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Microsoft Windows Phone Tango update is the rumored codename for the next version of Windows Phone OS. Previous reports suggested that the update is designed to drive down the cost of manufacturing Windows Phones, but how does Microsoft plan to achieve this? We have heard that Microsoft biggest work with Tango is reducing the RAM requirement for Windows Phone. We have been informed, but cannot immediately verify, that Microsoft will actively support just 256MB RAM, from the standard 512MB found in today devices. Although this is a current hardware requirement, most devices use 512MB of RAM.


A leaked Windows Phone roadmap showed that Tango will arrive in Q2 of 2012, a date range that appears to be accurate. Coupled with Microsoft plans to allow OEMs to support new chipsets, and the alleged 256MB memory requirement. There will be more details on Windows Phone updates at Mobile World Congress next month in Barcelona.

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We know that the next version of Windows Phone codenamed Tango, will reduce the hardware requirements of the OS so that it could run on devices with slower and cheaper hardware.

Now, Microsoft has announced that Tango will have support for additional languages as well. This is necessary for Microsoft if it intends to sell Windows Phone devices in as many locations as possible. Mango currently supports 35 different languages but Tango is expected to take that number to 120.

Microsoft has also said that with the next release, developers will be able to develop apps and games for the OS using C++, although it is unclear whether next release refers to the next version of the OS or the SDK.

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Windows phone Tango

The powerful messaging integration is one of the best features of Windows Phone and an alleged screenshot from the upcoming Tango update shows Skype and Google Plus integration into the messenger hub.

After Microsoft acquisition of Skype, it was pretty clear that we will see Skype added to WP7 arsenal but everyone expected that it will take until the next major version, Apollo, before it appears. This screenshot shows that the integration will happen sooner and will add Google social network to the mix.

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Since Windows Phone first started shipping back in Q4 2010, there have been two software updates: NoDo, which added copy and paste and CDMA support; and WP Mango, which added multitasking, a newer version of Internet Explorer, and a whole bunch of UI tweaks. Lately, We've been hearing that there's a third update to Windows Phone called "Tango".

Chinese site, WPDang, is reporting that the Tango rollout will begin as early as this month (April). Soruce also says that Microsoft's intentions are to update 90% of the currently available Windows Phone handsets to Tango by the end of June.




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