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According to HTC's CEO, their recent innovations has caused trouble the current market leader in the world of Smartphones i.e. Samsung Co. According to him, Samsung hasn't been much active in the market during the recent times; on the other hand, HTC has been on a move. Especially, by launching the first ever 5-INCH full HD display phone by the name of HTC J Butterfly.

HTC J Butterfly hasn't had made an arousing debut on the world stage, especially, in Japan where it beat the first week sales of iPhone 5. In Taiwan, similar sort of scenario is expected by HTC's executive. HTC has though taken these sales as unexpected and they look this as a gateway to some better sales revenue in upcoming future. HTC executive lastly said, his team each day is working upon furnishing some of the best products for their consumers and everyone can expect far better products from them in future.


The only problem with any device that comes out after the HTC One is that they really need to look as good as or possibly even better than the HTC flagship smartphone. Rumor has it that the Galaxy Note 3's build quality is being improved after HTC One "rocked" Samsung's core and made them realized that they're using plastic their device needs a better build quality to top HTC One sales. Not that they can be compared, since these are two very different devices.

Case in point, HTC One's design is really fabulous. However, to each his own as some people may like plastic, while some will prefer anodized aluminum material but it cannot be denied that many are complaining about Samsung's polycarbonate plastic design and the company just might be contemplating about resolving this on their next device's release, for once.

Furthermore, the reason why Samsung uses plastic is because it is cheaper and quicker to mass produce, as opposed to metal units. It will be interesting to see if Samsung will actually shift to producing metal phones and tablets and how it will affect their pricing. As of now, the company enjoys pricing their products as expensively as devices that are considered to have better build quality.



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