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According to the Korean site, Daum.co.kr, the Samsung Galaxy S IV will have a feature that will be dedicated to health. Aside from a portable health pad, an application is reportedly underway and also quite possibly, a social health hub that will allow users to be able to interact with their buddies while promoting their health. Another device that Samsung is working on is a smart watch that also features similar functionalities, project Altius.

Samsung sees the potential in assimilating technology with healthcare and according to Daum, this is not something new because the Korean company has been vocal about their intentions ever since. Health-integrated devices, optional health accessories and health apps-surely, Samsung is making large leaps in product and market development. This could be another one of Samsung's lucrative ventures, and one that is relevant in making people want to improve their health.

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Samsung took to Exynos' official twitter account to confirm about an upcoming Exynos processor.

According to a tweet, Samsung's Exynos processors are "about to undergo another evolution". The tweet is accompanied with an image that appears to have a microphone on the front while a person de-focused in the background.

Samsung Exynos chipsets have been having somewhat of a rough time lately. First the Exynos 5 Octa 5410 couldn't deliver the Snapdragon-smashing performance everyone was expecting from it, while the refreshed 5420 version is yet to hit the shelves in the Galaxy Note III, but it has already been confirmed to come at the expense of 4K video recording.

There's hardly much info that we can get from the tweet. There's obviously a new Exynos chip on the way, but we can only guess what sort of updates it will introduce.

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Do you feel that your panoramic video that you taken never came out perfect?  Well this 99 cent app will definitely help.  Available in iTunes, the Cycloramic app automatically spin (handsfree) your iPhone 5 while taking a panoramic video.


For starters, taking a panoramic video has never been so easy and fun:

1. Put your iPhone 5 upright on the level surface,
2. Choose number of turns, and front or back camera,
3. Press Go, watch the iPhone spin around automatically and start your show!

Once completed your video will be saved in the library of the iPhone 5.


Here's the link on iTunes


Check out the demo video below

Most smartphones lack the flashlight feature that we've all grown to love. Sometimes, it is even one of the features that lead people to keep their old GSM phones. Unfortunately, smartphones and tablets are ineffective sources of light when you need them the most and this is why you need to install an application to turn a smartphone into a torch, so you can see clearly using it.

DashClock is an example of an application that will allow you to flash your device for use when it's dark. Once you have downloaded it, you will find the toggle directly on your lockscreen and all you need to do is to hit it on or off. However, it cannot be used without unlocking your device first, which is just fair, or else you'll risk draining your battery. This widget is free to download.


What's in this Version 1.3:

  • * NEW: Simple stand-alone on/off widget
  • + Can be used on home screen or lock screen
  • + Can be used with or without the DashClock extension
  • + DashLight settings within DashClock do not apply to the widget

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This WiFi Booster app will boost your WiFi signal by 25-30% with just the click of a button! It works by running well-known commands and tweaks which improve your WiFi signal. It is probably the most advanced WiFi booster on the Google Market.

Speed up your internet with this app. You will not be disappointed with the results. This is the easiest to use because this app will re-run itself whenever you switch networks, so you do not have to keep on running it manually.

One thing to note is, this app is device dependent and results on different devices may vary. Most phones are currently supported. We are working hard to support all phones, this app will be updated constantly. Follow us on Google Market.

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