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To maximize the benefits of the Galaxy S4, you are going to need some accessories and it appears a full list along with pricing has been uncovered.

Among the accessories include mundane things like additional batteries and flip covers, but there are some more interesting accessories such as the $129.99 Body Scale, $99.99 Game Pad and $129.99 S Band for monitoring your heart.  Check them out below.

S Band

Track your steps, calories, distance and sleep quality with this stylish fitness tracker wristband and get all your stats stored and displayed in the updated S Health 2.0 app on the smartphone.

S View Cover

With the S View cover, you can see all incoming information through the small window without flipping it open. The cover also allows you to answer calls with a cut out at the earpiece.

Game Pad

Gamers can rejoice with this portable Bluetooth game pad which bears a resemblance to the XBox controller. It has a ‘docking system' for the smartphone which could possibly support a Note 2 as well.

Wireless Charging Cover

Want wireless charging for your Galaxy S4? Just use this back cover in place of your battery and start charging wirelessly on a charging base. No cables, and no extra weight. Futuristic and practical.

Flip Cover

The S4 may look like the S3 but it's thinner so you might want to get a new flip cover for it. This one comes in 5 vibrant colors on top of the simple black or white variants.

Heart Rate Monitor

Great for runners and sport enthusiasts who want to fully record their heart rate in real-time and wire the statistics to the S4.

Body Scale

... here is a great one for weight watchers. This body scale can send your daily weight to your Galaxy S4 via bluetooth, allowing you track your weight history through a period of time via your S Health 2.0 app. Supports up to 7 family members.

Samsung is introducing two new colors to its Galaxy Note 3. They'll be coming in January, but the Korean company's arm in Argentina decided to jump the gun and has already listed them on its official website.

The new colors are red and "rose gold".  It's not "white gold" which was mistaken yesterday on some websites. Not a huge difference, but by looking at the pictures below you can see why Samsung went with the "rose gold" designation.

Adding new colors to a flagship device a few months after its initial release in just two or three hues is nothing new, strategy-wise, for Samsung. The company's been doing this on a big scale ever since the Galaxy S III from last year, and we assume it's been working. The new colors serve as a method for Samsung to "re-hype" its handsets, so to speak - to bring them back into the public's eye.

We should expect to see these new colors available for the Galaxy Note 3 globally in early 2014. 


Samsung Galaxy J will be released in Taiwan starting later this month, apparently via all major carriers: Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile, and FarEasTone. Unlocked, the new handset will cost $740 USD. It's going to be offered in two colors versions: white and pink.

Samsung Galaxy J features a 5 inch Full HD display, LTE connectivity, NFC, quad-core 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, 3GB of RAM, 13MP rear camera with LED flash, 2MP front-facing camera, MicroSD card support, and a 2,600 maAh battery, it's also running android 4.3.

Samsung Galaxy J currently available to purchase only in Japan since October.



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