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When Samsung last year launched Galaxy S3, it was full of new and fascinating features. One of them was Smart stay, the feature which detected the user's eye retina through front camera if it's on the phone, the back lights remained otherwise not. Samsung is now working upon similar features to it, but different functions.

These features eye scroll and eye pause, as the name suggests the features will allow the users to scroll and pause anything running mobile through its eye, isn't it sounds fascinating? You might also be wondering when phone of these features would appear in the market? Well, this is a question we are after too. But, at the moment we can say it will probably this year, according to the reports. A prediction is also made on it that it might be Galaxy S4 which might have these features.

source: SamsunggalaxyS4

According to technobuffalo (see screenshots above), it looks like Samsung might be working on a Smart Watch.   It's unclear when such technology is expected to hit, but internal Samsung chatter is allegedly attempting to figure out how it'll align with its current lineup of Galaxy products. According to a Korean message board, though, the device is most definitely coming.

First of all Samsung doesn't use codenames on their splash screen, like you can see in the second image Samsung Galaxy "Altius". The UI doesn't meet Samsung's UX guidelines and Samsung never uses mirror effect on their branding. 

Many rumors are saying Samsung will unveil its Galaxy S IV on March 15, a little over a month from now. So could a smartwatch be a huge surprise? Guess we will have to wait and find out.

Source: technobuffalo


Recently, a lock screen bypass was discovered on some Samsung phones that run on Android Jelly Bean, which includes the Galaxy Note. This poses a security threat for such smartphones and some bloggers have even demonstrated how to get past the lock screen via videos and written tutorials.

Some people who are not too keen with the issue see it as a vulnerability of a phone's security, while others think that it will be too time consuming to bypass the lock screen in this manner.

People from Android Central asked Samsung if they were aware of the glitch and if they were doing anything to patch things up. The company confirms that they know all about it and that they are working on a solution that they can roll out as soon as possible.

Here's the manufacturer's statement in full --

"Samsung considers user privacy and the security of user data its top priority. We are aware of this issue and will release a fix at the earliest possibility."

Source; androidcentral

The Samsung SM-P900 will feature a 12.2-inch display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. The leaker suggested a mysterious device with a similar resolution, so SM-P900 could well be a device in the making.

The leak also mentioned that Samsung is working on a 10-inch tablet with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, according to evleaks. The slate is obviously targeted at users who would prefer a slate with a smaller display, while maintaining the high resolution.

The SM-P600 is reported to be powered by Snapdragon 800 processor to provide enhanced user experience.

There's no word on when either the SM-P900 or SM-P600 might be introduced. However, it's possible that we could see at least one at IFA in early September, which is an event that Samsung has used to unveil new mobile hardware in the past.

Source: Twitter

Amazon is said to be planning to launch the most affordable Kindle Fire HD ever. At $99, this is sure to capture a lot of people's interest and with the price that it will be sold, Amazon does not aim to make a huge profit out of selling hardware but they do aim to be the number one content provider through sale of e-publications.

According to the source, the Kindle Fire HD will be a 7-incher and the same TI processor that other Kindle variants have. It will provide big savings compared to the present Kindle Fire HD's price, which is $199. Its nearest rival, the Asus Google Nexus 7, might really have to come up with a good promotion to compete with the planned 50% off of the Kindle Fire HD.

Although rumors about this tablet are rife, Amazon denies that it is conceptualizing a cheaper Kindle. However, it could actually become reality in the near future, since the prices of tablet parts are going down because of high demand for such products.

Source:  Techcrunch


Google plans to reconstruct Android based on the Linux 3.8 kernel, which was released just recently. This Linux kernel will be a "part" of the OS that Google will develop or improve, which will assimilate certain features once it materializes such as CPU hot plug support, F2FS file system, Intel DRM, Radeon driver enhancements.


By the looks of it, Google is hurrying to study and it could possibly be the basis for the Key Lime Pie or Android 5.0 or the next. Presently, the latest Android version is using the Linux 3.0 kernel and if that would be the foundation for our assumption, there are still quite a few Linux kernel versions for Google to get their hands on-unless they bypass everything and come up with an Android based on the 3.8 kernel as early as next year. The best part of a Linux 3.8-based OS lower memory usage, which is perfect for many high-powered smart devices.

Source: phoronix

One of the most promising smart watch that many people will be waiting for is Google's smart watch. The Financial Times has reported earlier that the Android team is presently developing a good smart watch. Who knows, this might even be the reason why Android and Chrome executives switched positions earlier on. Other companies that will be introducing smart phones are Apple, LG and Samsung.

If anything, these OEMs need to research about how a small device such as a wrist watch can actually capture market attention with plenty of features and a device that can also be synced with your other devices. It is said that the Google smart watch will be launched in summer and by then it will probably go head on with Apple's, LG's, and Samsung's smart watches. In the meantime, let's wait until Google and other insiders report pretty accurate information, aside from these rumors. They are said to be launched before the end of summer.

Source: financialtimes


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