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Google Nexus 4


The Google's latest Nexus device, LG Nexus 4, will be back on stock later today on the Google Play Store. A New batch will arrive at the U.S. Play store at 12:00PM PST, to be more specific, as Google stated in an email notification that is currently being sent out.

Nexus 4

Sadly, you'll be able to purchase ONLY TWO Nexus 4, as Google will limits every customer with 2 Nexus 4 devices only to be able to handle all orders.



The Google Nexus 4 is one of the most affordable high-end smartphones in the market with a price tag of $350 in the US. However, In Europe things are different, as Carphone warehouse UK is offering this Nexus device for £390.

This is £110 more than the listed £279 price in the UK Play Store. The reason for this is the pricing outside of Google's Play Store for the Nexus 4 comes from LG. LG marketing firm sells the device to smartphone retailers and as a result the price is higher.


Galaxy Nexus 4.2


About a week ago, Samsung Galaxy Nexus "takju" version (that would be the one most people purchased on Google Play Store) has got the Android 4.2 Update OTA and the users enjoyed all the New features of the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.


4.2 JB

Today, the International Galaxy Nexus "yakju" (the one you bought at a place different than the Play Store) got the Android 4.2 Update, Users is reporting an OTA update Notifications from all over the world.


GNexus 4.2

Even if the OTA update Notification has not yet appeared for you, you can skip the waiting time and manually install the 4.2 Jelly Bean on your "yakju" Galaxy Nexus from the Official Factory Image provided by Google.

Download Android 4.2 Update Image for Galaxy Nexus



Nexus 4


Last week, There were some news saying that many of you who had ordered the Google Nexus 4 might have to wait up to three weeks for your handset to arrive.


google play


That news came at almost the exact time that some were receiving email confirmation that their Google Nexus 4 was on the way. Based on some new emailed shipping confirmations that have been received, it looks like many of you won't have to wait three weeks at all for your stock Android phone.


LG Nexus 4


The time has come to the LG Nexus 4 to take the ultimate drop test, like any new device, to test how tough is the phone's materials. The guy on the video drop the Nexus 4 two times.

The first drop was simulating a drop from the pocket, and the 2nd one from the ear. Thankfully, the handset remained almost perfect after the first drop, with no significant scratches to ruin its fancy glass panels. However, the second, higher drop cause severe damage to the back panel.

This drop test comes to show us that LG has done a good Quality job with the construction of the Nexus 4. Watch he video below!



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