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New and official Samsung Galaxy S 4 cases have been revealed in short YouTube videos authored by Rozetka, which is a website from Ukraine. The videos provide details about three different cases that may be used to protect your Galaxy S 4: the S View Cover, Flip Cover, and another called Protective Cover+. These are official Samsung accessories, which will go perfectly with the new flagship phone.

The most interesting among the three is arguably the S View Cover, which not only protects the device but it also activates and unlocks it when the cover is opened. Furthermore, the clock is actually displayed even when the cover is closed.

On the other hand, the Flip Cover offers good protection for the screen and the back of the phone and is quite elegant to look at. Lastly, the Protective Cover+ offers ample protection as long as you do not drop your phone. Among the three, the S View Cover will probably be the more expensive case because of what it is capable of doing.

Source: rozetka


Today Google unleashes the new YouTube app on any Android phone for the best YouTube experience on the small screen. Swipe through your guide of channels to quickly find new videos, preload videos for smoother watching on the go, and fling or queue up videos to play on your YouTube-enabled TV.

What's in this version:

* New UI and Preloading now available on Froyo and Gingerbread devices
* New Watch experience
* Add videos to your YouTube TV queue
* More channels to pick from on the Channel Store


Source: Youtube App.

Android and Google really do go together and a good example is the new YouTube application for Android that has Google+ integration. The new version will allow you to immediately post comments or like videos using your Google+.

In the new version, the screen bug has also been fixed when switching, so there won't be any more problems with it.

The new YouTube for Android version also allows playback controls for TV and these can be found on your notification tab. You can easily play your chosen videos back while using other applications and is pretty useful for many who want to multi-task.

Go to Google Play using your Android device if you want the new version for YouTube. You can also update using your computer by logging in to your Google Play account on the web.

Google Play Store Link



Monthly visitors for YouTube have reached 1 billion and the site is still growing. This video-sharing website is used for uploading and viewing videos that are created by people from all walks of life. Furthermore, this cements its spot at the top three for most visited and searched site, next only to Google and Facebook.

Just May last year, YouTube made the news because it has reached 800 million visitors. It made an average of 20 million new visits each month, which makes it safe from getting shut down by Google, so to speak. Bigger sites such as YouTube should not worry too much about being closed down, since it is one of the more profitable ventures of Google.

Source: youtube blog


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