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The Samsung Galaxy Note is the latest HIT for Samsung, Its a phone and a Tablet in one device, According to Daryl Deino, Los Angeles Industry analyst, confirms that this device will certainly come to both Sprint and Verizon. He goes on to mention that it will possibly be named the Samsung Galaxy Journal.

Galaxy NOTE

There is also the fact that there is no CDMA version of the Galaxy Note. It is definitely not impossible to make one, though, and it has been done before. Verizon has mentioned that smartphones will only be released with 4G LTE connectivity from now on. If this rumor happens to be true, we might be able to rock the Galaxy Note on Verizon 4G LTE network.


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Galaxy Nexus

The White Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be hitting UK on February,6th. Its not all white, as you can see from the image above only its back case is. we announced the Official Galaxy Nexus White Photos yesterday.

We have no information how much the white version will cost, though it is kinda safe to bet it will not be more expensive than the black version.

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