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Galaxy S5


Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini official release in the UK is August,7th. Well, Today the Sim-free Galaxy S5 mini is in-stock on all UK retailers. However, only the black version is currently available. Sadly the other colors aren't available yet. Then there's the fact that you can't buy the S5 Mini with a contract from an operator, for now you have to choose the SIM-free route.


If you want to order a Galaxy S5 Mini right now, then you should know that Expansys is offering it to you for £339.99. There's also the option of purchasing from Unlocked Mobiles, but in that case you need to shell out £394.98 for the privilege.




S5 Update


Today, the unlocked variant of the Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F) received a major OTA Update with a lot of Performance Enhancements under the hood. The international variant of the Galaxy S5 on all other countries and carrier will get the same update in the upcoming weeks Over-the-air too.


The best part is, the update comes in in Two parts first, a 194MB update, then immediately after installing that, another 1MB update needs to be downloaded, both updates packs performance tweaks to the device firmware and the camera functionality. After these 2 updates, you'll have the firmware version XXU1ANG2, which is still based on Android 4.4.2 KitKat.


The Android 4.4.3 for the Galaxy S5 is still under testing and coming very soon.



Galaxy S5 mini


After winning the 2014 World Cup, Germany is about to get the younger brother of the S5, the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini. The S5 mini is now Available for Pre-order in many Retailers in Germany, starting with Media Markt. If you are in Germany and wish to pre-order a Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini, you'll need to pay €449 for it.


Samsung Galaxy S5 mini is expected to be in stock on July,25th. All four launch colors are up for grabs black, white, gold, and blue.




GS5 Sport


Spint's released a New variant of the Samsung's Galaxy S5 but with tougher body materials, called the Galaxy S5 Sport. It's basiclay the Galaxy S5 Active but with a New market name to attract athletics users.


GS5 Sport


The GS5 Sport has the same trio of physical buttons on the front as the Active, and the specs are the same. You can get the gist simply by reading up on the Active, and pretending it says "Sport." It's IP67 rated for water and dust resistance, and it's got a beefier, textured casing than the regular GS5. Sprint is including six months of Spotify and a year of MapMyFitness MVP with purchase. This plugs into Sprint's new Fit Live hub, which is coming to all Sprint phones this year. The device will come in either blue or red, presumably because it's sporty.


The device is going on sale July,25th with a limited time offer to get $50 off a Gear Fit. Pricing is listed as $27.09 for 24 months on Easy Pay. Sprint conveniently neglected to mention on-contract pricing, but it's probably going to be $200.



Galaxy S5 Prime


Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime has been rumored since the official launch of the Galaxy S5 flagship. Many reports suggest it will go official under the SM-G906 model number.

Today, the Galaxy S5 Prime SM-G906 leaks via South Korea's official certification authority (RRA). Three different models were sent for testing and all three of them got the OK from the Radio Research Agency. SM-G906S, SM-G906K and SM-G906L are now allowed to be sold in Korea and the names suggest the S model will be heading to SKT, the K one is intended for KT, while the L should visit the U+ carrier.


There is no info on the actual specs of the G906. As the rumors have it, this should be an upgraded version of the Galaxy S5 called Prime and should pack a 5.2" QHD display, Snapdragon 805 chipset and 3GB of RAM. It won't take long until we see the device on the markets.




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