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Jolla MeeGo OS

Jolla's Meego-based "Sailfish OS" got a New video demo showing us the New UI and deeper look on the its features. The still developing OS got shown off on Nokia N950 developer handset a logical occurrence given the fact that most of the people behind the Sailfish project are ex-Nokia employees.

Making your way around the OS is based on intuitive hand gestures, whose clever implementation allows you one-handed use of the Sailfish device regardless of its screen size. The OS in general is easy to customize starting from the shortcuts on the lockscreen, all the way to the OS's ambiance concept which changes the color of the UI elements once you change your wallpaper.


jolla meego OS


Sailfish OS supports true multitasking, where minimized apps can appear as cards on the homescreen. Each card can be customized by developers to display real-time app info and controls. Check the OS in action on the video below!




Great News for MeeGo OS fans. Jolla CEO, Jussi Hurmola, has confirmed during an interview that the company is going to announce its first MeeGo handset by the end of 2012.


Jolla CEO

As you may know, Jolla Mobile was created by ex-Nokia employees after they left Nokia. They has decided to begin their own smartphone company, with MeeGo being their OS of choice.


Meego 1.2 logo


According to Jolla CEO, the team is now working on building the ecosystem, including developers, services and navigation. He also said that the New MeeGo-running smartphone will use a brand new UI, so it'll most probably be very different from what Nokia showed in the N9.




Nokia lauta

Photos of a Cancelled Nokia MeeGo prototype have been leaked, showing us what life after the already iconic N9 could have been. CodeNamed Nokia "Lauta" RM-742, the fully functional hardware QWERTY device was originally pegged as an immediate successor of the Nokia N9.


nokia lauta


Nokia lauta

The specs of the leaked Nokia were reportedly identical as those found in the N9 but with a QWERTY slide Keyboard.


Photos VIA


MeeGo logo

Great News for MeeGo lovers... After MeeGo team has left Nokia, The Finnish startup Jolla Ltd. will develop smartphones running the Linux-based platform MeeGo on its own.

More importantly however, Jolla will practically pick up the effort right from the point where Nokia left off, the newly formed company's core staff are the people who gave us the already iconic N9. Here is the Official Statement :


jolla meego tweet

"Jolla Ltd. is a Finland based smartphone company which continues the great work that Nokia started with MeeGo. The Jolla team is formed by directors and core professionals from Nokia's MeeGo N9 organisation, together with some of the best minds working on MeeGo in the communities.

Nokia created something wonderful the world's best smartphone product. It deserves to be continued, and we will do that together with all the bright and gifted people contributing to the MeeGo success story.

Together with international investors and partners, Jolla Ltd. will design, develop and sell new MeeGo based smartphones. The Jolla team consists of a substantial number of MeeGo's core engineers and directors, and is aggressively hiring the top MeeGo talent to contribute to the next generation smartphone production."

MeeGo OS

Sadly, This is the end of the road for the MeeGo team at Nokia, as Head of Development of MeeGo joined by other team members announced they are leaving Nokia's HQ in Espoo for good.

Those are the same people responsible for the birth of devices such as the N770, N800, N810, N900, N950 and lately the N9. Currently, there's a thread over at the Maemo forums, where people can say 'Thank you' and wish the team good luck in their future.


We are now waiting for Intel and Samsung to come up with the first devices running on the MeeGo-based Tizen OS. Here's hoping that they bring as much innovation as the Nokia N9 did back in the days.



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