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Recently, alleged features of the Galaxy S IV have made the internet abuzz and it appears that the Samsung flagship smartphone will be using Exynos 5, instead of Snapdragon. Furthermore, just today, snapshots suspected to have been taken by the Galaxy S IV have begun to surface over the net.

Speculatively, aside from the Exynos, there have been questions regarding the phone's chipset. The International Samsung Galaxy S IV or the Verizon version will have NenaMark figures to distinguish them from the rest.

On Picasa web, photos that were allegedly taken by the Galaxy S IV surfaced. According to the benchmarks, the new smart phone will feature a better resolution of 2322 x 4128 pixels and this kind of supports the rumor that the S IV will have a 13 MP camera. Whether this version of the Galaxy S series will be loved by many or not remains to be seen.



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