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Galaxy S7


A New Galaxy flagship is coming along with a new set of leaks roo. Some leaked documents from Samsung HQ in Korea showed that the company is currently in the middle testing stages of the Galaxy S7.


Codenamed "Jungfrau" the Galaxy S7 might see a month or two faster development schedule than the Galaxy S6, courtesy of an improved project management process, dubbed "Agile." This could very well jibe with the previous rumors that Galaxy S7 will be ready in the second half of the year, though it might not exactly hit the shelves in time for Christmas, but rather be announced earlier than usual when 2016 hits.


S7 leak


Samsung Galaxy S7 will be packing the latest Snapdragon 820 and running Google's upcoming Android M release. However, The Korean giant is still developing a firmware build with Android M v5.2 for the S7 based on the latest developer previews (Google didn't release the final M version, yet).


S7 leak


More leaks are coming our way, So stay tuned and follow our News!


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Galaxy S7


As anticipated, Samsung Labs are still working on the "next big thing" flagship. A report from Korean tech blogging site ET News says that Samsung is working on the Galaxy S7, codenamed "Jungfrau". We should start seeing concepts and texting-prototype leaks in the next few months.


What is interesting about the report, however, is that it claims Samsung is testing units with a Qualcomm chipset alongside a 5 GB RAM LPDDR4 chip too. So, if this rumor is correct, it seems that Samsung and Qualcomm may not have fully divorced yet.


Samsung Galaxy S7


And, just like we've seen with the top-shelf Galaxy devices before, the S7 may have an Exynos variant and a Snapdragon variant. We can't say we are fans of this outlook the jungle of Android handset variants is thick enough as it is.


What features are you looking forward to in the Galaxy S7 ?



Samsung S5

Malaysian Samsung Galaxy S5 users are celebrating the New Year by having their phone updated to Android 5.0. The update is not yet available OTA, so if you want to update your Galaxy S5 in the country, it means plugging the phone into your PC and using Samsung Kies 3.




Before you go ahead and update your Samsung Galaxy S5, make sure to leave at least 3 GB of free space available. At the same time, you should have the battery on your handset fully charged. Back up all of the data on your phone.




According to Samsung, apps opened for the first time after the update may be sluggish "due to the initial optimization process required with the Android 5.0 OS." Additionally, some apps installed on your Galaxy S5 might need to be updated from the Google Play Store or Samsung Galaxy App Store in order to be optimized with the latest build of Android. And after the update, the amount of system memory on your Galaxy S5 will decline by at least 950MB.


Download Samsung KIES 3


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Galaxy S5


After Poland, Samsung has now started rolling out the Android 5.0 Lollipop OTA update for the Samsung Galaxy S5 in Korea. The update is rolling out on all three major Korean carriers, namely KT, SK Telecom and LG Uplus.


galaxy s5


We have talked about Samsung's Lollipop update previously but if you missed it, honestly, it's not much. Surely there are under the hood changes but if you are expecting a major leap forward in terms of design you won't get it. It still very much looks like TouchWiz did on KitKat with some minor changes.



Galaxy S5


Google will release the final Android 5.0 Lollipop version officially on November,3rd. Samsung is already working on bringing the Lollipop to the Galaxy S5, Check these Screenshots from the latest Lollipop test build. Today, We got some reports suggest that Samsung Galaxy S5 Lollipop OTA Update will start Rolling-out on late December, this year.


S5 Lollipop


That's when the deployment will commence, though as usual it will take a few weeks for all regional versions of the S5 to get the new bits, which means the update will take from December to February to reach all Galaxy S5 variants. Also, TouchWiz UX will get a complete New flat UI with the Lollipop build.


Stay Tuned for More Info!



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