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Acer has renewed its commitment to Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets, with chairman JT Wang saying that the company's criticisms of Microsoft's Surface don't mean it is ditching its Windows slate plans. The company made headlines after criticizing Microsoft's own-brand hardware, arguing that the tablets would "create a huge negative impact" to the Windows ecosystem. Now, DigiTimes reports the Acer CEO Wang has tempered his comments, though still believes that Surface will do more harm than good.

The Microsoft slates one of which will run Windows RT, the other Windows 8 will be more negative overall than positive, Wang says, but Acer still intends to launch its own products running the new OS. In fact, Wang claims to be "the most optimistic CEO" about Windows, claiming that the company's concerns were around understanding "the new rules of the game".

Microsoft, he said, was now considering possible differentiation strategies to minimize any possible impact on OEM partners, including introducing an artificial price gap. Still, it sound like Acer's expectations of Surface are somewhat skewed in the first place; Wang supposedly claimed that the major damage would be done if Microsoft priced the entry-level tablet at $199 thus directly competing with the Nexus 7, a figure which would be very unlikely. If Surface was $499-599, however, Wang sees less of an issue.




Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft popular Email service "Hotmail" is now officially called "Outlook". The New website for the service is, it changes the design and layout of Hotmail to bring it more in line with the minimalist design aesthetic of Windows 8 Metro, emphasizing straight lines, thin fonts and white space.



Microsoft New

Don't worry, If you have a Hotmail Plus account, that still works with Outlook Plus, and you won't see any ads, ever. The right side is blank in your regular view, and when you click on a newsletter, you'll simply see the option to search for the sender on Bing.


Outlook 2013


With no message selected, the only "action" item available is to compose a new message. Also note the text ads to the right of the Inbox.



Microsoft Surface


Microsoft Surface tablet has just been Officially announced, but Microsoft didn't reveal the internal specifications of the tablet yet.

However, NVIDIA was quick to acknowledge that the Windows RT Microsoft Surface tablet will sport a Tegra processor, probably the Quad-core Tegra 3 with 4-PLUS-1 architechture. One possibility is that the chip will be implemented using the NVIDIA KAI platform, which promises fluid performance at a competitive price point.


Nvidia Tegra

Having a Tegra 3+ setup in the ARM-based Microsoft Surface tablet does not seem impossible either, although we are not quite sure whether this platform would be a good match for the device.



Xbox 720

E3 event just ended last week, and as expected Microsoft provided absolutely no details about the Next-Ge Xbox product line. However, there are some new supposedly leaked details that shed insight to what the company is working on behind-the-scenes. Based on what has been presented as a confidential series of concept art, it looks like Kinect isn't going away.

xbox 720

In fact, it appears to be one of the major points of the Xbox 720. If these leaks are to be believed, the new console will have "Kinect v2" built directly into the console, so there will be no need for an extra peripheral. Among the enhancements referenced are the ability to track four players simultaneously, stronger integration with other devices like the PC and Windows Phone 8, and just all-around more powerful performance.

Xbox 720

Another interesting thing mentioned in the leak is a project Microsoft is reportedly working on, called Kinect Glasses, which has hints of Google's Project Glass in it. Few solid details are laid out, but it looks like they'll both enhance your core experience with the Xbox 720, and can be used on-the-go as well. And the biggest piece of information from this alleged document - the console will launch at a nice price point of $299.


Windows 7

Just days after Microsoft launched the Release Candidate of Windows 8, the company proudly announced another great achievement Windows 7 has been sold in more than 600 million copies. Steven Guggenheimer, CVP of the OEM team at Microsoft made the announcement at Computex adding that more than 75 million licenses were sold in the past four months alone.


Windows 7


Microsoft also has a treat for those who purchase a system with Windows 7 installed from June 2 onward and will offer an upgrade to Windows 8 for just 15$.

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