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How to Tell if It Is Time for a New Smartphone


When it comes to convenient devices, none fit the description better than the smartphone. Mobile phones have come a long way from just being able to call and text. It was almost as if overnight, they just became little handheld computers. However, people will not complain. These are something you likely use every day and have helped you out in a lot of different ways.


Since you use your smartphone so much, you must be able to get the best use out of it. To do this, you are going to need to make sure that your phone is in working order. However, sometimes it isn't too obvious when it is time to invest in a new phone. When you know the signs, it doesn't have to be such a mystery. You don't want your phone to get to the point where it is not working in crucial situations. So, try to recognize the signs before it is too late. If you can't tell if you need a new smartphone or not, here are some of how you can do this.


Lagging and Crashing

One of the most common signs of a dying smartphone is its responses and functions. If your phone is becoming slow and unresponsive, then this is a bad sign. A lot of the time, this might just be due to full storage. However, old age and a dying phone can also be responsible for this. This can cause things to take much longer, as well as not being able to do things properly. Not to mention, this is going to make using your smartphone much more frustrating. Even for the likes of your entertainment, this is going to be a massive nuisance. For example, if you are someone who likes gaming on your phone on sites, such as, then this can ruin the experience. So, it could be time to get a new smartphone.


Apps Won't Work

A common problem with smartphones is due to software. If a phone is quite old, it might not be equipped to deal with the latest software. This means that you might not be able to download certain apps, or even update ones you already have. Of course, this can be a massive inconvenience. So, invest in a new phone before you need an app you can't download.



The battery on your phone is so important. If you are spending a lot of your day out of the house, then there is a good chance you need a battery you can rely on. If it is dying too quickly, then this can put you in a lot of bad situations. Over time, battery health will fade on your phone. So, if you feel like yours is getting too bad, it is time to invest in a new smartphone. Replacing the battery is also an option, but this tends to be more expensive in the longer term, so you're probably better looking for an upgrade.

How to Secure Data in Microsoft Teams



Microsoft's Teams platform has been widely adopted in the corporate world for many good reasons. This popularity is due in part to the platform's flexibility in allowing third-party applications to supplement the platform. But what of security? Fortunately, Teams has several impressive features that boost the security stance of the platform drastically. In this article, we'll look at some best practices to help you secure data in Teams.


Sensitivity Labels

One of the drivers for businesses to adopt platforms like Teams was the need for remote collaborative work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many chose Teams over platforms like Zoom due to the improved features and security. The downside of being feature rich is it's often not that easy to unlock all the security features as you might not even know they're there. One such security feature is sensitivity labels.


These labels form part of Microsoft Information Protection features and allow users to classify data so as better to protect sensitive data. Labels can be added without negatively impacting Teams emphasis on collaboration between team members. For instance, if the label is set to secret then data is encrypted and only can be viewed by team members. Those outside the organization will just get the encrypted information with no way to decrypt and view the data.


Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention, simply known by its acronym DLP, was designed to prevent accidental exposure of critical data. Given that Teams is continually looking to improve integration among teams Microsoft implemented DLP as a means o help protect against data breaches. When set up properly DLP will block unauthorized access to data.


This is done primarily through the use of a content analysis engine, that scans both files and chats for when protected data is shared. If that data is deemed protected by the engine and the policies set up by the team's admin then access to that information will be blocked. Typically policies will be applied to external third parties and guest users in order to help protect data.


Data Access Control

Similar to DLP, data access control is primarily policies that allow for the safe sharing of data. Primarily data access control can be given to external third parties or guests. While it might not seem that there is much of a difference between external access and guest access, the two in practice are quite different. Both policies grant added security features to help them to secure teams.


External access allows access to share an entire domain. This effectively allows Teams and Skype users to collaborate and set up meetings with the team responsible for the data while adding an extra layer of security.


Guest access allows a user to be granted access to the Team and specific functions including chat, file sharing, and other collaborative channels. The guest does not need a Microsoft 365 account and can just use their business email.



Securing Teams often rely upon a simple set up of policies. These measures greatly improve the security stance of the organization as a whole, not just the team collaborating together on a project.

 How To Optimize Your eCommerce Website For Mobile


Mobile devices have had a huge impact on everything, from the way that people consume information to how we communicate. Mobile devices are now the primary means by which people access the internet. This means that mobile users are a vast potential marketplace that all eCommerce businesses, no matter the industry that they are operating in, should be paying close attention to. Learning how to can optimize your eCommerce site for mobile devices will help you to attract more customers and boost your search engine ranking and your sales.


Assess How Mobile Friendly You Are

When you are looking to optimize your website for mobile, it is important to spend some time assessing where you currently stand. Learning how mobile-friendly your website currently is will help you to better understand where you currently stand and which areas of your website need the most work.


There are many factors that go into making a site mobile friendly. These include:

  • Image loading speed
  • Video loading speed
  • Text Visibility
  • Website responsiveness
  • User experience
  • Clickability
  • Use of pop-up advertisements
  • Page loading speeds

There is some website that you can use to gain a better understanding of how your site compares to others in terms of mobile-friendliness. You should also spend some time on your site yourself to better understand the pros and cons of your website.


Optimize Your Content For Mobile

Content is a vital resource when it comes to providing a high-quality experience for your customer and improving your search engine ranking. However, when it comes to SEO for BigCommerce it is important to ensure your content is optimized for mobile. You should make sure that your content is easily viewable on mobile devices to ensure that it is not limiting your potential marketing success.


Eliminate Advertisements

Having advertisements on your website can limit the overall look and credibility of your site. While advertisements will have an impact on a user's experience when they are using a computer or laptop, their impact can be even more devastating to mobile device users. Getting rid of all advertisements on your site is critical for ensuring your area is able to make the right impression and provide the highest quality experience for mobile users.


Improve Loading Speeds

Studies have found that loading speeds can be detrimental when it comes to metrics like time on site, which in turn can have a huge impact on your search engine optimization potential. Ideally, your website should take under three seconds to load, and in an ideal world, it should take less than two seconds. Improving your website loading speeds by optimizing images and videos, reducing the amount of content on your site, and implanting AMP protocols can be hugely important.


Improve the Checkout Process

Creating an intuitive checkout process can be vital for ensuring you are able to convert all visitors to your website. You can optimize your checkout process for mobile by keeping written content concise and making the navigation clear and the information sections easy to fill out. Not only will improving your checkout process improve the experience for mobile users, but it will also help you to make the most of all the traffic to your site.

How to Trade Using Your Phone


Trading on the move has never been easier. Thanks to a combination of mobile trading exchanges, the increase of mobile wallets, and digital asset classes which are easier to trade, store, and stake at the click of a button, trading is now possible wherever you happen to be.


This is important to recognize for several reasons.


The first reason is that trading has never been this simple before. Only twenty years ago, it was unheard of for anyone but professional brokers to trade financial assets. If you wanted to trade, you would have to go through a third-party firm that would take a cut (potentially on both ends of the deal), be slow in reacting to your requests, and may even advise you on which deals to capitalize on.


Furthermore, being able to trade from your smartphone means you can maintain a trading strategy as a remote worker - which is ideal if you want to become a digital nomad.


Here is everything you need to know about trading with your phone:


Choose the Asset Classes You Want to Trade

The first step you must take to trade on your smartphone is to choose the financial asset classes and industries you want to concentrate on. While it is certainly possible to trade all manner of different assets, you should try to keep your strategy as simple as you can - at least at first.


By doing this, you will develop a stronger understanding of what you are trading, then you should trade it and what the market trends are. You are more likely to trade successfully when you do this than if you were to attempt to jump on every major trade in every asset class you come across.


Instead, pay attention to prices in one or two markets. For example, if you wanted to trade cryptocurrencies, you could check the Terra current price.


Join an Exchange

The next step you need to take if you want to trade using your phone is to join an online exchange. There are several different platforms to choose from, depending on the assets you want to trade.


Pick the one which offers the most competitive trade rates, as well as the one which has the most available options within the market you want to trade.


Set a Time During the Day to Check Your Trades

When you can trade on demand, it can be tempting to check the latest prices every few minutes. Although understandable - especially if you have your money tied up in the deal, the relationship you have with trading (as well as your phone in general) can quickly become unhealthy.


Instead, ​​set certain times during the day when you check the markets. If necessary, turn your phone off or leave it out of sight when you need to stay away from the markets.


It might feel counterintuitive at first, but it will likely make you a more effective trader. This is because you will be sharper, less stressed and able to clear your mind (when the best decisions formulate in your mind).


Information is the most precious asset for any business in today's world, and it's essential for every company to keep its data private and safe. Hackers and cybercriminals try to breach businesses' data to steal sensitive information that can cost the business a considerable amount of money. Any breach of a company's data will also make it lose the trust of its clients and investors. That's why data protection has become an essential business strategy worldwide and even a part of compliance with rules and regulations in some countries and states. These guidelines will show you how to protect the privacy of your company's data.


Set Access Control Measures


Set Access Control Measures

One of the main reasons for data breaches is that anyone can access the data without monitoring them. The company's data must be accessed with the required authorization in which you limit who accesses your data and know who and when they accessed these files. Most businesses use the least privilege concept, which limits access to employees to necessary documents only that will allow them to perform their job. Eliminate the super-user privilege as individuals with this privilege will be the target for hackers to access your files.


Train Your Employees on Security Standards

Many businesses today adopt the remote work and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) cultures, so it's imperative to offer ongoing training and awareness campaigns for your employees. According to information found on PassCamp, your employees can be the reason for a data breach, if they use weak passwords or unsafe WiFi networks while working remotely. Malicious outsiders usually target low-level employees to steal the company's data as they set weak security measures. Set clear security policies and train your employees to apply these policies.


Use Security Systems and Software

The company's network and servers are constantly under threat from malicious individuals and cyber criminals. It's crucial to set up security systems and software to add various layers of protection to your data. Install antivirus programs on every workstation and server and regularly check to ensure your hardware is free from viruses, ransomware, and other harmful programs. Invest in a powerful firewall to act as a barrier between your sensitive information and hackers. You can install internal firewall programs to upgrade the security level.


Implement Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) works by requiring multiple types of authentication from the user to give them access. For example, the system will ask for a password, fingerprint, or 3 types of authentication methods. It is one of the most effective and advanced protection strategies in cyber security. Even if a cybercriminal acquired a password, they would be asked for a second or a third factor of authentication such as confirmation on mobile, voice recognition, fingerprint, or a security token.


Implement Multi-Factor Authentication


Managing your company's data privacy is essential to gaining the trust of your clients and preventing huge losses. Several access points can make your system vulnerable to cyberattacks such as network, hardware, and employees. Set reliable and strict security measures in your company to make sure that your company's data is accessed by the correct authorization only.

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