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Google Gmail for Android is the most downloaded App in the Play Store. The App has reached 1 Billion downloads on the play store which is the first App to reach this milestone, Gmail comes with all Android devices by default which give us a hint that the number of Android devices around the world in over than 1 Billion user.




The download counter reflects unique installs and not a total number of downloads, including repeats. The Gmail play store listing shows installs numbers 1,000,000,000 - 5,000,000,000 with a rating of 4.3 stars which is very good.



Source [Play Store]

play services 4.4

Google is Now Rolling-out an update to its Google Play Services App. The New services version 4.4 packs some New features and APIs for Google Maps, Mobile Ads, Activity Recognition and some bug fixes. The biggest improvement appears to be a new API for Google Maps, Developers have always had the ability to incorporate satellite and street maps, but this will be the first time that street-level photos will be directly accessible outside of the Maps application.


Play services


A New feature in v4.4 called "Activity Recognition" is also gaining a minor improvement which will allow your Device to distinguishing between walking and running. Until now, the only activities explicitly covered were: standing still, walking, cycling, and in-vehicle. Developers would have previously had to watch the accelerometer to determine the difference between running and walking.

You can wait for the update to roll-out for you on the Play store (which will take days) OR you can download the APK below. The APK below is signed by Google and upgrades your existing app, it is safe to install and was not tampered with in any way.


Download Play Services v4.4


Google Play Services 4.4 [APK]


Google Play Services 4.4 [Play Store]



Play Music v5.5


Google release a New Update to Google Play Music App, Version 5.5 is Now rolling-out on the Play store. It's a minor update to the music App (5.4 - 5.5) with some tweaks.


Play Music Playlist

Google Play Music 5.5.1509O.1140258 Enables you now to Edit and share any playlist on your device with your friends. You can Make a playlist public so everyone can access it. You can also Edit a playlist on your device after creating it.

If you didn't got the update yet you Download APK Below. The APK is signed by Google and upgrades your existing app, its cryptographic signature guarantees that the file is safe to install.



Play Music

Google Play Music 5.5 [APK]

Google Play Music 5.5 [Play]


Google Search


Google has just Updated its Search App to Version 3.4.15 ( to be exact), Google Play Music and Play Games also got a minor update.


Google Search 3.4.15

Google Search 3.4.15 is a minro update with some new features. The app will now try and determine the position of your car when you park it, so when you return you know where to find it on the map. It also now supports nicknames, you can assign a nickname to any contact as your "brother", "wife", "mother"... etc.


Google Search 3.4.15

Google Search 3.4.15 Change-log :

- New reminders interface with better arrangement of past reminders
- Centralized list for nicknames under Accounts & privacy
- "Help" and "Send feedback" are now "Help & feedback" (one item)
- Offline mode no longer clears all cards, keeps cards from last update
- Open some settings by voice


Google Search App


Download Google Search 3.4.15 [APK]


Download Google Search 3.4.15 [Play]


Virus Shield


A Fake Virus App was exposed by Android police a few weeks ago, called Virus Shield, as a scam. The App does't offer any kind of protection against viruses or malware, thousands of users paid $4 for this fake App. The story quickly gained momentum and it wasn't long before Google pulled the app from the Play Store.


Virus Shield

But what about those who purchased the app? Turns out, Google is now giving a refund to all those who purchased the app. On top of that, it is also offering a $5 store credit as an apology.


If you purchased the app, you will get a mail informing you of your refund, along with a redemption code for the $5 store credit.


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