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Samsung JAYS

Today Samsung and the Swedish audio brand Jays announced their collaboration. This collaboration is entirely focused on headsets for MP3 players and especially for smartphones. Samsung headsets are not that good so this is a step in the good direction. This Integration will lead to better Audio Experience on the Upcoming Samsung Galaxy-Family smartphones for this year.

Samsung Jays

It is not New, HTC and Nokia are doing business already with headset makers like Monster and Beats audio . The test with the Jays headsets is currently only for the Korean market. If the test turn out good, maybe other markets will follow.

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BB Music Store

RIM BlackBerry Music Store launched in Canada where users can download the free Music Store app from the BlackBerry App World and use it to discover new tracks, purchase and download them right away, and tell their inner circle about the songs they dig.

You can either use the built-in search to find a specific Arts/Album/Song or browse and check out other tracks and albums by from all Artists.

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gsmarena 001 Google launches Music cloud service and Movie rentals from the Android Market

Google Music Beta

The company also announced the highly anticipated Music by Google service. Its going to be in beta for the next couple of months and it will be rolled out initially in the US only. The service is going to be free for the time that it’s in beta, with subscription plans coming later in the year when it gets a final release. So if you are based in the US, check out the Google Music website and get your invitation.


gsmarena 002 Google launches Music cloud service and Movie rentals from the Android Market

Google Music lets you store your music collection on the cloud and sync it with every device seamlessly via a program called Music Manager. Its available for both PC and the Mac and allows you to rate, comment and add details to your songs. The alterations you make are automatically going to synchronize across all of your devices.

The Music cloud service does not take up any space from your phone or tablet. You can listen to your music collection on the Web as well. And what if you go offline you ask? Google has come up with offline caching and all you need to do is select the songs or artists you want to have available and then the app takes care of the rest.


gsmarena 009 Google launches Music cloud service and Movie rentals from the Android Market


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Google Music

Google has just Updated its Cloud-Music App, Google Play Music to Version 4.3.609 with some minor changes and mostly it would benefit the Android .1 Jelly Bean users and Google TV users too.


expandables notifications


The Updates Enable the Expandable Notifications option on the Jelly Bean Notifications Bar so you take full control of the App from your Notifications without the Need to open the App. Here is the Full Change-log:

  • Bug fixes and support for Google TV devices.
  • Expandable notifications in Jellybean.


Download Google Play Music

Google Play Music



Fans of the Sony brand gather around, because now you have got yourself a theme song on which to cheer your beloved phones.

Well-known Xperia fan and YouTube user Domothy85 has created a third music video to celebrate the Sony Ericsson Xperia line-up and who knows, maybe attract new Xperia owners. The lyrics are really catchy and combined with the New Jagger melody by Maroon 5 it could really be worthy for your daily music playlist.


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