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Samsung may be basking in glory for being the number one manufacturer of smart devices but even this tech giant is not excused from making a few mistakes, once in a while. Savvy Galaxy S III users have recently found out that they can actually circumvent the screenlock by pressing the "Emergency Call"-"Emergency Contacts"-"Home button"-"Power". When done correctly, these successive steps will take you to the Home Screen.

Interestingly, Apple had a similar issue with its iPhone that lets users to bypass the passcode page. Samsung will definitely do something about it on the next software update. On the other hand, this can actually be useful for those who forgot their passwords. Many people were jesting that perhaps the Cupertino Giant can now sue Samsung for stealing their lockscreen bypass as well. Trust Android and Apple users to be creative.

Again, for those wanting to verify whether their own devices are vulnerable, McMillian's instructions are as follows:


  • On the code entry screen, press Emergency Call
  • Press Emergency Contacts
  • Press the Home button once
  • Just after pressing the Home button, press the power button quickly
  • If successful, pressing the power button again will bring you to the S3's home screen.



Recently, a lock screen bypass was discovered on some Samsung phones that run on Android Jelly Bean, which includes the Galaxy Note. This poses a security threat for such smartphones and some bloggers have even demonstrated how to get past the lock screen via videos and written tutorials.

Some people who are not too keen with the issue see it as a vulnerability of a phone's security, while others think that it will be too time consuming to bypass the lock screen in this manner.

People from Android Central asked Samsung if they were aware of the glitch and if they were doing anything to patch things up. The company confirms that they know all about it and that they are working on a solution that they can roll out as soon as possible.

Here's the manufacturer's statement in full --

"Samsung considers user privacy and the security of user data its top priority. We are aware of this issue and will release a fix at the earliest possibility."

Source; androidcentral

Lookout mobile security today unveiled new features for securing mobiles from being theft or lost, there are two version of the feature one free and paid. These two feature versions are as follows:

1. This is a free version in which you get picture and current location of the person who tries to enter into your mobile illegally, the feature activates when someone tries to unlock your phone's password and isn't successful in doing that, the feature takes the picture of the verdict quietly and emails it to you with his current location.

2. In a paid version, you can add a customized message on the unlocked screen for the person trying to access your phone, it can be your home address too if you can find some good person found your phone, then he can get it back to you. The paid version costs $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year.

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