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If you've taken notice of some of the games on the market at the moment for mobile devices the quality of the graphics will no doubt have caught your eye. To play these games (such as online bingo) though you are going to need a bit of power in your phone to be able to give the performance you need. The question is, which phones will offer you the best experience?

The Samsung Galaxy S7

When it comes to Android, the best choice is obviously Samsung's phone, and right now the best choice is the S7. With its 5.1 inch Super AMOLED display which has a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels you'll get the picture quality that you expect from your gamers, as well as lots more of features on offer. With a powerful processor also featured in the phone, you'll have nothing to worry about with this option.

If you want something a little bigger though, go for the Galaxy S7 Edge which features a 5.7-inch display instead. The difference in the screen size can really help, especially if you are playing something like a bingo game.

The iPhone 6

If you want to go down the Apple route, then the option you have is obviously the iPhone 6. With the constantly update operating system (currently iOS7) there are plenty of apps for you to download from the App Store. With plenty of games on offer, some of them exclusive to Apple, the iPhone will always be something of a wise choice for the gamer.

While there are many other phones on offer that can play games, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 are the top of the market right now. Offering power in not only games, but many other kinds of apps and features on the phone, you can't go wrong with these two options.


It seems every year we hear about the death of PC gaming and how it is coming to an end. Evidently this is not the case as we see the improvements in hardware and the thriving gaming community around it. The question is what is happening to PC gaming and where is it heading?

The answer to that is that the PC is become a more mobile device. The time when laptops were underperforming options for gaming are gone,and if you are willing to pay the price then you can have a powerful gaming machine. Whether you want to explore options with bingo games, casual games, or the latest Triple-A releases, the options are there.

While gaming may have a focus on pushing the extreme of performance there are also the less powerful, but still more useful choices for mobile devices. Chromebooks have seen a rise in popularity lately, especially based on the fact that it gives the user the freedom away from Windows 10. With the choice of processor though being an ARM processor, there is a lack of power in this option so it may restrict the game choices somewhat to the more casual game.

If you are looking for a gaming machine though there are Ultrabooks that can provide the performance, and laptops specifically designed for playing the latest games. These laptops can hold more mobile versions of the latest GPUS and have the required processing power and provide everything a gamer will need. Even for the more sociable and casual style of games.

So the answer to where the PC is heading is more mobile, but nowhere near dead just yet. With gamers looking for more and more power to run the latest games at higher resolutions and high frame rates too, the PC will always have the answer. It is fair to say that that fan of the PC has nothing to worry about just yet, the reported death of the PC seems still a long way off.

There was a time when the mobile devices in our hands were communication devices only. With the changing world of the Internet though, and the increasing speeds that these devices are capable of the world of mobile gaming has taken off, and we tend to spend more time playing games than anything.

Processing Power

A lot of this has to do with the power of the phone themselves. Whether it be the Android devices, or Apple's iPhones, the strive for faster processors and graphics chips have pushed what the phones can do to whole new levels.

What this means for games is that they can do more, and look better than ever. Whether it be on a phone, or tablet, the level of graphics complexity makes these games more welcoming. Looking better than many of the retro consoles, games are now more complex and more addictive than ever. Some even argue that these devices are the future of gaming.

Social Media

The rise in popularity of social media has seen a rise in the casual games. These are often "free-to-play", and get you addicted before asking for money to "improve" the experience. The ability to not pay anything to play though make it easier for the mobile device user to play these games and to have fun.

Whether you go for online bingo games, Candy Crush Saga or slimmed down strategy games such as Sim City there is a wealth of choice now. All of these games also allow the user to connect to friends, to challenge each other, which adds to the longevity of the gaming experience.


One of the real strengths of mobile gaming though is just how versatile it has become. Games are instantly accessible and can be played anywhere, even social games. Whether you want to play a quick game of online bingo, or a quick game of Candy Crush Saga, the ability is there 24/7.

Your phone is quickly becoming the hub of your technical life. With so much choice, gamers have never been so free to play what they want, when they want. This is why the future of mobile gaming looks very bright, and will continue to grow for a long time to come.

The world of online gaming is an ever evolving thing. On one side we have the rise of professional gaming like eSports and professional poker tournaments, but on the other less professional we have online bingo games which offer the rest of us chance to enjoy a quick game. There are some changes coming to the world of gambling in 2016 that may open things up a little in America, if they happen at all that is.

There has been a bill to legalise gambling in California in the planning for some time now, and it seems like 2016 may be the window of opportunity for this to happen. If this was to pass it would be good news for fans of the casino and could end up being very profitable for the state. With all the focus seemingly being on the elections though, could it be put on the side-lines?

As with any bills like this there is opposition to the bill passing, and if this was a success and the bill was blocked it would have California remain as one of the 47 states of America that prohibit online gambling. This is a situation much like in Canada where while they haven't restricted it per say, they also haven't made any moves to actually legalise it.

Putting the legalities of gambling to one side, what could technology bring to gambling sites in 2016? With the rise of Virtual Reality, it will be interesting to see what impact this technology will have for online casinos. Will it make the experience of being in an online casino more realistic and exciting? It may create something a little different. We'll have to wait and see what some companies come up with to see what is in store for us. No doubt there are plans in the works already.

So with the evolving of the legal side of gambling and the technological side taking interesting steps, it looks like 2016 could be an interesting time for online casino sites. It will be interesting to see what 2016 will bring, but for now we'll be playing the waiting game.

youtube gaming


Today, Google has just launched the official Youtube Gaming App for Android, the Tech giant just published the first stable release (version of the YouTube Gaming App to the Google Play Store.


Google has been testing its YouTube Gaming platform since announcing it back in June. It promised a summer 2015 release for its Twitch competitor, and it is living up to it. The big day for YouTube Gaming is TODAY...


Youtube gaming


YouTube Gaming App v1.0.0.8 is currently available only to the US and UK users, but the Gaming services itself is available worldwide. If you are not located in the UK or the US you can still grab the official APK from the link below, and it will be fully functional.

Youtube Gaming

YouTube Gaming v1.0.0.8 [APK]


YouTube Gaming v1.0.0.8 [Play]


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