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Google maps vs. apple maps

Apple released the iOS 6 beta to developers with a its new Map application, If you downloaded the developer beta of iOS 6 and tried the new map out, you might have noticed something's lacking compared to the previous Maps app which was powered by Google's tech.


Google Maps vs. Apple


Not only Street View, which can be compensated by the 3D-Flyover function in iOS 6, but the actual level of street detail that the fledgling new maps and navigational software Apple has revealed. The old Google Map for iOS in on the left, and the New Apple Maps is on the right. As you cane see there is a huge street information missing from the new Maps.

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Google is the first company to show its Smart head-mounted computer called "Google Glass" to the world, but this doesn't stop Apple from patenting the idea, It turns out Apple has filed this patent way back in 2006! Of course, the patent seems to be a bit vague and doesn't necessarily mean that Apple is working on a Glass-like device, but it does seem to have a lot in common with stuff like head-mounted displays projecting images to the user's eyes and other stuff like that.


Google Glass


Here is a brief description of Apple Statement:


"Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, implementing and using techniques for projecting a source image in a head-mounted display apparatus for a user. A first display projects an image viewable by a first eye of the user. A first peripheral light element is positioned to emit light of one or more colors in close proximity to the periphery of the first display. A receives data representing a source image, processes the data representing the source image to generate a first image for the first display and to generate a first set of peripheral conditioning signals for the first peripheral light element, directs the first image to the first display, and directs the first set of peripheral conditioning signals to the first peripheral light element. As a result, an enhanced viewing experience is created for the user."


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Apple logo

The Chinese tech blog that keeps on giving revelations about the new iPhone and the eventual smaller iPad, has obtained pics from an iGadget case maker, which purportedly depict the chassis parts for this rumored iPad Mini. This upcoming device is Apple's reply to the Google Nexus 7.


ipad mini


While the blueish logo looks quite off, and we can't vouch for the credibility of the images, in addition the component supply sources have now said that the iPad Mini might sport a Retina Display after all, as in no less than 326ppi.


ipad mini


At the rumored 7.85" size, 326ppi means double the vertical and horizontal resolution of the iPad 2, whereas yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported that the smaller mini-iPad will feature the same 1024x768 resolution as Apple's second generation tablet.




Sparrow CEO Dom Leca announced that they were acquired by Google. Sparrow's 3rd party email clients and apps are very popular on Apple's platforms, and were widely considered to be among the best email UIs available.

Sparrow will continue to be made available for the time being, and current customers will still be given support, but Leca indicated that there will be no new features added to the software from here on out. The good news is that this was a talent acquisition by Google, and Leca and his team will be joining Google's Gmail team to create more elegant and effective email UIs for Gmail, and to better tie together the Gmail experience across all of its many platforms.




ios6 maps



According to a source with connections to both Apple and Google, Claim that Apple is looking to hire ex-Google employees who worked on Google Maps in an effort to repair the problems seen on the iOS 6 mapping application.


"Many of my coworkers at Google Maps eventually left when their contracts ended or on their own accord. One guy looked around for other GIS work and ended up at Apple when a recruiter contacted him. He had heard rumors for a while that Apple was going to develop its own in-house mapping platform, and given his experience at Google, he was an easy hire. Apple went out of their way to bring him down to Cupertino and he's now paid hansomly as a GIS Analyst. Another coworker that was a project lead at Google Maps, left for the East Coast after his contract ended, and was recently contacted by an Apple recruiter. The position sounds like a product development manager position, and will pay him $85k+ and all the moving expenses from the East Coast. He's gone through 2 rounds of interview and seems like a frontrunner to land that position." - Source


The source is said to be a former contractor for Google who worked on the integration of Street View and third party data to improve the European coverage on Google Maps, and also worked on the application's turn-by-turn directions. Apple allegedly has been successful signing up former Google employees who would rather work on a whole new project instead of just updating one that has been completed.





In an unprecedented move, Apple's CEO Tim Cook published a letter on the company's website, admitting that Apple's new maps service isn't up to par with the competition.


Apple Maps


In the letter, Tim Cook goes on to say that the Apple Maps app has reached more than 100 million iOS devices in a week. Tim Cook actually admitted that the app wasn't up to scratch and apologized for the frustration that it caused Apple customers. He even went on to suggest "alternatives".



While we're improving Maps, you can try alternatives by downloading map apps from the App Store like Bing, MapQuest and Waze, or use Google or Nokia maps by going to their websites and creating an icon on your home screen to their web app.


Full Tim Cook Letter



Finally, iOS users can enjoy a fully functional YouTube App, Google has just pushed an Update to its native 3rd-party iOS YouTube Application to the App store brings support for iPad Retina Display and iPhone 5 display.

ipad YT


Here is the Change-log of the latest version :

• Optimized for iPad and iPhone 5

• Stream videos with AirPlay

• Tap logo to open your Guide of channels

• Add and remove videos from your playlists

• Clickable links in video descriptions

• Improved accessibility with VoiceOver



YouTube (iTunes)

YouTube capture

After being dropped out of iOS 6 by Apple, the YouTube app became a standalone application that had to be downloaded from the App Store. But one of the biggest shortcomings of this app was that it was meant only for content consumption, and there was no way to upload videos from it.


Google has now released a separate application for the iPhone and iPod touch "YouTube Capture", whose only purpose is recording videos and uploading them on YouTube. You can shoot and do quick editing to your videos from within the app itself or upload one of your existing videos.

Youtube Capture App


YouTube Capture [iTunes]



Microsoft google

Early this month, Microsoft reported to file a lawsuit against Motorola Mobility to the German's court, in order to get the company paying royalty for infringing a patent on covers the use of data points from two different sources and overlaying them on top of each other. Other Android manufacturers like Samsung and HTC pay Microsoft to use the patent. Microsoft made $792 million in the second quarter from royalty fees paid by Android manufacturers only.

Now Microsoft will add Google to the lawsuit file, Making the case against Google because Motorola Mobility has said that data important to the case belongs with its parent company. Google said that it will defend itself against any complaint that Microsoft files in court.



"It became necessary to add Google to this particular case because Motorola maintains that it lacks sufficient information about actions occurring on Google's servers." - Microsoft spokesman




Android Ice Creme Sandwich


At a recent Dreamforce conference in San Francisco Eric Schmidt has confirmed that Ice Cream Sandwich, the next Android version, will debut this October or November.

The next droid OS is said to combine Honeycomb (Android for tablets) with Gingerbread, with no home-brewed UIs and with a unified look and more.

Video Below!


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Google ICS design

Google has launched the Android Design site, a page of guidelines, design principles, UI best-practice and style shortcuts for developers working with Ice Cream Sandwich. Made up both of guiding principles for apps and interfaces, such as "delight me in surprising ways" and "let me make it mine", as well as the actual building blocks of an Android UI, including tabs, seek bars, switches and spinners, the site marks Googlemost obvious attempt to-date to get all Android coders on the same style-sheet.

Much of what we saw and praised in Ice Cream Sandwich is being put forward as best-practice by Google today. The People hub, new in Android 4.0, is used as an example of using pictures instead of words, while the shift from physical buttons to virtual and the changing context menu is used to push the idea of not overwhelming people with too much at any one time.


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Chrome for Android

Google Has just released the Chrome browser  for Android. This beta version is currently only available for ICS phones and tablets and like its desktop progenitor, the synced settings and bookmarks are all in tow. Expect to see a new, more natural mobile view of the tab system.

Chrome Android

Chrome For Android

Mobile version landscape Mode

Tablet Version

It will also remember what you were last looking at on your desktop Chrome browser, and sync it across to your mobile device it is like Kindle or iBook bookmarking system, but for the web. Your autocorrect content from the desktop is similarly synced.

Google Chrome for Tablets

You can now bring your personalized Chrome experience with you to your Android phone or tablet. If you sign in to Chrome on your Android device, you can:

  • View open tabs: Access the tabs you left open on your computer (also signed into Chrome) picking up exactly where you left off.
  • Get smarter suggestions: If you visit a site often on your computer, you'll also get an autocomplete suggestion for it on your mobile device, so you can spend less time typing.
  • Sync bookmarks: Conveniently access your favorite sites no matter where you are or which device you are using.

Chrome for Android Beta is available on phones and tablets running Android 4.0+, Ice Cream Sandwich in the Following Countries:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Mexico
  • Argentina
  • Brazil




Chrome For Android [Market]




Demo Video Below!

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Android Music Streaming

We saw some rumors about a Google-Android Home Entertainment device a while ago, Today, We can confirm that Google is allegedly working on creating her own entertainment device capable of streaming music in multiple locations within a house. Imagine a Google Music Player that uses latest NFC integrations and Android OS around you gomee.

The information about the Google-branded device comes from a "Wall Street Journal" report from unnamed people briefed on the project. If true, it would mark the Google first attempt at creating a hardware product without the aid of an electronics manufacturing partner. The search giant is concentrated recently on its open-source Android operating system software for mobile and streaming media devices.

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Android had pretty tasty Names from the begins: Alpha, Beta, Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich... and Now Jelly Bean. They all alphabetically organized with a name of a tasty-sweet inside. After announcing that the Android 5.0 Jelly Bean (JB) is coming in Q2, 2012... We start thinking about the Future version of Android 6.0 Name!

Rumors suggest that the Upcoming Name for the Android 6.0 will be "Kendal Mint Cake" (KMC) which begins with a "K" and its a 3 parts name like the Ice cream sandwich and its a sweet ofcourse. So this is the Most likely Name for the Android 6.0 which might be released by Early 2014.

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Google Assistance

After Apple introduced Siri personal assistance for iOS, Google had to fight back by improving its voice command software to take a New shape and higher intelligent integrations. A report from TechCrunch showing that this product may have codenamed as "Majel" and to be officially named "Google Assistant" when released.

Google logo

Google Assistant is now in the hands of the Android team. Reports showed Google goals of this product, There is three goals Google will accomplish on this product :

  • Gather all information and make it understandable by computers.
  • Create a personalization layer.
  • Build a mobile, voice-powered productivity engine, which is focused less on finding information and more on getting things done.


Unfortunately, Google Assistance will be release by Q4 of this year.


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Key Lime Pie

Lately, Some confirmed reports said that Google will name the Android version that will come after Jelly Bean 5.0 as "Key Lime Pie" and its acronym "KLP", which is a pie made from lemon cream.

Currently, We do not have any certain date about When exactly we will see this version of android, may be late 2013 or earlier. Also there is No info if this version will be tablet-Only like the Honeycomb 3.0 or not.

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Android Market

Before, Google limited the Android Market applications (.apk) size to 50MB, and developers have had to make smaller apks and the user will download the expansion files after installing the APK, Well Google changed this today by increasing the Market App size Up to 4GB. The new maximum application size of 4GB does not necessarily mean the size of the APK will be increased... but rather the Android Market will host the application expansion files. This will help the Google keep a closer eye on when a user completely finishes the download of a large application to properly start the refund period.

Most of us have experienced a long in-game download like Gameloft Asphalt 6, and then realized the refund period has already passed. In the Android Market, these expansion files are added to the 50MB size of your application so users know how much space the app will really take from his Phone Memory after full Installation.

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Google Play Store

If you do not know yet, There is a new name for the Android Market now, its Google Play Store. For those of you who want to see what the name change and new logo looks like on your phone. You can do it directly from within your phone in about 30 seconds flat.

Google Play

How to Upgrade to Google Play Store:

  • Go to "Settings" and then "Manage Apps".
  • Look for "Market" under the "All" tab, open it and press "clear data".
  • Now open the newly updated "Play Music" app (Google Music).
  • Hit that little "Market" icon in the bottom tray (If you can't find it, open the Market icon from All Apps Menu, it both cases it will work)
  • Confirm Google Play upgrade.

NOTE: If the Method Above didn't work for you, You still able to Download the Google Play Store 3.4.7 APK from the link below to install it on your phone and Enjoy the New Play Store!

Download Google Play Store

Download Play Store 3.4.7 [APK]


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Google Maps for Android

Google has updated its Maps Application for Android with minor small change and some bug fixes. The new version was pushed out to the Google Play Store today, and it brings Google Maps to version 6.4.0.

The only change made in this version was in the design of the menu in Navigation mode. The menu has been changed from a list of text-only options to a more touch-friendly version laid out with some icons to quickly help you find what you need.


Google Maps

Google Mpas 6.4.0 [Play Store]


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Android Key lime pie

Google has just released Android 4.1 Jelly Bean this summer, the latest Android Operating System with some tweaked GUI. 
Now, Reports about the Next Android OS is spreading around.


Next Android OS or Android version 4.2 will be Named "Key Lime Pie", which is a delicious Creamy Pie with Key Lime, Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie is rumored to be released in the first Half of 2013,

Key lime pie

We are pretty excited about what Google will include on this New OS. Let's wait and See!




Google Play Store 3.5.15

The New Android Market which known now as Google Play Store has received another incremental update to v3.5.15 with some new features, you can Update yours by Downloading the

Google Play Store

There are two main improvements to the app: under the My Apps menu, you can see Installed and All Apps in a separate tab. This allows you to re-download any app you've previously tried and deleted, or paid for and uninstalled, bringing the functionality more in line with the desktop portal. There is still no option to manually re-install all, or a select portion, of your apps, which would go a long way to building in the same functionality for non-root users as Titanium Backup does for root users.


Download Google Play 3.5.1

Google Play Store 3.5.15 [APK]



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Larry page


Google CEO Larry Page made a statement regarding the Android Google State in 2012 bringing us the latest statistics, Page puts it plainly Android is on fire, and activating over 850,000 devices each day.

"Android is on fire, and the pace of mobile innovation has never been greater. Over 850,000 devices are activated daily through a network of 55 manufacturers and more than 300 carriers. Android is a tremendous example of the power of partnership, and it just gets better with each version. The latest update, Ice Cream Sandwich, has a beautiful interface that adapts to the form of the device. Whether it is on a phone or tablet, the software works seamlessly." L. Page, Google CEO

This number was about 500,000 last year (2011), this huge increase on the number of daily activated handsets is very impressive in our opinion.



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Android design


The Google Dev team at Android Design section have just put up some new sections into their guide for Android developers and made some changes to the UI of the Settings and Navigation bar design guidelines.

Highlights include a brand new section on how to create a design layout for application settings, as well as how to link to other Android applications and how to navigate to your app using widgets.

Android design

If you are an App developer or you just like to look at the Android apps layout Make sure to check out this Page HERE Enjoy!



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Android Updates are very slow in releasing especially the latest update to Ice Cream Sandwhich, The technical lead developer on the Android Open Source Project, Jean-Baptiste Queru, posts a post on Google+ saying that he believes the slow update rate many Android users have had to endure is very reasonable. He said on his Google+ post:


"This is actually a very reasonable time, since under the hood Ice Cream Sandwich is quite different from Honeycomb (and upgrades from Gingerbread are likely to take longer as those differences are huge),"

He Also added:

"...some variants of the Google-engineered flagship devices still haven't received Ice Cream Sandwich (or are stuck with older versions of Ice Cream Sandwich) because of delays introduced by operator approvals."




George Clooney GNexus

Guess What !? Today, George Clooney was spotted filming a commercial for an Android smartphone in Malibu yesterday. This is some game-changing news... isn't it ? The Photos below shows Clooney with a Samsung GALAXY Nexus and playing with his dog.



Clooney Nexus

Well, to be true about it, It's unclear what exactly the commercial is going to be, although it is said to have been an Android commercial.

clooney Nexus

It doesn't seem to be a commercial for the Galaxy Nexus itself because the Samsung branding was blacked out on the phone (as you can see on the photo above) OR the Nexus could be Clooney's own personal phone.


What's your comment on this, share your opinion on the Comments section below!



Google's purchase of Motorola Mobility has been approved by Europe and was was pending chinese approval. Today, A Google spokesman has confirmed that Chinese regulators gave the okay for the purchase on Saturday, and the formal approval should be coming this week.

According to reports, there is one major stipulation given by the Chinese regulators which says that approval is based on the promise that Google will keep Android open and freely available to anyone who wants to use it for the next 5 years. So, for anyone who still harbored some crazy idea that this move would lead to the closing of Android, that is now impossible... for 5 years.





According to Andy Rubin, Google Android Product manager, Android is now getting over 900,000 daily activations, which represents an increase of more than 50,000 compared to the 850,000 number from last February.


rubin tweet

This Number will reach 1 Million daily by the End of the Year as there is some rumors about the Android JellyBean 4.1 is coming before the end of the year, Making Google Android OS the fastest growing Mobile OS in the World.




We already know that Google is working on a Siri-like personal assistance to integrate it on Android. Today, Wall Street Journal about the smartphone ecosystem mentions that according to people on the inside, Google is accelerating the development of a Siri-like virtual, interactive personal assistant for Android users.

While whatever Google produces will naturally bring comparisons to Siri, Google has higher aspirations. There has been some speculation that the finished design would make Google's virtual assistant much more powerful with more capabilities than Siri.




Chrome For Android


Google has just announced that Chrome for Android is finally out of beta. Now, The software has just been updated on the Google Play store to version 18.0.1025123. BUT Now it's Faster and smoother than ever.


Chrome 18

Building on the familiar Chrome experience of searching and entering URLs in the same area, the beta finalizes new features that were seen as early as February. It's good timing too, since Firefox just released a very strong contender in the browser-for-Android-devices market.


tablet chrome v18

Google says the updated mobile browser has "accelerated page loading, scrolling and zooming," and automatically syncs with your desktop Chrome browser, so all your tabs, passwords, and bookmarks are identical whether you're in the office or on the road.


Download Chrome for Android v18

Chrome For Android [Play]



amazon phone


Amazon is said to be developing its own smartphone, which will compete against the iPhone and the Android smartphones, says Bloomberg. The world's largest online retailer is said to have partnered with Foxconn to manufacture the handset for it.

There are no other details available at the moment but if Amazon plans to compete with iPhone their phone has to be high-end, unlike the Kindle Fire, which was a budget offering. We don't know what software it would be running but it's fair to assume it would be a heavily customized version of Android such as the one on the Kindle Fire.



Considering Amazon has its own application store, along with books, music, movies and loads of other stuff, it really doesn't matter if it doesn't allow access to the Google Play Store.




android os

Nielsen, a popular analyst company, has published its report on the US smartphone market in the second quarter of 2012. The quarter saw smartphone growth continue as two thirds of all new customers picked a smartphone.


Android continues to be in lead, Android is powering 51.8% of all US smartphones and 54.6% of the devices purchased over the past three months. And that was the quarter before the Samsung Galaxy S III was launched.

US Total Smartphones 2012

Apple's iOS platform users is decreasing, with Apple's OS accounting for 34.3% of US smartphones and 36.3% of the newly acquired ones. Expectedly iOS is starting to lose pace in the third quarter of iPhone 4S availability.

Android piracy


The problem with "Android App Piracy" seems to be escalating lately, with more and more developers expressing their negative opinion towards the platform's little to no protection against this problem.


App piracy on Android is nothing new. The percentage of pirated apps versus bought ones has always been higher on Android than on iOS, and developers have not once brought this issue to the public's attention.


The solution to all this seems quite simple to us get rid of the option that allows you to install apps from sources other than the Google Play store. Of course, Android is open and tech-savvy people will quickly find a workaround for that, but in case Google tries hard to make this workaround complicated enough, the vast majority of users will never bother to implement the workaround. As a result, people will just stick to getting their apps from the Play Store. Still, Google is yet to make this move, and there are no indications that it's going to happen anytime soon.


We are aware that such a transition will be hard at first, and probably many hardcore Android users will be pissed off, but the question is, should Google bother about those users? Google has always tried to be good to its customers, to not be evil, but now this kind of generosity is going against its own ecosystem. Developers are getting hurt financially, and are finding it increasingly hard to stay afloat due to this whole "open", and "don't be evil" mantra. Google will not become evil, if it closes that part of Android that makes piracy so easy. As a matter of fact, it should feel obliged to do so, because these devs are the same devs that made Android a worthwhile experience.


What do you think ?

tell us in the comments below...



google play store 3.7.15

A New Update to the Google Play Store App is currently rolling-out to all android users, The latest update is version 3.7.15 and pack some minor-changes, improve the security or purchasing apps, improve the overall performance and faster updating of your store apps. Download the APK below and install on your phone to get the latest lay store version.


Download & update Google Play

Download Google Play Store 3.7.15



Glu Mobile have just released the Legendary Game "Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies" for Android, This Game is New Flagship of the Zombies-shooting games on Google Play.



The new member of the Call of Duty franchise will be exclusive to Sony Xperia smartphones for its first month of availability. The list of handset includes the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, Xperia S, as well as the Xperia ion. It will be available for $6.99 to all android devices Next Month.


Download COD BO Zombies

Download Call Of Duty [Play]


google Voice Search

Google Voice search is great, but if your language isn't supported you have to make do with English and hope it recognizes your accent. Now, Google Vioce Search supports 13 New languages, joining the list for a total of 42 languages and 46 accents.


Google Voice search

Here is the Added languages :

  • Basque
  • Bulgarian
  • Catalan
  • European Portuguese
  • Finnish
  • Galician
  • Hungarian
  • Icelandic
  • Norwegian
  • Romanian
  • Serbian
  • Slovak
  • Swedish



Google Play


Google released the Google Play gift cards and these cards were going to be made available to certain stores for use in purchasing games, music, video and premium apps.


Google Play


It looks like distribution of the cards has started as a Target shopper was able to reach into a bin near the cash registers and pull out a $25 Google Play gift card before they were supposed to go on sale.


Play reedem

The card was successfully redeemed on Google Play App, You must have the latest Google Play version 3.8.15 to be able to use this feature, so it shouldn't be too long before the cards are officially on the rack and ready to go.




smart App Updates


In Google I/O keynote where Google announced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Google mention a New feature on the play Store called "Smart App Updates" which is available for all Android devices with the latest Google play App.


smart app updates

According to Google, Smart App Updates are only a third in size, the Play Store will only download whatever is New/Changed within the APK instead of downloading the entire app all over again. which means you save a lot of time and data in updating apps. This feature has now been activated on the Google Play Store and some apps are already making use of it.

play store smart


For Example: If you have an App that you Need to Update and the update weight 12MB, with Smart App Updates you'll only download a 3-5MB of the 12MB you Need to download in order to Update the App. Check the Video below!

show Video



The Android ecosystem has been rapidly expanding beyond phones and tablets lately just in the last week we saw the introduction of an Android-powered Wi-Fi camera by Nikon, and Panasonic is using Android apps and NFC-equipped devices to control and program smart appliances. NASA is one-upping them all with a use for Android that is truly out of this world. NASA's new PhoneSat program is experimenting with using Android-powered miniature satellites.




As part of a program to explore how small cheap satellites can bemade with off-the-shelf parts, engineers are NASA's Ames Research Center have created 10cm square satellites that use Nexus phones as the computing brains that power the satellite. The four pound mini-satellites can be launched dozens or even hundreds at a time, bringing lots of aggregate observing power on the cheap.



adobe flash

As you may know, Adobe Flash Player for Android has been pulled from the Google Play Store and you No longer see the flash player on your "Installed Apps" tab on Google Play store.

How to Update the App then ?

How to back it up in case you formatted your Phone ?

How to Install Flash player on a Newly Activate Android device ?


We Have a Solution! Here is a tutorial for How to Manual Install & Update Adobe flash Player on Any Android Smartphone running Android version 2.1 or later, Or just Download it and keep it as a back-up.


1- In your phone go to Menu > Settings (or Menu > More > Settings), which is where the "Enable Plug-ins" option can be found.


android flash


2- Then Check the "Unknown Sources" software box.

3- Download the latest Android Flash APK from Here:


Download Flash 11.1

For Android 2.X devices

For Android 4.X devices


4- Copy the APK to your Phone storage, using Any File Explorer find the APK you've copied to your phone and Install it.


install flash

5- Go to the Menu > Settings and Uncheck "Unknown Sources" (Optional)

6- DONE! you've just Installed/Updated your Adobe flash to the latest stable version.


Google - Motorola


Today at the Motorola event in NYC, Eric Schmidt, Google executive chairman announced that Android platforms devices reached a New HIT number. Currently android reached 1.3 Million New Activations Daily and 70,000 of them are Android tablets.

There are some 480 Million total Androids in the world as of today. That's 80 million more than there were on June 27, when we got the latest update.






This is one of those patents that we were pretty curious about, because the timeline of the story was quite interesting. Google announced Face Unlock as part of Ice Cream Sandwich last year. A little bit after that we found out that Apple had applied for a patent for what seemed to be the very same thing back in 2010. Of course, Google's Face Unlock was based on technology from PittPatt, which had a patent granted in 2007. Google's newly granted patent was submitted for approval in late 2011, just before the ICS announcement.


Google's new patent details the same mechanism as Apple's for recognizing various facial features, but seems to go well beyond that into a number of methods for logging in to a computer with the facial recognition. Additionally, where Apple's filing was specifically for iOS devices, Google's new patent covers any device with a camera, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc., which means Apple can't use this feature without a licence from Google patent or it will be an infringement.



500M Android


One week ago, Google's Eric Schmidt stepped on stage during Motorola's On Display event. He also confirmed that there were 1.3 Million daily activations of new Android devices.


Android jelly Bean


Yesterday, the director of product management for Android, Hugo Barra, confirmed that the platform has shot past the 500 Million mark. This means that about 20 million new Android devices have been purchased over the past six days alone, or about 3.3 million per day.






Google Chrome for Android has just been update to v18.0.1025308 with HUGE Security Improvements and bug fixes that was reported by users and they got rewarded for it. The New Update also has stability fixes, you'll feel the difference especially when playing HTML5 videos.


chrome for Android


Security & Bug fixes:

  • [138210] Medium Information and credential disclosure by file:// URLs. Credit to Artem Chaykin.
  • [[138035] Medium Current-tab cross-application scripting (UXSS). Credit to Artem Chaykin.
  • [144813] Medium UXSS via Intent extra data. Credit to Takeshi Terada.
  • [144820] Medium Information and credential disclosure by file:// URLs. Credit to Takeshi Terada.
  • [137532] Medium Android APIs exposed to JavaScript. Credit to Takeshi Terada.
  • [144866] Medium Bypassing same-origin policy for local files with symlinks. Credit to Takeshi Terada.
  • [141889] Medium Cookie theft by malicious local Android app. Credit to Takeshi Terada.

Source (Google Play)


Android 4.2


The notification area is one of first feature android had dince froyo, and it is about to get a complete overhaul in the upcoming Android 4.2 update. A recent video shows a two separate pull-down bars, the 1st to hold all of your notifications and the 2nd one is for the entire quick settings/toggles gang.


Android 4.2


The Jelly Bean update didn't bring quick toggles in the notification area as expected, but most of the manufacturers offer them within their custom UI launchers (TouchWiz, Sense, etc.). The demo video below.


video source


Google Android 4.2 event


Is it too early ? Google has just sent out invititations an Android event to be held on October,29th. The event will be in New York City at 10:00 AM and will be streamed live on YouTube.


LG Nexus

The even purpose is to announce a new Nexus device, the LG manufactured unit that is currently known as the "LG Nexus 4" that was leaked before. There is a possibility that there could be multiple Nexus phones this year but there is zero proof to confirm that.


android 4.2


Also, Google will likely launch this new Nexus device with a new version of Android too, which will be Android 4.2 that has been floating around these days. Other than that we expect to hear some updates on the Nexus Q as Google pulled it off shelves and got back to working on its due to huge failure and bugs reported by users. Google could also announce the 32GB Nexus 7 that we have been hearing about recently.





This isn't Ubuntu for Android, or a hacked together demo made by an enthusiast, this is Real Official version of Ubuntu running on a Google Nexus 7 tablet and being shown off by an official Canonical engineer.


Canonical founder, Mark Shuttlesworth, has said that beginning with Ubuntu 13.04, which is due in April 2013, the team will be focusing on "mobile metrics" like battery life and memory consumption, which will lead to the OS being able to run on a much wider range of Android & mobile devices.



The Unity UI is already a solid step towards being touchscreen friendly, so now it is just a matter of optimizing the OS for touchscreen devices. The start of that work looks to be right around the corner as Shuttlesworth told developers attending the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) in Copenhagen Denmark next week to bring their Nexus 7s, because Google's tablet is apparently a great "reference" device for the project.


Source - Video


China android

In 2010, Symbian OS was leading the Chinese Market then but now, everything has changed. Google's platform now has increased its market share to more than 90% in the world's most populous country, according to the latest report by Analysis International.


china android


The share is likely even higher, but the analysts don't count knock-off Android devices. Just last year Android's share of the Chinese market was 58.2%, so that is some very, very impressive growth.


asus qube

A New hardware device visits the FCC today, called the "ASUS Qube dongle" for Google TV. Another ASUS device for Google, after the Nexus 7, this time for the Google android-powered TV.


asus qube


Being designated a "dongle" certainly means it will simply plug into a Smart TV set-top box or computer and provide Google TV connectivity. It will be controlled by O!Mobile Control Center, which was developed by ASUS and available for Android devices running Android 2.1 or higher and available on Google Play. The control is handled via 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.




Turn your Android devices into remotes! O!Mobile Control Center is an all-in-one intuitive application which combines the functions of the remote control, keyboard, navigation pad and cloud media streaming service. O!Mobile Control Center is a cloud control solution designed exclusively for Asus Qube with Google TV. - ASUSTeK Computer Inc. on Google Play






The Android distribution statistics for November,2012 have just arrived, Jelly bean and Ice Cream Sandwich showing a good increase.

Version 4.1 Jelly Bean is now on 5.9% of the Android devices from 2.7% last month, while the recently released 4.2 Jelly Bean already powers 0.8% of the droids out tehre. Undoubtedly, the release of the new Nexus devices has to do something with it, but the release of JB updates from Samsung and HTC has also helped a bit.




Surely, the growth of both Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich is at Gingerbread's expense. It's still taking the largest piece of the pie at 50.6%, but that's 3.3 percent points lower than last month and 5.2 percent points lower than it was in September.


Source (

Nielsen logo

The Nielsen Company, one of the global leaders in consumer market research and trend analysis, has released its Nielsen Tops of 2012 report, which looks at the top Web and mobile companies between January - October, 2012.

top us Os 2012

As you can on the chart above, Android is taking over the U.S. as the top Smartphones Operating System for 2012 with 52% of the market share, Apple iOS comes in the 2nd place with 35% (Huge drop!), then comes Windows Phone OS followed by Blackberry OS and finally "Other" which includes (MeeGo, Nokia Belle, WebOS... etc).


Top web brands 2012

Google's portal is the No.1 U.S. Web brand of 2012, with 172.6 million unique visitors per month followed by Facebook. For online video, YouTube got some 132.4 million unique monthly visitors, more than three times Yahoo's video portal in second place.


android logo


Android's mascot, known as Bugdroid (little green roboto above), has become instantly recognizable in the mobile world and it has already gone several transformations to match the dessert a given Android version is named after.



This loopy-looking robot were created by Dan Morrill, who worked in developer relations, when he decided that slides for a presentation to Google's dev team needed eye candy. These were never used officially, but apparently they lived long enough to pick up a nickname "Dandroids". In the End, Google went with the Bugdroid design by Irina Blo.


J = Jelly Bean

Mr. Morrill isn't done with the Android trivia. The second internal developer launch of Android was called R2-D2, short for "Release To Developers 2". Due to trademark considerations, Android's naming scheme moved on to desserts, which was an idea by Ryan PC Gibson, starting from the letter "C = Cupcake" and moving on in an alphabetically order.

Source (Dan Morrill)

samsung google


The patent wars will heat up even more. After Apple won its preliminary injunction against the Samsung GALAXY Nexus. Samsung is strengthening its legal front. Considering that the Samsung GALAXY Nexus was a collaboration between Samsung and Google, it comes as little surprise that Google will now join Samsung in its legal quest against Apple.

Korea Times is reporting that a Samsung insider said, "It's too early to comment on our game plan (with Google) in the legal battle; but we will do our best to get more royalties from Apple, which has benefited from our technology."




Currently Samsung is requesting 2.4% of the iPhone and iPad's retail price to be paid out in royalties to compensate for the offending patents. Apple has claimed that the rate is excessive.


Galaxy Note 2

According to the Korean Digital Daily website, Samsung is planning to have an Unpacked event for the Galaxy Note 2 this year. It will happen in 30,August a day before the IFA expo kicks off in Berlin, Germany.


Galaxy Note 2

According to the information the Event will start at 19:00 (local time, CET) and will be all about the Galaxy Note 2. According to the latest reports, the Note's successor will be powered by a Quad-core Exynos chipset, will feature a 12.1MP camera and will actually be narrower despite the larger, 5.5" screen. The device will also pack Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.


Unpacked 2012


Galaxy Note 2 Full Specifications

With the original Galaxy Note going official at last year's IFA, it was only logical for its successor to arrive at the same event a year later.





The word around the mobile tech water cooler is that Samsung is looking to pack its smartphones with a brand New web browser Made by Samsung itself specifically for its GALAXY smartphones. The browser is expected to be based on WebKit, just like Google Chrome, and Apple's Safari, but it's unclear exactly how and where Samsung plans to deploy the browser.

It should be mentioned straight off that WebKit is an open-source browser engine to which both Google and Apple have contributed quite a lot, so Samsung is sort of using Google and Apple's work to build a competing browser.


Samsung Smart TV browser

The expectation is that Samsung's browser will become a standard part of its TouchWiz layer in Samsung Android devices, meaning it will follow along with Samsung's proprietary changes to Android's Calendar, E-mail, Messaging, etc. And, much like those other TouchWiz apps, it will be up to the user to decide if you think the changes are actually for the better or not. Although, unlike those apps, you should still be able to get Google Chrome from the Play Store, whereas the stock Android apps are lost to you.




Samsung Chromebook


Google still continue to support its Desktop Operating system, Chrome OS, which is a cloud based Operating system. Google has just announced a New Chromebook model made by Samsung replacing the old one.


Samsung Chromebook

The New Chromebook is simply called "Samsung Chromebook". It pack a 11.6-inch screen, weighs only 2.5 pounds (1.1 kg), features a Samsung Exynos Dual-core processor and a battery that lasts about 6.5 hours. Also included is dual-band Wi-Fi 2.4-5 GHz (802.11 a/b/g/n), Bluetooth 3.0, a front VGA camera, HDMI, a single USB 2.0 and a single USB 3.0.


Samsung Chromebook

Google provides Samsung Chromebook users with 100GB of free storage for 2-years. You will want to use it, since the SSD on this thing is only 16GB. Also you can buy a 32GB USB flashdrive or a Samsung 64GB MicroSD to expand your storage. The price for this Samsung Chromebook is $249 only.


Source (Google)




Industry Analyst, Horace Dediu from Asymco, came with an interesting graphical comparison yesterday outlining the ascent of Samsung to its current state, where it splits 99% of the mobile profits with Apple, leaving HTC a one-percenter, but not in the rich sense.


samsung mobile income

In only 2-years period, after the introduction of the first Galaxy S with its novel at the time AMOLED display, Samsung went from almost No income from mobile (less than $10 Million), to about $5 Billion out of the $7.4 Billion in total that the company raked in the last quarter.


Samsung vs. google

Samsung profits is higher than ever, In fact, Samsung Mobile has now made more money from phones and tablets than Google's entire operation for three straight quarters.

Charts via

google Motorola

Motorla Mobility is evolving, the company Google acquired in May 2012, the search giant said that it has inherited a 12-18 month product cycle so it would be no less than six or more months after this October until we start seeing the first true Google Motorola phones.

Google chief financial officer Patrick Pichette explained the Motorola situation:

Look, we're really pleased with Motorola's progress in its first 150 days. As indicated in our public filings, our team has made a lot of operational changes, we harmonized and narrowed the product portfolio, [undertook] streamlining of software operations, and we scaled back the markets in which we operate. But that said, we're just at the beginning of the Motorola-Google story, and we should expect, as I mentioned before, results from this segment to be quite variable for quite a while yet. Remember that we inherited an entire product pipeline where hardware business cycles are typically 12 to 18 months.





Vizio has revealed its new Google TV range of HDTVs for 2012 R-Series, with the company Vizio Internet Apps Plus reskin of the Google platform delivering apps, search and streaming media in your living room. Consisting of the 42-inch R3D420VS, 47-inch R3D470VS, 55-inch R3D550VS and 65-inch R3D650VS, the R-Series line-up includes a dual-sided Bluetooth remote with a QWERTY keyboard on one side and a touchpad on the other.

All four sets run at 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution, with 5.5ms response times. The 42-, 47- and 55-inch models have 240Hz refresh rates, while the 65-incher scales that back to 120Hz; each gets edge-lit LED backlighting and HSMI 1.4 support.

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google Card

Google has announced an update to its Mobile search feature for smartphones and tablets. The update makes certain information to be presented in a New way that resembles Google Now Cards for a richer, more interactive way for the user.


Google Now


When you ask for information like flight times, currency conversion, unit measurement comparisons, local time, financial records, sunrise times and dates of holidays, you will immediately notice the new format.


google now

One of the major advantages to using the new format is the way that responses become interactive. For example, if you're converting 10 meters to miles and you want to see how many miles in 14 meters, simply tap on the "card" and the full unit converter will appear.


Source (Google)


college humor


College Humor have new funny clip for us today... this Time its a sketch about Google latest products. The short sketch pokes fun at more than a few Google products you must have heard of, such as Google Glass and Google's self-driving cars.

Source (College Humor)


Google Now


For a while, Google Now was an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Only app, then it was hacked to work partially, then in full on Ice Cream Sandwich devices, and now it looks like it has been hacked for use on any ARMv7 device, which is a pretty lengthy list.


Google Now

google now translate

As always, the news comes from those wonderful lads over at XDA Developers, specifically it looks like Mikeyxda's M6 is the best option out there.


According to the post, you should be good to go as long as you have a rooted device with ClockworkMod Recovery, and an ARMv7 processor, which includes most Archos tablets, the Asus Transformer series tablets, and many of the premier handsets from HTC, Motorola, and Samsung going back a couple years.

Download & Instructions



Google released updates for two of their major apps on the same day. The first is the Google+ app, which gets some cool new features. The first one is that the Google+ app now allows teenagers to create and join Hangouts from their mobile, which wasn't possible before due to age restrictions.


google + mapsintegration

Another cool feature is that the mobile app now allows you to do Hangouts on Air using your smartphone, something that could only be done on desktop before. In case you are not aware, Hangouts on Air lets you create webcasts over Google+.


Maps 6.10


About the New Google Maps 6.10, the first thing you'll notice after you install the update is that it has a new icon, which for some reason does not show up on the Play Store page on either the phone or the web site.


This update also brings changes to the Transit feature and now you can choose a particular type of transportation system and only show transit lines for that system. There is also an updated layout for station pages.


Source (Play)


gsmarena 001 Google launches Music cloud service and Movie rentals from the Android Market

Google Music Beta

The company also announced the highly anticipated Music by Google service. Its going to be in beta for the next couple of months and it will be rolled out initially in the US only. The service is going to be free for the time that it’s in beta, with subscription plans coming later in the year when it gets a final release. So if you are based in the US, check out the Google Music website and get your invitation.


gsmarena 002 Google launches Music cloud service and Movie rentals from the Android Market

Google Music lets you store your music collection on the cloud and sync it with every device seamlessly via a program called Music Manager. Its available for both PC and the Mac and allows you to rate, comment and add details to your songs. The alterations you make are automatically going to synchronize across all of your devices.

The Music cloud service does not take up any space from your phone or tablet. You can listen to your music collection on the Web as well. And what if you go offline you ask? Google has come up with offline caching and all you need to do is select the songs or artists you want to have available and then the app takes care of the rest.


gsmarena 009 Google launches Music cloud service and Movie rentals from the Android Market


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Google Music App - Egypt Market

Google Music was launched last year as beta and got our f Beta stages in the same year too, but the Google Music services is available Only in the US, Even the Google Music Android App which is like a Music player with ICS theme was not available to all regions too.

Google Music

Today, Google Music Android App spotted available for Install directly from the Market in more countries as google is expanding its services, we don't have a full list currently but it includes Egypt, UAE and Kuwait. We will Update the list very soon Stay-tuned!

Google Music App

Google Music App [Market]

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Google TV

Samsung, Sony and Vizio will have new Google TV hardware at CES next week, while the platform will make its long-awaited international debut in 2012 with Google confirming its key partners alongside LG new smart TV kit.

Meanwhile, Marvell ARMADA 1500 chipset integral to Google TV now that the search giant has jumped from x86 to ARM will share the stage with chip company MediaTek, which will also be supplying SoCs to power Google TV set-top boxes.



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Google Maps

Google Maps for Android has seen another update, adding to the Las Vegas indoor floorplans released earlier in the week with a new set of plans as submitted from the Floor Plans tool. The Google LatLong Blog also reveals that the company has a new Google Maps for Google+ game incoming, seemingly turning the PND service into a real-world Pac-Man of sorts.

Google maps

Full details on the Google Maps game have not been revealed, but it looks like the floorplan data is used to track users as they move around and collect points. We ha
ve seen location-b
ased gaming before, but Google heft and the huge number of Android devices in the wild could mean it finally takes hold in the mainstream.

Download Google Maps 6.1.0



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Google Earth

Google has launched a major update for the cool Google Earth program. The update (Google Earth v6.2) brings with it higher quality images that look much, much better than they used to. Google Earth now offers users a seamless experience. Rather than a patchwork of images like those that it used to offer, Google Earth now has one giant seamless image (as you can see above).

I would like to know how Google is able to render the images into the seamless shots we see now. I always understood that the reason the images were patchy was because the satellites flew over and snapped the shots at different times of day and in different weather conditions. Better image quality is not all the update brings.

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Google Android ICS

When Google launched the Galaxy Nexus along with Ice Cream Sandwich, they removed the ubiquitous menu button that was found on all the previous Android devices. Instead, they incorporated the functionality of the menu button inside an action bar that appeared on top of the screen. If there were additional options that need not be immediately shown to the user, they were hidden inside a drop down menu signified by a Windows Phone-style vertical ellipsis.

Action bar on Market app

However, this change was only visible inside the native apps in Ice Cream Sandwich whereas the third party apps continued to use a standard menu button functionality, which was replicated on the Galaxy Nexus by displaying the vertical ellipsis in the bar at the bottom of the screen.




Approximately 252 homes are in a trial run this month with a brand new Google Entertainment Device which very well may be the project thus far known as Android@Home. This project has been tipped by the FCC where a collection of pre-run devices have been approved for testing, each of them working with Wi-fi and/or Bluetooth to connect the home. This filing was made this December and is only popping up now, Google making no official word on it because it is a big secret but chances are, it is the Android@Home Hub.


The FCC filing itself has a tiny bit of information on what the project will contain, FCC says:

"Google is developing an entertainment device that requires testing outside the laboratory environment. The device is in the prototyping phase and will be modified prior to final compliance testing... Users will connect their device to home WiFi networks and use Bluetooth to connect to other home electronics equipment. This line of testing will reveal real world engineering issues and reliability of networks. The device utilizes a standard WiFi/Bluetooth module, and the planned testing is not directed at evaluating the radio frequency characteristics of the module (which are known), but rather at the throughput and stability of the home WiFi networks that will support the device, as well as the basic functionality of the device. From this testing we hope to modify the design in order to maximize product robustness and user experience. Utilizing the requested number of units will allow testing of real world network performance and its impact on applications running on the device, so that any problems can be discovered and addressed promptly."

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Chrome for Android

Google recently launched Chrome for Android Beta for Android smartphones and tablets running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The new mobile browser includes many features that make Chrome so popular on the PC including speed, simple design, bookmark and open tabs sync, and autocomplete suggestions. But Google mobile Chrome is not all good news, there are also a few letdowns for people who love Adobe Flash, Chrome extensions or are part of the 99 percent.

No Flash Support!
Even though Android supports the mobile version of Flash Player, Chrome for Android did not ship with Adobe plug-in unlike its desktop counterpart. Shortly after the new mobile browser was released, Adobe said it would not be supporting Chrome for Android. Adobe in November announced it would no longer be developing Flash Player for mobile devices at all and would instead focus on pushing HTML 5 standards for mobile browsers.

Support Android ICS 4.0 only!
Chrome for Android is currently only available for Android 4.0. That effectively means you can only get it if you own a Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, Motorola Xoom or Asus Transformer Prime. Ice Cream Sandwich updates to Gingerbread and Honeycomb devices are slated for rollout later this year.

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Chrome 17

Google just launched a New Desktop version of the Chrome browser, Chrome 17, Among the new features over the previous stable version include the ability to prerender pages to speed up your browsing. Now, when you type a URL in the Omnibox, Chrome will automatically start Pre-rendering the website it thinks you are mostly likely to open, So when you hit Enter the page will open instantaneously in ZERO time.

Another new feature is the ability to check files to see if they are malicious. When you download an executable file such as (.exe) or (.msi) Google Chrome will try to match the file with its online database to see if it is genuine. Also Chrome will check with Google for the websites history and if the site is known to provide malicious content then it will cancel the download automatically.

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Google Wallet

There is a HUGE security vulnerability in Google Wallet that effects all users regardless of if they are rooted or not. The security flaw is painfully easy to do and requires no extra software nor does it require root.

All a person who wants to access your Google Wallet has to do is go into the application settings menu and clear the data for the Google Wallet app. After doing that your Google Wallet app will be reset and will prompt for you to set a new pin the next time you open it.


The problem here is that since Google Wallet is tied to the device itself and not tied to your Google account, that once they set the new pin and log into the app, when they add the Google prepaid card it will add the card that is tied to that device. In other words, they would be able to add your card and have full access to your funds.

This vulnerability is particularly bad as it does not require root or an other software in order to gain access to your Google Wallet. All a person needs to be able to do this is access to your phone and within 1-2 minutes they will have complete access to your Google Wallet account.

Watch The Video Below!

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Chrome 18 BETA

Google has just updated Chrome Beta to version 18 after Chrome 17 gone final yesterday. Its headline new feature is improved 2D graphics performance in HTML5 and a software rasterizer to enable older machines to display content rendered using newer unsupported technologies (by these old Machines) such as WebGL.

Chrome 18 Beta also sees improvements to the PDF plug-in and Printing, plus fixes a number of issues such as full-screen performance under Windows and startup issues in Red Hat Enterprise 6.

Most Windows and Mac users should start to see major performance improvements from certain web apps and websites thanks to support for GPU-accelerated rendering for 2D Canvas content. Because of the wide variety of hardware configurations out there, the Chromium development team has taken a conservative approach to this new technology, enabling just a few features and keen to hear feedback from anyone who encounters performance issues as a result of the tweaks. To see what new features are supported by your system, type chrome://gpu/ into the URL bar.

Chrome beta

Download Chrome 18 Beta

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Two days ago, We posted about Google Wallet HUGE security vulnerability hat effects all users regardless of if they are rooted or not, but Google has come forward to say there is nothing wrong with the product and anyone who is at risk of losing sensitive Google Wallet data is someone who made a specific decision to lower their entire phone security, and it is their problem.

Google also announced that its Wallet app is Safe to use and this round of bad publicity should not be taken out of proportion.


Google Official comment on this:

"Google Wallet is protected by a PIN as well as the phone lock screen, if a user sets that option. But sometimes users choose to disable important security mechanisms in order to gain system-level "root" access to their phone; we strongly discourage doing so if you plan to use Google Wallet because the product is not supported on rooted phones,".

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Google Moto

Today Google have been given the official final OK by the European Union to purchase Motorola Mobility. This unconditional regulatory approval will allow Google to purchase the handset maker for a total of $12.5 billion USD, the EU noting though that they would be monitoring the company and rivals use of Motorola patents to ensure they all comply with their antitrust rules galore. This deal was originally announced this past August and still needs U.S. Justice Department approval before it can be finalized. We can Now say that Motorola is Officially owned by Google.

This merger comes without concern from the EU on whether it will present any competition issues, but the idea that Motorola was purchased for its patents is alive in the minds of more than just Google.

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Google Drive

Google was rumored to release its own cloud service, Today we know what its Called and even have a screenshot. Google Cloud service will be called "Google Drive" and the screenshot above shows the file manager of cloud storage.

Drive, will potentially allow you to store a certain amount of data online, with the idea that it be accessible from any location with internet access, as well as via other devices you own.

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Tags: apple google apple google apple nexus7 google google apple ios apple google ios6 apple google google ios google apple microsoft google android ice cream sandwich google google releases android design guidelines app developers google android chrome google android android google google siri android google jellybean keylimepie android google apk google play android google android google android keylimepie google android playstore google android android google google android ics android ads google nexus google android google android google android siri chrome google android amazon google android apple android google apple google android google play android play google android google android google play cards google play android google nasa android flash google google android google apple google android google android google android google android google nexus ubuntu google android google google android android ios google google android samsung google samsung galaxynote2 google samsung google google samsung chrome samsung google android google motorola vizio google hdtv ces 2012 google google google google play google music google android market app egypt samsung google sony ces 2012 google maps 6.1.0 game indoors locations download video google earth 6.2 google android developers google android chrome android google google chrome google wallet google chrome google google google drive 

Chrome For Android

Why Chrome For Android is Awesome ?

Google for Android is still a BETA version but it is the best beta application we have seen so far, Mostly beta apps are unstable and crashes a lot unlike chrome For Android as we did not face any force close problem with our google chrome (on YouMobile's Galaxy Nexus). We decided to Review the browser and show you what is the best feature of the Chrome For Android BETA so far.

Accelerated-HTML5 Support



We already know that Google Chrome for Android will not get Flash support, but even without flash Chrome can be very fast and smooth while watching videos, Most of Video sharing websites render videos in HTML5 along with Flash like (Hulu, Youtube, Vimeo..etc) and Chrome for Android has a full HTML5 supprot but not just thay, It also has a HARDWARE-ACCELERATED HTML5... this means a super fast HTML5 rendering and smooth content streaming even faster than flash. Thats Why Adobe is moving away from Flash!

Secured & Synced



Google Chrome for Android is the best browser when it coms to security just like desktop version of chrome, It also scan your download files and warn you before entering a website with malwares. You can clear easly clear your chrome Cache, passwords, usernames and forms with one click (screenshot above) to be sure that your private data gone from your phone so you can share your phone with anyone.


Also Chrome For Android is synced with your desktop Chrome, bookmarks, passwords and log-ins even the windows you opened recently on your desktop chrome being synced to your Chrome for Android to have the same websites open on your phone ready for you when you click on your chrome icon.

Preload Webpages

Chrome Preload


Chrome For Android have tabs for Multi-browsing, Most of the current browser have this feature! but the most amazing feature that Only Chrome for Android has it, is the "Pre-loading Webpages". When typing or searching for a webpages, Chrome can guess what page you will likely to open next while you are typing or even still searching for it... Chrome start pre-loading the page so it will be ready for you in zero time. You can turn this feature On-Off or make it through Wifi only to save 3G roaming data.




We offered the apk Installation file for Chrome for Android for Everyone to download and Enjoy!

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Concept Photo

Google plans to launch glasses with a heads-up display by the end of 2012, the New York Times reports citing sources familiar with the matter. The glasses, who were previously rumored to have a front-facing camera with flash and a voice input interface, will be Android based, sources say.

They will include a display, mere inches from the wearer eye, streaming real-time info about your surroundings, similar to the various augmented reality applications we have seen on smartphones.

Iron man Concept

As Seen on "Iron Man" Movie!

The data will be fetched through a 3G/4G data connection, and the glasses will retrieve information about their surroundings through GPS and several sensors. The glasses will cost "around the price of current smartphones" sources say. While definitely not very precise current smartphones cost anywhere from $150 to $600 this price range shows that Google intends the glasses as a product for the mass market.

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Google Nexus Tablet

Google is highly expected to launch the "Google Nexus tablet" this summer. The device will reportedly offer a 7-inch display with 1280 x 800 resolution, Google will produce around 1.5 to the 2 million units initially. The tablet may also be Manufactured my Motorola.

The Nexus Tablet is rumored to cost $199 ONLY. The OS is currently rumored to be ICS 4.0, but Jelly Bean 5.0 is not out of the question as the tablet could see the light of day at the I/O developer conference, which is scheduled for late June this summer. So we can expect a JB Tablet from Google, it will also be the first Jelly bean Device on the Market too. Why Not? Google has the right to Exclusively put the OS on her devices first!

via Cnet

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Tags: apple google apple google apple nexus7 google google apple ios apple google ios6 apple google google ios google apple microsoft google android ice cream sandwich google google releases android design guidelines app developers google android chrome google android android google google siri android google jellybean keylimepie android google apk google play android google android google android keylimepie google android playstore google android android google google android ics android ads google nexus google android google android google android siri chrome google android amazon google android apple android google apple google android google play android play google android google android google play cards google play android google nasa android flash google google android google apple google android google android google android google android google nexus ubuntu google android google google android android ios google google android samsung google samsung galaxynote2 google samsung google google samsung chrome samsung google android google motorola vizio google hdtv ces 2012 google google google google play google music google android market app egypt samsung google sony ces 2012 google maps 6.1.0 game indoors locations download video google earth 6.2 google android developers google android chrome android google google chrome google wallet google chrome google google google drive google chrome android apk google google nexustablet jellybean 

Google Tablet

We all heard rumors about the Google Nexus tablet, well, Today we have some juicy info about it, "Google Play" is the expected name of Google Upcoming 7-inch tablet. With a rumored resolution of 1280x800 pixels with Android ICS 4.0 (or JellyBean 5.0), this tablet will be Google entry to the tablets Market, Ofcourse, the tablet will be manufactured by Motorola which is now officially a Google company.

Google Tablet

Expected Release Date

Soruces confirm that the production (factory production not market release) of the Google Play tablet could start as early as in April 2012 and it be a Motorola branded tablet

Google Tablet

Google Play™ Trademark

Now, here is the only clue we have for why Google might have chosen Play as the name. On February 29th, the company registered a bunch of domains via brand protection company MarkMonitor. Here is the list of Domains:




Tags: apple google apple google apple nexus7 google google apple ios apple google ios6 apple google google ios google apple microsoft google android ice cream sandwich google google releases android design guidelines app developers google android chrome google android android google google siri android google jellybean keylimepie android google apk google play android google android google android keylimepie google android playstore google android android google google android ics android ads google nexus google android google android google android siri chrome google android amazon google android apple android google apple google android google play android play google android google android google play cards google play android google nasa android flash google google android google apple google android google android google android google android google nexus ubuntu google android google google android android ios google google android samsung google samsung galaxynote2 google samsung google google samsung chrome samsung google android google motorola vizio google hdtv ces 2012 google google google google play google music google android market app egypt samsung google sony ces 2012 google maps 6.1.0 game indoors locations download video google earth 6.2 google android developers google android chrome android google google chrome google wallet google chrome google google google drive google chrome android apk google google nexustablet jellybean googleplay google tablet nexus 


Google is filing a new patent that seeks to protect the use of motion-based gestures to control an Android device hands-free, By putting a Motion sensor beside the front facing camera of the phone, Same concept that Microsoft Xbox Kinect is using.

Video Demo Here

Taps, swipes and hovering would be the signals to have the device carry out a pre-programmed task, With a single tap on the front camera the user could then use a gesture to search and control web pages for example, or play/pause/shuffle Music, Answer/End calls, Switch silent Mode ON/OFF and so on...


The hands-free concept has been done before. The Pantech Vega LTE, sold only in Korea, uses its front-facing camera to allow users to make a waving gesture to answer a call, flip an ebook page, browse pictures in the gallery or change a song. Check out the video below to see how the phone works. And while not important to its hands-free use, we should also point out that the Pantech Vega LTE offers a 4.5 inch LCD display with one of the highest pixel density counts we have seen at 335ppi.

Watch The Video Below!

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