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Apple held its press event in NYC today and unveiled a suite of new and updated apps for education and book publishing. The iBooks 2, an updated version of the eReader app that willl support interactive textbooks for all education levels.

iBooks 2

These textbooks will mix traditional text with interactive multimedia content. These textbooks can be updated on a regular basis and will offer students the opportunity to interact with their material instead of just stare at it. Apple showed how students can pinch to zoom on high-resolution images, and then click on the them to pull up additional information.

iTunes U

iBooks 2 is available now for the iPhone and iPad from the iTunes App Store. Apple will launch these interactive textbooks with the help of McGraw-Hill, Pearson Education, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Most of the early textbooks will be science textbooks for college and high school. The books will be priced reasonably with the high school books starting at 14.99 USD. To help you create these multimedia textbooks, Apple also introduced its new iBooks Author app. iBooks Author is compatible with MAC OS X 1.7 Lion and available for FREE from the Mac App store.


Full Event Video

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Google ICS design

Google has launched the Android Design site, a page of guidelines, design principles, UI best-practice and style shortcuts for developers working with Ice Cream Sandwich. Made up both of guiding principles for apps and interfaces, such as "delight me in surprising ways" and "let me make it mine", as well as the actual building blocks of an Android UI, including tabs, seek bars, switches and spinners, the site marks Googlemost obvious attempt to-date to get all Android coders on the same style-sheet.

Much of what we saw and praised in Ice Cream Sandwich is being put forward as best-practice by Google today. The People hub, new in Android 4.0, is used as an example of using pictures instead of words, while the shift from physical buttons to virtual and the changing context menu is used to push the idea of not overwhelming people with too much at any one time.


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CyanogenMod is working on releasing their very own application store for Android. The idea was originally by one of CyanogenMod team members Koushik Dutta, who wanted to create an application store that would host applications that were removed from Android Market for some reason. This would include stuff like one click root apps, game emulators, tether apps, visual voicemail apps, etc. Although Google Market is open, some of these apps do get removed from time to time when they do not meet Google or the carrier terms and conditions.

Dutta admitted to having approached Amazon to bundle their Appstore within CyanogenMod if the CM team got a cut from the app sales but the idea was shot down by Amazon.

Cyanogen App store

The other reason to have their own application store is so that they could use a small portion of the money coming in from app sales to fund the CyanogenMod project, which has been made available to users for no cost at all.



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Google Music App - Egypt Market

Google Music was launched last year as beta and got our f Beta stages in the same year too, but the Google Music services is available Only in the US, Even the Google Music Android App which is like a Music player with ICS theme was not available to all regions too.

Google Music

Today, Google Music Android App spotted available for Install directly from the Market in more countries as google is expanding its services, we don't have a full list currently but it includes Egypt, UAE and Kuwait. We will Update the list very soon Stay-tuned!

Google Music App

Google Music App [Market]

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UberMusic is a music player inspired by the Metro UI and Zune Player for Windows Phone 7, and it is the most gorgeous music player you will find in the Android Market. It mimics the Zune player even in the animations. This skinnable music player, made by the same developer of LauncherPro, is gaining fast popularity in the Android Market in less than a week out of beta its already sold almost 10,000 copies of. Lets see why this app is growing so fast.




The first thing that got my attention was the ability to install skins. One of the key features to an Android phone is the possibility to give your own look to your phone, and as I am a musician and totally addicted to music, another great thing to have in my phone is a good music player.

Default skin and Metro skin

Default skin and Metro skin

You can give the app the look you want to, and although its only recently been released, there are already some great skins available. The app itself has an already styled skin thats really cool not as cool as the Metro Skin, but still keeping the feeling of the Windows Phone 7 music player.

User Interface

The UI of UberMusic is like a clone of the WP7 music player. It even mimics the animations and the super smooth scrolling it has. I believe the Metro UI of Windows Phone 7 is one of the most beautiful UIs ever designed, and UberMusic takes this same attitude to heart.

If you swipe as the player starts, it will softly change to the next tab, out of (by default):

  • Artists
  • Albums
  • Songs
  • Playlists
  • Genres
  • Folders
Selecting a letter on the Artists tabs shows a interface to let you sort by letter, just as in Zune on Windows Phone 7 again, it mimics even the animation of this interface.


Sort by letter

Sort by letter


When you are on an artist’s tab, it will download a picture of the artist in question and used it as the background. Another great feature is that it downloads the biography of the artist and shows it in another tab inside the artist tab.


Artist Bio's tab

Artist Bio's tab

Another great UI feature is the "Now Playing" status in the notification bar, which displays a minimalistic status including the cover art of the album. Likewise, when playing a song, it shows the cover art for the album you are listening to as the background, and if you swipe you’ll be taken to the next song on the playlist.


Now playing screen and the notification bar

Now playing screen and the notification bar

Scrobbling and Shuffling

As with most music players, UberMusic has the option of scrobbling your listened songs to Last.fm, either through the Last.fm app or through ScrobbleDroid/SLS.

Also, UberMusic uses a true shuffling system that never repeats the songs you already listened till the playlist has played all songs. To activate the shuffle, you just tap the cover art of the playing song and then select the shuffle symbol; you can also select the repeat mode through the same interface.


Widgets and Wallpaper

This wonderful music player comes with 6 widgets in different sizes, and these, too, are skinnable. The skin may be just for the widget or it may come together with the player skin you have downloaded itself. Even without any skin, it is already beautiful, with a semi-transparent background and the controller buttons, alongside cover art for the song.


4x4 Widget

4x4 Widget


But what really impressed me is the UberMusic live wallpaper. I thought it was just another slide show or something, but its actually a really beautiful display of cover art, all in the same screen, with a gorgeous animation that flips the covers, just like Windows Phone 7 does with its Tiles.


Live Wallpaper Animation

Live Wallpaper Animation

Download (Android Appstore)

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If you have heard about Eventbrite. The web-based service helps event organizers manage ticketing and costs nothing for free events, This must be your lucky day as they have just launched thier own Android App.



The company has recently launched an iPhone app, and now they are out with an Android version. As you can imagine, these apps allow you to not only browse upcoming events, see them on a map and get GPS directions but also to make your event attending a paper-free experience. Simply pull up your ticket barcode or registration info on your phone and you are good to go.



Eventbrite [Android Market]


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The Spotify App is Available on all most popular mobile platforms including (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone). Up until today, you have had the option for two streaming qualities on the iOS version. Those were low and high. The high being 160 kbps and the low being 96 kbps. Is there Higher ?

Spotify on iOS

The desktop version of Spotify has always streamed at 320 kbps, which is the "Extreme" Quality. Today, Spotify Updated its iOS App to be able to stream music with the same "Extreme" Quality up to 320kbps on all iOS devices. We can Expect an Update for the Android versino very soon!

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From the minds that brought you Kik, the ultra-fast mobile messaging app, comes Clik: a new platform that will let developers create smartphone apps that can control just about any screen with a web browser.

To prove the value of its platform, the company is releasing a free Clik YouTube app today for the iPhone and Android, which basically turns your smartphone into an addictively powerful Youtube remote control.

How Clik Works ?

Simply visit clickthis.com in any web browser, scan the QR code with the Clik app (see right), and you will be presented with options that directly control what the browser displays. On the Clik YouTube app, you will be able to choose from featured videos, as well as search for YouTube videos, that will instantly start playing on the remote screen.

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With the Foursquare update, Android 4.0 users with NFC phones can now share their lists and the venues they have visited with a friend just by tapping phones. Users can now tap phones to initiate friend requests or tap their phone against an NFC tag or poster to check in.

Foursquare ICS

NFC, or near field communication, allows devices to exchange data over short distances, typically with a wave or a tap. In Foursquare Android update, NFC support has been added for the app Venue, Lists and Me pages.

On Android, NFC support has been rebranded for marketing purposes, and is called "Android Beam." The touch-to-share functionality lets NFC-enabled Android phones share information between each other, including contacts, web pages, and videos, for example.

Get Foursquare

Foursquare [Market]

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Afterfocus logo

AfterFocus Pro is the leading App in Making Proffessional Effects on your Photos, with Afterfocus Pro you can create DSLR-style background blurred photo by simply selecting focus area. Also, various filter effects offer you to create the most natural and realistic photo.


Afterfocus pro


Selecting a focus area more precisely, you can achieve more natural and professional image. Just mark the areas you want, AfterFocus automatically recognizes the focus area precisely even for an object with complex shapes. You can Download the App from the link below as Our [App Of The Week].


Afterfocus pro


AfterFocus PRO Features:

1. Smart focus area selection - Simply draw some lines inside a focus area and the background, then AfterFocus will automatically recognize the focus area. You can also select the area with traditional finger painting.

2. Background Blur effect - You can create the most realistic blur effect with various aperture styles just like DSLR camera.
To emphasize that certain things move, Motion blur effect is also available.

3. Filter effect - AfterFocus offers from basic effects to professional effects like Cross Process without looking artificial. Also, you can emphasize the spot light on the background using Bokeh effect.

4. Double photo - Take a picture of one object and move slightly to the right to take another picture of the same object, and it will analyze the images and recognize the nearest object, so there is no need to draw the focus area.

5. Easy share - You can share through e-mails and SNS easily and simply.

Download Afterfocus Pro

Download AfterFocus PRO




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Google I/O 2012

Google alawys releae an App for each I/O event every year. The I/O 2012's Companion App was a must-have for attending developers, helping them organize themselves for all the keynotes.

And now, the full source code of the Google I/O 2012 companion app has been open sourced and made completely free to download and play with.


Soruce Code



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