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Samsung Exynos


The Samsung Galaxy S5 was released featuring a fingerprint scanner biometric security. Today, Samsung posted a teaser of a Galaxy Note 4 feature on its SamsungExynos twitter account. showing showing a phablet-like device that focuses on an Eye. This Hints for a an Eye scanner, probably a "Retina Scanner" sensor. Using the Eye for authorization is the higher biometric security available till date.





The tagline of the image is "Unlock the future" so the retina scanner should work for unlocking the device, too. It was Samsung who pioneered another eye-tracking feature Smart Screen prevents the screen from dimming and locking while you're looking at it. New Galaxy Notes are traditionally unveiled at IFA, this year it starts in at the beginning of September.



Source [Twiter]

Ninja fruite

Well, Nokia Lumia 930 build quality is probably the best in the market, it has a pretty tough display too. Its super-sensitive touchscreen adorned with Gorilla Glass 3 has in fact wonderfully survived a Fruit Ninja gameplay with a Knife, believe it or not. Video below proof it!


The Lumia 930′s touchscreen is touted as being very sensitive and can be used with gloves on, and apparently even with a knife. So the next iPhone may come with a revolutionary protection layer on top of its screen, but the current-gen Gorilla Glass 3 is nothing if not tough itself.



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Play Store Material


It all started with the Google+ App New UI, then the Android L Preview and the announcement of Android L "Material" UI that Google introduced at I/O 2014 event, Since then Google his slowly converting all its App's GUI to be based on the Material Design UI/UX. Today, we got some amazing screenshots from AP, showing us a Pre-release of the Play Store App with Material UI... a complete redesign.


Play Store Material


What you see here are just product pages for all the different categories and how they will look on tablet and smartphones. As you can tell, the Material Design guidelines put a lot of importance on having large hero images behind the product description, whenever available. In some cases, such as with games and movies, you can tap on the image to play the trailer.


play store material


The design is more spaced out, particularly on the tablet, with a significantly lower information density, at least when you first open the product page. On the smartphone, things are more or less the same, just rearranged for a cleaner look.


play store Material


Google has been slowly changing its current apps for Material Design even before Android L has been released for a smoother transition. We have already seen the Google+, Google Sheets and Google Docs apps benefit from this redesign. The Play Store update is much more significant in comparison is therefore likely to arrive later along with Android L.


Play store material


Sadly, You can't get this New Play Store App, as it's only a Pre-release and there is No APK Available, yet. The actual date which Google will push this update is not known yet but it won't be far.




Galaxy S5 mini


After winning the 2014 World Cup, Germany is about to get the younger brother of the S5, the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini. The S5 mini is now Available for Pre-order in many Retailers in Germany, starting with Media Markt. If you are in Germany and wish to pre-order a Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini, you'll need to pay €449 for it.


Samsung Galaxy S5 mini is expected to be in stock on July,25th. All four launch colors are up for grabs black, white, gold, and blue.




Google HQ


Google asked a court to dismiss a proposed class-action suit, filed in May,2014 by two smartphone users. The pair's suit alleges that Google is unfair in the way that it licenses Android to manufacturers like LG. The current process, they say, is unfair to Google's competitors in search and in other services. Google says that the suit should be dismissed because smartphone manufacturers are free to install Android on their devices without having to install Google apps. After all, Android is an open source OS.


In the class-action suit, Google is being accused of forcing manufacturers to use its search engine on Android phones. The plaintiffs say that Google takes advantage of the fact that most people who buy a smartphone, won't change the default search settings on the device. Google does allow phone manufacturers to install competing apps and Android buyers have the ability to customize their handset.


Google argues that its actions promote competition. The plaintiffs say otherwise, claiming that Google's actions are forcing consumers to overpay for their smartphones. The defendants argue that there is no proof of that at all in the suit.




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