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This isn't Ubuntu for Android, or a hacked together demo made by an enthusiast, this is Real Official version of Ubuntu running on a Google Nexus 7 tablet and being shown off by an official Canonical engineer.


Canonical founder, Mark Shuttlesworth, has said that beginning with Ubuntu 13.04, which is due in April 2013, the team will be focusing on "mobile metrics" like battery life and memory consumption, which will lead to the OS being able to run on a much wider range of Android & mobile devices.



The Unity UI is already a solid step towards being touchscreen friendly, so now it is just a matter of optimizing the OS for touchscreen devices. The start of that work looks to be right around the corner as Shuttlesworth told developers attending the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) in Copenhagen Denmark next week to bring their Nexus 7s, because Google's tablet is apparently a great "reference" device for the project.


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Canonical has announced that an "all-new Ubuntu product" will be released on January,2nd which is just a couple days away, but there has been no word on what the product will be.



Of course, we can make an educated guess based on the known products in development, and since Ubuntu is all open-source, it's kind of hard for there to be a complete surprise release. Our best guess is that this could be the release of Ubuntu for Android.

We will know tomorrow for sure, Stay tuned!


ubuntu Phone OS

Ubuntu OS for phones was formally announced just last week, and won't be available on the market until early 2014. Test images that have been promised, to allow developers and various other technophiles to play around with the platform, won't be made available until late in February.


Great work is definitely being done on the platform, and it seems that Ubuntu for phones has already gotten a performance update.


ubuntu Phone OS


The video comes from Mika Meskanen, an Ubuntu interaction designer, showing off two devices one running the original build of Ubuntu for phones and the other running the new update. One of the things that we had all noticed from the early hands-on with Ubuntu for phones was that there was some lag and stutters in the UI when scrolling and such. From the new video, it seems those issues have been smoothed out.




Anonymous Hackers released their own Operating System named "Anonymous-OS". This is a linux-based Operation System distribution and created under Ubuntu 11.10 and uses Mate desktop. It also come with some of very usefull hacking tools pre-installed

Pre-Installed Apps:

- ParolaPass Password Generator
- Find Host IP
- Anonymous HOIC
- Ddosim
- Pyloris
- Slowloris
- TorsHammer
- Sqlmap
- Havij
- Sql Poison
- Admin Finder
- John the Ripper
- Hash Identifier
- Tor
- XChat IRC
- Pidgin
- Vidalia
- Polipo
- JonDo
- i2p
- Wireshark
- Zenmap


Download "Anonymous-OS" 32-bit

Use it at your Own Risk, Can be backdoored OS by any Law enforcement Company or Hacker.


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ubuntu 12.04


Ubuntu the most popular linux-based Operating System, ubuntu pretty eye-candy User Interface is very attractive as NY Times said "Prettier than a Mac, Faster than a PC". Today, Canonical, the company developing ubuntu opera-source software, has just released a New version "ubuntu 12.04" with mny new features like HUD and improved UI and faster booting-up.

Ubuntu 12.04

There is now a new HUD that allows the user to simply type what they want to do and then the OS suggests them applications based on the text they enter. So if you were to type "browse the Internet" the OS would display the browser among the results. The HUD can be evoked with a click of the Alt key on your keyboard.

Ubnutu 12.04

Another new feature is Video Lens, which lets you search for any video you want and depending on your search string presents you with a bunch of videos that could be stored on your computer or found online on any of the video streaming sites such as YouTube.


Download Ubuntu 12.04

Download ubuntu 12.04



Ubuntu 12.10

Canonical have announced the release of Ubuntu 12.10, the latest version of their popular Linux operating system, with the slogan "Avoid The Pain of Windows 8", Hitting Microsoft Hard 2 weeks before the announcement of Windows 8.


Ubuntu 12.10

The release follows 6 long months of development, and introduces many new features. Ubuntu 12.10 is the concept album of releases. It's packed to the rafters with new features that blur the distinction between web and desktop.



This is most visible with the introduction of Unity Web Apps an innovative feature that allows over 30 popular websites to integrate into the Ubuntu desktop as if they were a normal application.





Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth, said that the work to put Ubuntu on phones and tablets should be done in time for the release of Ubuntu 14.04 in April 2014. In the announcement today, Shuttleworth said that the Ubuntu Phone OS had been designed from the ground up to offer a "crisper, sharper" experience on low-end phones.

He expects these low-end phones to drive adoption, much like Ubuntu's Linux-based cousin, Android. Ubuntu will have a "lean mode" which would run well on a device with an A9 ARM processor and 1GB RAM, and a "heavy mode" for high-end hardware. Shuttleworth says that Ubuntu will also target emerging markets by offering a "less complex" user experience than the competition.



In the demo showing off the phone (Watch it below), Shuttleworth showed how that "less complex" experience may look. For instance, an Ubuntu phone won't have a lock screen, but rather a "welcome screen" which will be personally tailored to you and the information you want. Ubuntu will also supposedly offer more screen space for apps than other platforms.




Nexus 7 Ubuntu

We already saw the Linux-based Ubuntu OS running on Nexus 7 Demo video from Canonical engineers, as the company is working on optimizing Ubuntu for mobile devices. Google Nexus 7 is the first device to support Ubuntu. Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) is very close, so Canonical released an Official Unbuntu installer for Nexus 7 so devs can easily load up the latest Ubuntu 12.10 on their Nexus tablet.


Ubuntu Nexus 7

Obviously, your Nexus 7 will need to be unlocked for this to work, but after that the setup looks to be pretty easy. There is a full GUI to walk you through the install process, and get you started. There are some known issues with the process, notably that fastboot can fail, and as yet Ubuntu tends to be more of a memory hog than the Nexus would like.



Canonical said that the Ubuntu 13.10 is coming on April, 2013 with more touch-friendly UI and will support more Android tablets.




You probably heard earlier this month that Canonical announced the Ubuntu Phone OS. YouMobile was at the CES 2013 on the Ubuntu booth and we've got a Hands-on Video for you guys to check out the User Interface and features of Ubuntu Phone OS.


ubuntu phone os

The Operating System is running on Samsung's GALAXY Nexus and it's still a pre-release, the final version will be out by April,2014. Watch the video below and enjoy!




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