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When the thought of cross platform gaming comes up your first thoughts would probably not be of a Palm Pre and N900 mash-up. However, some intrepid Maemo users have banded together and come up with Pre, which is a package that allows N900 owners to run unmodified webOS games on said N900.

You will need to do the nasty and root your Pre to get at them thar games and your N900 will also have to be rooted if you want a launcher icon for the games, but if you are the type who is givingt his serious consideration we doubt either of those caveats will pose a problem for you.



Videos Below!



Nokia N900


Its a fine day for Nokia N900 users… Maemo 5 has been given the software update treatment!

Well first up, Ovi Suite support has been added to your Nokia N900 and its become even easier to access and sync files and messages between your device and your desktop.


To complement this, you will find your device has become speedier as Nokia have added hundreds of tweaks and fixes that will make your N900 run smoother than ever.

Be sure to also check out the latest games and apps from Ovi Store, like Angry Birds Level Packs 2 & 3, Kroll, Tower Boxx Deluxe 3D and Joiku WiFi Hot Spot. All these Apps will run Faster on your N900 After the Update!!


Software Version

V 20.2010.36-2 - Maemo 5-2 OS



Nokia NSU News

"This software release brings Nokia Ovi Suite support to your device. With Nokia Ovi Suite, you can easily back up and synchronise files and messages between your device and PC. There are also many performance improvements that make your device run more smoothly. To get this software through your device, select Applications > Software Update, and choose the software you want to update. Alternatively, this software release is available through the Nokia Software Updater."



You will know that the software update is ready to install when you see a white exclamation mark in a yellow box appear on your device’s screen. Just touch on that icon and follow the instructions.


Note: If you receive a "Not Enough Memory" message, just uninstall a few apps,Restart the phone and try again.


Update NOW!


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MeeGo1.1 on N900



Meego OS For Nokia N900 is updated regularly on the MeeGo Wiki for developers. As we all know the Nokia N900 is the first ARM device for Meego and Nokia want to make this the First phone that will get a MeeGo1.1 Update a Document we found on MeeGo WiKi shows the release Stages of the MeeGo1.1 and its Updates from to

MeeGo Development During September is Focusing on 1.0.90 and Begging the Release Candidate of MeeGo 1.0.99 during late September and Early October then a week After, the release candidate 2 and 3 of MeeGo 1.0.99 with the Preparation for the Final Release of the MeeGo on October 21 - 27. Of course, the Nokia N900 will get the Update During that week-Period from Thursday (21/10/10) to Wednesday (27/10/10).



Photo Version of the Document


MeeGo1.1Release - Click to View Larger



Text Version of the Document 2010-10-14–2010-10-20 RTM: MeeGo 1.1 Release candidate 3 (release to marketing, prepare final announces)   Details 2010-10-21–2010-10-27 GA, RTW: MeeGo 1.1 Release for Core, Netbooks, Handsets, … (General availability, release to web)   Details

[source: MeeGoWiKi via meegoarena]


MeeGo1.1 Logo




Until Now there is no word from Nokia on the Release date of the Next MeeGo Tablet (Nokia N9) which has been Rumored that it will be Arriving later this Year with MeeGo1.1 onboard with a 1Ghz CPU. Don't Forget to see MeeGo 1.0.90 Official Screenshots HERE to see how MeeGo1.1 will look like on your N900!



Video of N900 Running MeeGo Below!


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MeeGo OS1.1

MeeGo has been designed for the new mobile world, where people are at the center of fast flowing streams of information, where they expect to tailor their device with a myriad of applications, and where new economies are evolving around those applications. The design has been driven by a core set of Design Principles these principles drive our decisions throughout the design process.

The MeeGo interface is scalable for different screen sizes, resolutions, and aspect ratios and it supports both portrait and landscape orientations.

These guidelines have been written to help you design and develop applications for the new mobile world. They are 'alive' therefore new content will be added and edited as the project develops, so please come back and visit regularly to keep up-to-date with the latest information.

The MeeGo theme system is versatile, allowing for both global changes and special exceptions to the general theme logic. It’s possible to invest only a small amount of effort to set baseline colors, fonts, shapes, and backgrounds.


Enjoy Screenshots!





The sizes can be the same at first, but consider tuning them if the new font’s x-height differs from the original font. Make sure that the font size does not enlarge so much that it truncates.



Example of changing font.



Any icons on the device can be customized, either framework or application icons. Only the changed icons are affected.

How to customize

The icons are SVG vector files stored in the Icons folder. As they are vectors, one size can be scaled to any needed layout.

The icon names indicate which application they belong to, for example icon-m-messaging-smiley-wink is used in messaging application. On the other hand, icon-m-common-phone is a phone icon used in several applications. The s, l, and m prefixes describe the amount of details in the icons – small doesn’t have the same level of detail as large.
The icons can be modified with Inkscape or Illustrator CS4 and above.


Note that the background affects the visibility icons. If the application top bar (command area) is changed to white, the current white icons cannot be seen, and must be changed to a darker color.



New application launcher icons in the same theme.


The background has to be carefully designed with all the other elements in the interface. The application background is what shows under all the buttons, switchers, and label texts. Note that dialogs and container graphics also work as a background for certain elements.



The application background shows through a transparent list.










A blue button indicates a selected state


Multi selection in a list.




Effect of adding transparency to a list.


Example of adding rounded corners to a button.


Source: MeeGo Deveopers Blog


NITDroid is a work in progress project being worked on by 3 main devs but alot of other people helping also, (the main team can all be found in the team page) to resurrect the seemingly dead original NITDroid. This project is hoping to create a stable and working port of the Android OS for the Nokia Internet Tablets (N8X0 and N900). We would like to invite anyone who would like to join to the development of a successful port of to the NIT hardware.



Watch Video Below or Click Here if you can't see the video



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