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Nexus 7 guide


If you already pre-ordered your Google Nexus 7 tablet and just can't find enough reading material on the upcoming slate, Google has published the Nexus 7 Guidebook to hold you over. The Guidebook, which is essentially an instruction manual, is available for FREE right now.


You can head on over the Google Play store here to download the Nexus 7 Guidebook.



Nexus 10


After Google released the Nexus 7 tablet with 7-inch displays, Supply chain "Wintek" is reportedly shipping 500,000 One-glass (OGS) panels for the Google Nexus 7 Now, with the rest of the shipments coming from TPK Holding.



Also, Sources casually mentioning that Wintek will also be supplying 10" panels for another Nexus tablet rumored to be the "Nexus 10", making it the largest Google supplier of slate displays. The rest of the 10-inchers are said to come from AU Optronics. Wintek apparently has a 3 Million capacity for those medium size 10" OGS panels, so we are wondering if Google is just playing around with a Nexus 10 idea



Nexus Q

The Google Nexus Q media streamer is a gorgeous black gleaming ball that will fit perfectly every home, but one thing that won't fit you so much is the price Google is asking for it. The Nexus Q will cost $300 and at least partly, that big price is so high because of the "Designed and manufactured in the USA" approach the search company took.

Nexus Q

Do you remember the last time you've seen a mass device manufactured in the USA ? Well, Interestingly a recent report suggests that the company that manufactured the Nexus Q is 15 minutes away from Google's HQ in California.

Nexus 7

A bunch of hands-ons with the Nexus 7 hardware keep popping up, along with the presentation of the tablet's abilities, as well as demonstrations of the new features in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean keep being streamed by Google from its developers conference. Videos are below, Enjoy Watching!

Click to Watch The Video!


Nexus 7


Google Nexus 7 benchmark results is Out, And its looking Good. This synthetic test is necessarily and a trustworthy indication of the Nexus 7's superior performance, it is also good enough to give us an idea as to what the tablet is capable of.

FTW, Google Nexus 7 pack a Tegra 3 Quad-core 1.3Ghz chip with 1GB of RAM powered by Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.



Benchmark Results


Bench 1


bench 2


bench 2


bench 4



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