functionality to their apps.

And to display Google's support for the developers, they have given the developers the chance to feature their app optimizations on the Google Play Developer console. Developers can now upload screenshots of these apps, which can be viewed by consumers on their 7-inch or bigger tablets.

In addition, Google updated an app quality checklist that was created in October. This checklist includes tips and guidelines that help developers maintain a high app quality, aside from technical requirements to ensure full tablet app functionality. The update will help consumers choose good tablet applications in the market.

Source: android-developers


After shown on thThe overall assessment is that 4.4 seems to be a more polished version of the Android platform than has been seen in yesteryear, with a feature set that more closely resembles iOS devices out of the box. As Google has said previously, with KitKat it's targeting the mainstream and this may be its best shot yet shot at tempting loyal iOS users to give it a go.e Nexus last week, Android 4.4 KitKat appeared all over again in a series of leaked screenshots. Now, the upcoming Android release got caught running on a Google Nexus 7.

Consistent with previous leaks, the screenshots reveal a few of the UI changes which Android 4.4 KitKat brings. They include mildly redesigned stock apps including Quickoffice integration, new inclusions in the settings menu, as well as the cool-looking Android KitKat Easter egg.

According to the source of the screenshots, the Android build captured inside them predate the official KitKat announcement. This explains the presence of a Key Lime Pie codename in them.



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