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Note Edge Curved not bent

You may already know about the iPhone 6 Plus flaw that makes the device bend in your pocket which is known as BendGate.


Today, Samsung shot a tweet directly at Apple's BendGate including the Galaxy Note Edge Photo with the tagline "Curved. Not bent" followed by the hashtag #GALAXYNoteEdge referring to the Note Edge Curved Screen, not like the "Bent" iPhone 6 screen... Nice try Apple! but Curved is better than Bent.


Curved not Bent


Samsung's tweet takes advantage of the Apple iPhone humorously dubbed Bendgate. Ripe for ridicule by Apple rivals, Bendgate refers to the newly discovered flaw in the iPhone 6 in which the screen can bend at a certain point near the volume control buttons. The flaw appears to occur most commonly if you keep the phone in your pocket for too many hours.



Source [Twitter]

Note 4 Note Edge Wallpaper


Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge with a brand new UI and some amazing Wallpapers. We got these wallpapers for you, All wallpapers are from the official stock ROM of the Note 4 and Note Edge. They all are in QHD 2560 x 1600 resolution.


You can Now get all these wallpapers in one pack (.zip) from the link below for your device. Enjoy!


Note 4


Note 4 Wallpapers Pack [GDrive]


Note Edge


The recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is already up for pre-order in Germany, though it's been priced at a rather insane €1,000. It turns out, that it might actually be that expensive.


And since €1,000 is more than €880, you probably shouldn't expect to see the Note Edge in the bargains category at any retailer. Interestingly, the aforementioned China Mobile employee later took down his post about the Note Edge, so let's count this whole thing as an unconfirmed rumor for now.


Galaxy Note 4


On the other hand, the same individual has since written about the Galaxy Note 4's launch in China. Apparently this is set to go down on September 26, in fact the exact same day on which we've recently heard that the new phablet would become available in South Korea.


China Mobile will reportedly have two versions of the Note 4 on sale. The "regular" N9100 will be priced at CNY 5,399 ($878, €678), but may not support that particular carrier's flavor of 4G.




Note 4


DisplayMate, a renowned company specializing in display tests, has praised the Galaxy Note 4's AMOLED in a detailed review. The 5.7" 2560 x 1440 pixel display of the Note 4 packs a pixel density of 518ppi, but that's not its only feature as Samsung has also worked a lot on evolving the quality of its OLEDs.


The review is based on quite a lot of technically-oriented tests and its verdict is that the Note 4's display is currently the best in the market. It is better than the AMOLED on the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Tab S.


AMOLEDs have the reputation for being oversaturated and generally not accurate with colors. Not the one on the Galaxy Note 4 though, as under its Basic screen mode, it has the most accurate colors for the sRGB/Rec.709 spec of all smartphones and tablets the company has tested. The phone's Photo Mode bumps the screens compatibility to display the Adobe RGB gamut, which is 17% larger than the sRGB/Rec.709 standard.


Viewed at an angle, Note 4's display suffers minor, 19% decrease in brightness and small white point color shift. As to be expected, the primary color shifts are at their worse at 30 degrees, but with a rating of 6.6 JNCD, it is rated at very good. The screen impresses when it comes to screen reflectivity, too. The average screen reflection with light from all directions is just 4.8%. The best value DisplayMate have ever measures for a smartphone is 4.4%, which is impressive.




iPhone 6 plus Note 4

Samsung is starting a new anti-Apple media campaign, the latest Video posted by Samsung on its official YouTube channel was talking about the Galaxy Note series and how Apple allegedly imitates it with the new, 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. Apple was against "Big Phones" and now after she saw the sales of Samsung's Galaxy Note series and the market demand for larger screen, Apple changed it's mind with the iPhone 6 Plus.


The latest reports suggests that Samsung may be preparing to file a lawsuit against Apple, claiming that the latest Apple iPhone 6 Plus smartphone is copying or imitates it's Galaxy Note 4 phablet. If Samsung is serious about this lawsuite, we can expect a whole new war-in-court between Apple and Samsung.


BTW, The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can't be purchased yet, as its launch is scheduled for the October,10th. At the same time, Apple is already taking pre-orders for the iPhone 6 Plus, and will release it on September,19th.



Video [YouTube], Report VIA

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