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Google released the Google Play gift cards and these cards were going to be made available to certain stores for use in purchasing games, music, video and premium apps.


Google Play


It looks like distribution of the cards has started as a Target shopper was able to reach into a bin near the cash registers and pull out a $25 Google Play gift card before they were supposed to go on sale.


Play reedem

The card was successfully redeemed on Google Play App, You must have the latest Google Play version 3.8.15 to be able to use this feature, so it shouldn't be too long before the cards are officially on the rack and ready to go.




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Finally, Google has just Officially announced the Google Play Gift Cards. Available in $10, $25 and $50 denominations, the cards can now be purchased at "Target, Radio Shack and GameStop". Later this month, online buyers will find the cards for sale at Walmart.com.



Google Play gift cards can be used to buy premium apps, movies, music, books, virtual currency, extra gaming levels and special add-on packs. For now, the gift cards will be available inside the U.S. only.



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