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Flickr 3.0


Flicker 3.0 for Android has just been released on the Google Play Store with a complete User Interface Makeover, a beautifully designed App for photos lovers. You will see a blacked out timeline on both with square crops of images of the people you are friends with. Below the image are options to fae, comment or share the image. If you tap it, you will see the full size version.


Flickr 3.0

On Flickr 3.0 for Android you can swipe horizontally to switch between these modes. The app has its own custom camera with the interface once again different on both platforms. The app also has impressive editing options for once you take the photo, which are once again differently designed but equally powerful.


Flick 3.0

Another new feature is auto-sync for your photos, which automatically backs up any photo you take on to your account. This is similar to what Dropbox or Google+ does but in this case you'll get a 1TB of storage from Flickr.


Flicker 3.0 Download

Flickr 3.0 [Play Store]


Google Play People


Google is rolling out a new feature to its Google Play store, called "Google Play People". You know how you see your friends' +1s on certain apps in the Play Store? Well now those apps have their separate own tab.


play poeple


The People tab utilizes Google+'s recommendations in the Play Store in its mobile form and has its very own certain style shown above. On the web Google Play store you can see the same reviews and ratings by your friends with the "From Familiar Faces" option. The new feature is rolling out as we speak so you might want to check your Play store to see if you have it already.



Facebook messenger 4.0

Few days ago, Facebook Messenger version 4.0 hit iOS. Today, Facebook Messenger for Android has also gotten a major update to version 4.0, bringing groups and much more features than the iOS app.


Facebook Messenger 4.0 for Android does include the option to create groups for your contacts, and it also offers a new option to forward a message to another contact. Taking advantage of Android-specific features, there is also a new option which allows you to place a shortcut on your homescreen that will take you directly to a specific conversation, which is pretty cool.


Facebook messenger 4.0

The big addition for Android users is voice calling. This is a feature that started on iOS, testing first in Canada and expanding to U.S. users back in January. Now, Android users can also get into the fun. It allows for free calls over Wi-Fi, and calls are also available over mobile data, but of course data charges could apply there.


Download from Play Store

Facebook Messenger 4.0 [Play]




Google has just updated its notes App, Google Keep to version 2.2 for Android and Chrome Desktop Apps too. The New Google Keep 2.2 brings some New UI changes, including a new yellow action bar (was grey before) to be more noticeable by the user.




The update also brings some control over the list settings, you can choose whether add new list items starts from bottom or top of the list. Also you can set checked items to be automatically moved to the bottom of the list or stay in the same place. You can download the new Google Keep from the Play Store or from the APK Link below.


Google Keep


Google Keeep 2.2 Change-log:


  • Searchable images: Find printed text in images
  • List settings: Set where new or checked items go
  • Trash: Keep deleted notes just a little longer
  • Yellow action bar
  • Updated slide-out menu with multi-account selection
  • Make copies of notes
  • Action bar changes color with notes



Google Keep 2.2

Google Keep 2.2 [APK]


google play



In-App purchases is getting ridiculously annoying, Have you ever used a free application in Android, and then found yourself clicking on an ad in the app, even though you could have sworn you never touched the pop-up ad ?

Well that's because there are some applications that give you the illusion of choice when it comes to not selecting an ad, they register any press on the screen as an ad-click.



Google decided to take action against that and other tricky in-app add practices which considered fraud and spam in Google policies. Google has laid out some new rules for Google Play applications that specifically call out this kind of application behavior. They are also laying the smack down on "promotion or install tactics" by halting undesired downloads, redirects to the Google Play store, and unsolicited SMS advertisements.

Also banned from the Play store under the new guidelines are advertisements that use "erotic content" to promote porn, Also Google stated "Apps that contain or promote pornography are prohibited". Google has also called for more clearly defined behaviors as to when and how developers use their in-app purchases.



Source [Google Play]

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