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Arkham Knight

For all Dark Knight fans out there, Rocksteady has released a video trailer of its upcoming game, the 4th and final game in the Batman Arkham series, Batman: Arkham Knight. The video features a voiceover by Arkham Knight, voiced by John Noble, telling the people of Gotham to abandon the city. And then Batman arrives for "evening the odds".

The video trailer focuses on the new batman suite and most importantly, it gives a better look at the new Batmobile, Finally!, which will play a major role in this game. The release date of Batman: Arkham Knight is October 14, 2014 and it's rumored that a lite mobile version of the game will be available on iOS and Android devices. Video below, Enjoy!

Watch Video Trailer

Flappy Bird

It's official, Flappy Bird game is coming back to app markets, the game developer Dong Nguyen announcing that the game will be making a return. After initially pulling the game from the stores for being too addictive, the developer now has a new version he says will be less addictive.

One addition to the game will be a multiplayer mode. How it will be implemented and how the rest of the game will be different is not known. There is no release date yet but its expected to be out by August,2014.





Activision has just released an official trailer of its upcoming Call Of Duty franchise of 2014, Call Of Duty : Advanced Warfare. The trailer's surprise isn't necessarily a new weapon or game feature, however, it's actor Kevin Spacey, he has lent not only his voice but his appearance to the franchise.

The trailer depicts the growing use of technology in the field of combat. Soldiers ride armored floating motorcycles, send weaponized, hovering droids into the field, and are equipped with super suits that enhance their abilities.


Trailer Video

Farmvill 2 iOS

You might be familiar with Zynga's game Farmvill, which is currently the hottest game on Facebook with more than 300 Million players around the world. Now the company wants to bring the game into the Mobile platform by releasing Farmville 2: Country Escape for Smartphones and Tablets (iOS and Android). You can check the screenshots on the article to see how the game will look like on an iPad.


Farmvile 2


The new application will offer both single-player and multi-player modes, with all of the action syncing up with your online Facebook activity. You won't need to be connected to the internet to play the game, However, and you can even create an offline game and play it exclusively off the grid.


Gameplay is the same song and dance: players can plant, farm, rear livestock, and make their own goods to sell for in-game money.



cut the rope 2



It has been over three months since ZeptoLab released Cut the Rope 2 on iOS, and the game has finally come to Android devices and Now available on the Play Store. Well, Not all of them, some reports are showing that the game may not be compatible with Android 4.4 KitKat.



The game is incompatible with both the Moto X, Nexus 10 and Nexus 4. However, the game is exactly the same as what you'd find on iOS with OmNom trying to get the candy through various physics-based puzzles. This time around you have helpers in each stage to mix up the gameplay a bit. The one major difference between the two platforms is that the game would cost 99 cents on iOS, but it is free on Android.

Download play store


Cut The Rope 2 [Play]



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