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Cut the rope

Cut the Rope is one of those great games that is graced the iPhone and Android for quite a while. Now Cut the Rope has been ported to your modern browser through HTML5. Works on all Browsers.

Microsoft debuted it at its CES keynote on Monday night to help promote its Internet Explorer 9 browser. Our quick testing shows that the game works in other HTML5-capable browsers, but Microsoft has a special deal where seven of the 25 levels are new and exclusive to IE9 users.

Players who want to unlock the IE9 Exclusive levels must pin the game to their Windows 7 taskbar.

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IE10 browser in Windows Phone 8 in March this year scored 298 with 6 bonus points in the HTML5 Test, But Now the Browser got a New version with some Improvements scored 300 in the HTML5 Test.

IE 10 HTML Score

IE10 HTML5 Scroe vs. Android 4.0 Stock Browser

While this is still well below the current score for iOS 5.1 (324 with 9 bonus points) it remains far ahead of the Android 4.0 browser, which will likely only start hitting the mainstream market around the same time Windows Phone 8 handsets are released towards the end of the year. At present Android 4.0, which was released in October 2011, is still only on around 3% of handsets.

The 300 HTML5 test point score is important, as it is a massive improvement on the IE9 score of 138 with 5 bonus points.


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