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Gmail App

Google updated its Android Gmail App to version 4.8 with some minor UI changes, Cloud print integration and some other new features.


gmail 4.8


First up, the pull-to-refresh animation has been brought into line with the Google Search app it now cycles through Google's red, yellow, blue, and green brand colors rather than using a simple blue animation. Also now you can print emails directly from the App and save attachments on your device or send it to your Google Drive account.


Gmail 4.8


Gmail v4.8 Change-log :

- Minor UI Tweaks.
- Print Emails (Cloud Print).
- Save/Send Emails Attachments to Google Drive.
- View Truncated Messages.
- Various Bug fixes.

If you didn't get the update via play Store, you can Download the Official APK below. The APK is signed by Google and upgrades your existing app. It's safe to install and was not tampered with in any way.

Download Gmail 4.8


Download Gmail v4.8 [APK]


Download Gmail v4.8 [Play Store]


SoundHound 6.0 Android

SoundHound the well known Music discovery App, has just got a major update to version 6.0 with Redesigned User Interface of the song, album, and artist pages. The recognition engine has apparently also been Enhanced, and the LiveLyrics feature supports more songs. It's still the SoundHound you love, but a little better.


SoundHound v6.0


SoundHound 6.0 Change-log :

- Beautiful new photo galleries
- More relevant music videos
- Enhanced Recommended songs
- Date formed, City formed, and Biographies
- Top Songs and Videos by the Artist
- View All Albums by the Artist
- Album release date
- Tracks on the Album

SoundHound 6.0

Download SoundHound 6.0 FREE [Play]


Download SoundHound ∞ 6.0 [Play]





Google has just updated its official Android launcher, Google Now launcher, to version The update is very minor that it doesn't have an official change-log. It incldues some bug fixes and it also resolve the random disappearing background issue that some users experienced before.


GNL 1.0.16


According to reports from rooted users on XDA forums, the update doesn't seems to break the Xposed GEL Settings module (XGel), so don't worry about the update killing compatibility.


You can update via the Play Store or you can download the official APK from the link below. The APK below is signed by Google (not modified) and its safe to install.

Donload Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher 1.0.16 [Play]


Google Now Launcher 1.0.16 [APK]





HTC's flagship One M8, came with the latest version of Sense UI 6.0 with Motion Launch gestures a rather useful addition to the functionality of the interface. What Motion Launch does is simple, yet most welcome when the M8's screen is off, the user can wake the device up with a simple double tap, navigate to a certain app with a swipe, or launch the camera with the aid of the volume buttons.


Now you can enhoy Motion Launch feature on your Android device, XDA has come to the rescue enter "Knockr". This app emulates most of Motion Launch's traits on your Android smartphone by keeping your screen turned on even when your device is locked and asleep.




But wait... Won't this drain the battery like crazy, making the app virtually unusable in our daily lives? Well, normally it would, but there is a catch Knockr is only compatible with devices that rock an OLED display.


The app actually displays a completely black image, which keeps the display turned on so that it can register a touch input from the user. As you probably know, the amount of power OLED displays use when displaying a black image is next to nothing, because the pixels are actually turned off. The App is Free on Google Play Store, try it from the link below.




Download Knockr [Play Store]



Angry Birds Maker, Rovio, has released a New Game called "Retry" for iOS. Retry is Flappy Bird-rivalling game that brings a very exciting gameplay similar to Flappy Bird game that was pulled off the markets lately.


Retry Logo

Retry promises challenging game play, wrapped in 8-bit graphics and synthesizer soundtrack. The game puts you in charge of a monoplane which you need to navigate through obstacles while collecting gold coins.

The game is currently available to download in Canada, Finland, and Poland and will soon reach wider availability. There is No info if the game will hit Android Play Store any time soon.


Source, Game Demo Video

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