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The Amazon Appstore launched fairly recently and its really cool offering a paid app for free every day but unfortunately its limited to US customers. So I did some searching around and discovered that there is a fairly easy workaround to give access to their store to everyone, not just those in the USA.


Using the Appstore requires a US credit card, address, and phone number, but fortunately not a USA IP and there are ways to meet these criteria without living in the USA.

Setting up

Creating Your US Amazon Account

Firstly, to use the Amazon Appstore you need an Amazon.com account, it should be completely separate from your main account with a different e-mail address. To sign up just visit this sign in page and select "No, I am a new customer", then enter the email address that you wish to use.

Enter email address and select 'new customer' to create an account

Setting Up a Billing Address

Next you will need a US shipping address which is the billing address needed for the account, you can do this at the Manage Address Book page and this must be a valid US address.

I recommend using Fake Name Generator because it gives you information for a random fake person, including a valid US address and much more information: all that you need to set up this account.

Alternatively you could just enter any US address because you are not actually going to ship anything there, so 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, CA 95014 would work.

Setting Up a Phone Number

Again you will need a valid US phone number. There are multiple ways of doing this, I recommend using the site given above because it gives you a valid number that you do not have to worry about. Alternatively you could just enter any number starting with +1

Setting Up a Payment Card

You need a valid US payment card, a number for which can be once again found on the link given above if you do not own one. Or you can just use one of these sample ones from Paypal.

Install the Appstore on Your Device

Now that you have set up your Amazon.com account, you will need to install the Appstore App on your device. You can download the APK from numerous places opening this URL on your device will download it directly and from there is it simple to install.

Amazon Appstore working on my phone in the UK

Using the Appstore

Open the app and you are up and running and can now download that free app of the day and any other free apps. If you have set up the account with a valid payment card then paid apps will work and you can get those Angry Bird Ad-free apps, or any of those Amazon exclusive apps you have been salivating over. If the card information you entered was just from the random person website or anything else that is not a valid US account, To buy an App you will need to:

  • "Purchase the app on the Amazon website or on your device the initial payment will fail
  • Visit the Digital Orders Page and you will see your pending purchases
  • Choose the option to retry the purchases, this time using your non-US card"

The payments will complete and you will be able to purchase paid apps too!


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