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Every Month, Google release the latest Android platform distribution numbers showing the current state of Android versions distribution among devices that have recently checked-in the Play Store. Here's the numbers for the last month July,2014.


As expected, KitKat has grown a bit more, up to 20.9% now (was 17.9% last month), while Jelly Bean dropping from 56.5 to 54.2%. Still hanging above the 50% mark and encompassing 3 API levels, Jelly Bean is still in the lead.




Froyo is hanging tight at 0.7%, while Gingerbread has grown 0.1% to 13.6%. Ice Cream Sandwich is continuing its own decline, dropping to 10.6% from 11.4% last month.






According to the latest month web traffic report by NetMarketShare, Android has unseated iOS sometime this July. Google's Android platform accounted for 44.62% of total Mobile Web traffic, whereas iOS trailed a little behind with 44.19%. Apparently, this is the first time Android has taken the lead in this department.


mobile web


While some may argue that the lead is negligible, it appears that Android's dominant position on the market is finally beginning to pay off for Google. The latest official data from one of the most trustworthy sources, Strategy Analytics, revealed that Android accounted for 84.6% of the smartphone market in Q2 of the current year. Broken down to OS versions, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean contributed for 10.03% of all mobile traffic, Android 4.4 KitKat for 9.28%, and Android 4.2 for 8.77%. Meanwhile, more than half of iOS's result is formed by users, who accessed the world wide web from their iPad tablets.


Two of the other relatively major operating systems, Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS, grasped 2.49% and 1.21% of said market, respectively. Java ME and Symbian, however, stood between them and the leaders, Android and iOS.



Android One


Google announced Android One last month, it also announced that the program will provide ultra-affordable smartphones to customer emerging markets as an initiative to get more Android users. India is the first country where Android One handsets will be released. According to The Economic Times, Android One smartphones should be available starting October this year, when Android and Chrome chief Sundar Pichai will visit India.


Android One


Reportedly, Google is planning to spend at least Rs 100 crore which is About $16.6 million US dollars to help its partners advertise and sell Android One devices. This would be the first time when Google directly spends money to advertise Android phones - of course, we're not including the Nexus series here.


As Google already announced, one of the first Android One handsets will be made by Micromax. The smartphone's features include a 4.5-inch display, dual SIM capabilities, expandable memory, and a MediaTek processor, while its price could be lower than $100. Subsidized cell plans may also be included.




Android KitKat


Google's latest Android distribution report for June,2014 shows that Android 4.4 KitKat is continuing to gain ground over older versions. KitKat has gained 4.1 points over its share in May, and now stands at 17.9%. This came at the expense of almost every other Android build with the exception of version 4.2 Jelly Bean, which saw a growth of 0.6 points.




Jelly Bean still holds the lion's share of the pie, however, with the three API layers composing 56.5% of the overall Android landscape. Of course Android L Preview is not included on this report as it's only a BETA version not a market stable version.




Play Games


Google announced amny updates coming to the Play Games at its I/O conference. Google is integrating new features into the app, which includes a new Game Profile feature that exists and a sort of unified leaderboard with achievements and the like. Naturally, this lets users compare how they play with their friends.


Also coming to the Google Play Games a couple of new game services called Quests and Saved Games. They're both fairly straightforward, but here's the list:


Quests: Allows developers to integrate time-based goals into their games without having to update the app each time. The Android Developer's site gives the example of weekend challenges, or daily missions. Neat.


Saved Games: This saves players' game progress across devices, and displays the total time played along with a cover image. Kind of like Steam, but for mobile games.




Game devs are also getting access to more tools, like Game Stats and a C++ SDK and we'll see these improvements the final version of Android "L" later this year.


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