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Note Edge


Samsung Galaxy Note Edge which is Samsung's first curved screen Smartphone is Now available for sale in the U.S. through all major carriers.



AT&T has put a $946 price tag on the Galaxy Note Edge for those who don't want a contract. And it's something you might want to consider, since signing a 2-year commitment brings down the price to $400. For comparison a Galaxy Note 4 is $826 off contract and $300 with a contract.


AT&T Next starts at $31.54 a month for 30 months, the middle stage is $39.42 for 24 months and the quickest option is $47.30 for 20 months. All these options total $946 at the end, of course.




T-Mobile's Uncarrier strategy means there's no subsidy but you can get a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge for $870 or space them out to $36.25 a month for 24 months.
A Galaxy Note 4 is $750 or $31.24 for two years.


Galaxy note Edge



Sprint has priced the Galaxy Note Edge the cheapest - $840 - but the two-year contract has you paying the most - $430 up front. The other option is 24 monthly payments of $35.
Again for comparison, a Galaxy Note 4 sets you back $720 off contract, $300 up front with a two-year Sprint contract or 24 payments of $30.




Verizon isn't selling the Galaxy Note Edge yet but you can pre-register for it. There's no price yet.




Gold Note 4


A 24k gold Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is now available for purchase in Vietnam. Every piece of metal in the device is coated in 24K Gold by local aficionados of the noble metal.


Note 4 24k gold


The process takes 4-5 hours of continuous work per unit and, according to a rough translation, costs about $1100 (VND 24 million) to make. The price doesn't include the cost of the Galaxy Note 4 itself, though, you'll have to spend an extra $900 (VND 19 million) for the phablet. You can check out the device on the Video Below.



Samsung Note 4


According to South Korean outlet News1 the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has hit 4.5 million sales globally about a month after its launch (September,26th). That's a little lower than the 5 million units its predecessor sold in its first month, but the Galaxy Note 3 got a wider release initially. These numbers doesn't include the Galaxy Note Edge sales.


The Galaxy Note 4 started off in South Korea and China and has been expanding its availability ever since. It started selling in the US only recently.


The flagship phablet also experienced some delays in markets like the UK and India where sales started a week ago. As for China, Samsung rolled out the dual-SIM versions only a couple of days ago.


Source (Korean)

note 4


The launch day for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has come. The flagship phablet will be available in India starting from Today, October,14th.


Note 4


Pre-orders will start today and the phone will ship out on October,17th. That matches the delayed date for the UK launch. Pricing is rather steep, starting at INR58,300 ($950).




Note 4


In case you haven't decided if your next smartphone is going to be the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung is keen to push you in what it considers is the right direction.


The company already did a series of videos highlighting how the Galaxy Note 4 is tough and rugged, but now it's time to talk functionality. In the two 30-second ads the company highlights the software features it has developed as well as the versatility that the S-Pen provides. Watch the videos Below!



Video 1  -  Video 2

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