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Unless you have been living in complete isolation with no connection to the modern world, you probably have an idea about the mobile game Pokémon Go. Most of us know that Nintendo is the company to bring the super popular mobile game to the masses, but if we were to ask you which company actually developed it, most of you would probably not have a clear answer. Well, Niantic is the name of the small company that developed Pokémon Go and John Hanke, the CEO of the company is the main man behind the mapping technology that the game is based on. In fact, John was one of the main developers involved in designing the basics of Google Earth while he was still working with his previous corporation.

Niantic has three prime investors, Nintendo, Pokémon Co and of course Google, under which the company actually began as a startup in 2010. John Hanke himself is a gamer and he plans to expand the game with new features like trading very soon. In the meanwhile, since the popularity of the game has reached an all time high and is only continuing to grow with each passing day, Niantic is possibly going to use this massive success to get its mapping components licensed by other major developers in the hope of developing new apps and games in the near future.

Saikat Kar (tech enthusiast)

If you haven't heard about Pokemon GO yet now may be the time to wander back underneath your rock as not only is Niantic's Pocket Monster themed app dominating the Android and IOS App markets, it is also helping itself to the lion's share of the global market for in-app purchases claiming a whopping 47% of the market in a single day on July 10th.

In layman's terms, Pokemon GO made more in a single day than all the other mobile apps combined. This is impressive enough in itself but the news doesn't stop there as the app is also reported to be introducing first-time mobile gaming spenders to the market. Unbelievably, less than 53% of users who spent money on Pokemon GO had made one or no mobile game purchases in the last six months.

As it stands, the most popular in-game purchase has been the 100 Poke Coin bundle (the in-game currency for purchasing items). Approximately 37% of all purchases were the 100 Coin bundle but the app has actually profited most from the five dollar (£7.99 in the UK) 1,200 Coin bundle.

In total, it is estimated Pokemon GO has already made $14 million, far outperforming developers Niantic's previous effort: Ingress. Ingress played a big part in the design of Pokemon GO as it relies on the same mapping software and the previously mapped out ‘energy points' are also now the in-game PokeStops where players refill their inventories.

Nintendo's company shares have also risen an incredible 86% in Tokyo as a byproduct of Pokemon GO's success. In financial terms, this translates to an unprecedented $17 billion increase of market capitalisation.

The company have desperately needed a win since falling behind console rivals Sony and Microsoft and the venture into the mobile gaming market has paid off more than could've been predicted. People in the United Kingdom were recklessly abusing their devices to confuse them into thinking they resided in America or Oceania to access the app early - there hasn't be such madness since Microsoft first introduced Xbox Live to the gaming market.

It was a definite risk to allow a third party to develop the app on Nintendo's behalf, the Nintendo logo features only for trademarking purposes, but it has certainly paid off for the Japanese gaming giants. The incredible rise in market stock will stand Nintendo in excellent stead as the world awaits details on its next console: the Nintendo NX and could see them retake their crown as the king of games.

Granted, Pokemon GO isn't for everyone so if you're looking for alternative games such as free casino games, offline gaming or apps without in-game purchases we can point you in the right direction.

With smartphones becoming more powerful every year, the games which we can play become even more impressive. For those who want 3D adventures, the phones can now handle these, as well as casual games like Candy Crush Saga.

The rise of mobile gaming on not only smartphones but also tablets has taken many by surprise, even appearing to be a threat to the mighty consoles when it comes to popularity. What caused this success, and why are so many companies investing money into this form of gaming? The simple answer is that people are finding it an easy new way to keep on gaming on the move. Looking deeper into it though, there are some signs that highlight the reasons mobile gaming is becoming such a success.

The Mobile Platform and Digital Downloads

Mobile gaming has found its strength in casual gaming and the "free-to-play" model for gaming releases. It is so easy for players to just download a game for free, get a taste of it and then decide if they want to invest money through microtransactions.

While microtransactions may not have been that popular at first, it has slowly become an easy way to make progress in games while on the move. Whether it is adding extra lives to the game, adding cosmetics, or even adding money into an online slots game, transferring money into gaming accounts has never been easier.

The fact that this money is being spent in the billions also means that big gaming companies are starting to take notice. Companies like Activision buying mobile companies like King, the makers of Candy Crush Saga show that things are being noticed. That fact that the sale was made for $5.9 billion also shows just how much money is being spent.

Mobile Gaming is Flexible

Mobile gaming can be done anywhere, and on the move. While this may mean more casual type games that are played in smaller chunks so not to take up the player's concentration, it still means there is plenty of chances for games to be played.

The ability to play games anywhere though is what makes mobile gaming so popular with gamers. It can relieve boredom while having to wait for the bus, or while travelling on the train, or even while waiting for a doctor's appointment. The versatility that this form of gaming provides will always win out.

Mobile Gaming Diversity

While console gaming can sometimes be a little restrictive based on the style of games available, mobile gaming offers more of a choice for a more diverse number of gamers. Whether you are male or female, old or young, there are games available that fit your gaming needs.

Smartphones and tablets offer us choice, and an easy way to start playing games. This makes them a very popular way to game on the move, whatever your taste. Whether you're playing on your favourite iPhone Casino, the latest strategy release, or the latest Candy Crush Saga clone, the choice is yours, and you have plenty to choose from.



There was a time that it seems multiplayer games were gaining a foothold in gaming, and being a fan of single-player was losing its popularity. The new consoles had a focus on making gaming more social, with the "campaign" being somewhat of an afterthought. It seems now though that single-player games are once again rising in prominence. 

To see the resurgence of single-player gaming we just have to look at games like Fallout 4 and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End to see that solo play is far from dead. Games such as Call of Duty are now highlighted for their lack of good campaign modes, and Star Wars: Battlefront's release was weakened by the complete lack of a story mode.

This doesn't mean that multiplayer games are dead though, far from it. One of the latest releases, Overwatch has shown how successful multiplayer games can be, and some of the most popular online games like League of Legends thrives through its multiplayer play.

So where does this mean for the gaming world? Versatility. Just as we have many devices that now let us play games, so the industry continually changes to fit the needs of the gaming community. Whether it is the release of social multiplayer games, the resurgence of the local multiplayer experience, or just some good single-player fun, we have plenty of choice out there.

If you are a fan of single-player games, you have nothing to worry about. These gaming experiences are far from dead, just as the multiplayer ones are thriving too. What we have to remember is that the games industry is creating games for all of us, not just one certain set of players who have their own vision of what games should be.

What this mixture of games shows though is whether you try luck with mobile bingo, social games such as Candy Crush Saga, there are a wealth of games out there that fit all tastes. While certain gaming choices may lose their popularity, they do find a resurgence, as single-player games have. To think that a certain gaming style may "die" is something that is short-sighted, especially in the ever changing world of gaming.

If you've taken notice of some of the games on the market at the moment for mobile devices the quality of the graphics will no doubt have caught your eye. To play these games (such as online bingo) though you are going to need a bit of power in your phone to be able to give the performance you need. The question is, which phones will offer you the best experience?

The Samsung Galaxy S7

When it comes to Android, the best choice is obviously Samsung's phone, and right now the best choice is the S7. With its 5.1 inch Super AMOLED display which has a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels you'll get the picture quality that you expect from your gamers, as well as lots more of features on offer. With a powerful processor also featured in the phone, you'll have nothing to worry about with this option.

If you want something a little bigger though, go for the Galaxy S7 Edge which features a 5.7-inch display instead. The difference in the screen size can really help, especially if you are playing something like a bingo game.

The iPhone 6

If you want to go down the Apple route, then the option you have is obviously the iPhone 6. With the constantly update operating system (currently iOS7) there are plenty of apps for you to download from the App Store. With plenty of games on offer, some of them exclusive to Apple, the iPhone will always be something of a wise choice for the gamer.

While there are many other phones on offer that can play games, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 are the top of the market right now. Offering power in not only games, but many other kinds of apps and features on the phone, you can't go wrong with these two options.


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