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Around May this year, we heard a rumor that the Samsung Galaxy Note III's camera module would sport OIS, but apparently that won't be happening after all. According to reports coming in from South Korea, the Galaxy Note III will not have OIS because of issues with the production of such modules.

Ironically, it's the Galaxy Note III's predicted success in terms of sales that is going to prevent it from coming with this much sought-after feature. Samsung simply couldn't secure as many OIS modules from its suppliers as it needed. So the company really has no choice but to ship the Note III without OIS.

As Samsung Electronics is going full steam ahead with the commercialization of state-of-the-art camera modules, 16-mega-pixel products are expected to become the basic specifications for its premium smartphones next year. The structure of the domestic camera module industry is forecast to go through a big change too.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics has been the sole supplier of 13-mega-pixel camera module for Samsung Electronics, but Samsung Electronics is expected to increase the number of suppliers next year. If Samsung Electro-Mechanics concentrates in the production of 16-mega-pixel products, the procurement of 13-mega-pixel products will become unstable.

Samsung Electronics has recently increased the number of 8-mega-pixel suppliers to meet Samsung Electro-Mechanics\' production schedule for 13-mega-pixel camera modules. About three months ago, vendors, including Partron, Cammsys and Powerlogics, were approved as suppliers of 8-mega-pixel camera module suppliers. Some of them are working with Samsung Electronics to obtain its approval for 13-mega-pixel products.


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