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Samsung's new Galaxy S4 smartphone has made it off the production line and onto the iFixit operating table.  It reveals that Samsung barely tweaked the exterior design of the Galaxy S4. That plastic casing can be replace much of its guts without much hassle. 

Straight away, the iFixit team were pleased to discover that Samsung have bestowed the S4 with a user-removable battery. All that's needed to get into the handset is a sturdy fingernail to get into the device, after which the 3.8V and 2600mAh (9.88Wh) battery can be removed by hand.

According to iFixit, the Galaxy S4's internal construction is "is very similar, if not identical, to the Galaxy S III" which means that it is a quite an easy device to fix should something break or stop working. The battery is user-replaceable, and the internal components easy to access, with only 11 Phillips #0 holding the device together.

Full article: ifixit



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