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How to Take Incredible iPhone Photos


As an iPhone camera user, you might think you're only able to snap standard boring photos.


While that would be correct with other standard cameras, the iPhone camera is packed with loads of hidden modes and tricks that you can use to up your photography game.


Are you interested in learning how to take incredible iPhone photos? Want to know how iPhone photography works?


If so, you're interested in exploring how iPhone photography works! Let's explore how you can enhance your images.


Get to Know Your Camera

iPhone camera photography tips. iPhone cameras have different shutter speeds, apertures, and lenses. You need to know how to use your camera. Taking incredible iPhone pictures is to understand the different shutter speeds.


The shutter speed is the time the camera's sensor is exposed to light. A faster shutter speed will cause a sharper image, while a slower shutter speed will become a blurrier image. Understand the different apertures.


The opening in the lens is called the aperture. A larger aperture will appear in a brighter image, while a smaller aperture will end in a dimmer image.


Use Natural Light

Taking photos in low light can be challenging, but if you use natural light, you can get some amazing shots. The right balance of light and dark is important. You don't want to overexpose your photo, but you also don't want it to be too dark.


Experiment with different lighting sources and see what works best for you.


Using the Rule of Thirds

One of the great things about the iPhone camera is that it has a grid feature you can turn on to help you compose your shots using the rule of thirds. To activate it, go to Settings > Photos & Camera and toggle on the Grid option.


To use the rule of thirds, imagine a 3x3 grid overlaid on your scene. Place the subject of your photo along one of the grid lines or at one intersection.


iPhone Photography Composition

Using the HDR settings helps to capture more detail in both the shadows and the highlights of a photo. It's an impressive setting to use when taking photos of landscapes or sunsets. Leading lines are lines that lead the eye into the photo and help to focus the viewer's attention on the subject.


It's an actual line, like a road or a river, like the edge of a table, or a row of trees. Using negative space can help you feel calm and balanced in your photo. Simplify your composition, sometimes less is more, so don't be afraid to crop out unnecessary elements.


Experiment Editing Techniques

Use different editing apps and unleash your creativity. Explore how to remove background from an image for the best photos, and tools for editing. You can also play around with the built-in editing features on your phone. A bit of color correction, some contrast adjustments, and maybe even a filter can make all the difference.


Follow These Incredible Tips for iPhone Photos

With the iPhone's ever-improving camera technology, anyone can take incredible photos. By following a few simple tips, like framing your shots and using the rule of thirds, you can take your iPhone photos to the next level. So get out there and start snapping some unforgettable photos!


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How to Protect Yourself on the Internet


Are you aware of the risks associated with using the internet? Are you concerned about your online footprint or privacy?


There is a rise in cases of identity theft, internet fraud, and hacking, even on social media. Negligence on the internet could jeopardize your safety, especially because private data is very valuable on the dark web. Understanding the implications of an individual's actions while surfing is beneficial as it helps keep one safe from malicious strangers on the internet.


VPNs and Proxies

They are several ways to stay safe while keeping the freedom of roaming the internet. The two most common methods of doing so are using VPNs or proxy servers to hide and redirect traffic through private network tunnels. Here are the features of both.

  • VPNs

VPNs are an easy and affordable way of keeping your identity hidden from other internet users. VPNs create a private network tunnel across the different websites and platforms. The perks of using VPNs include:

  • Having access to geographically restricted data like certain Netflix shows
  • Gaining protection across all devices
  • Hiding private information
  • Staying anonymous while browsing different websites

Picking a good VPN provider is vital in ensuring your data stays anonymous and private.

  • Proxies

Proxies also help hide IP addresses by providing a new one while users access certain websites. Unlike VPNs, proxies are website based and are only suitable for one URL at a time. However, using proxies also has several benefits. Let's look at some of them in detail.

  • Proxies such as SOCKS servers secure employee data and internet use.
  • They preserve internet anonymity by providing their own IP address.
  • Browsing through a proxy saves bandwidth with compressed files.
  • A proxy will balance internet traffic to avoid crashes.

Similar to VPNs, ensure you research your proxy provider. Verify that the company is trustworthy and offers proxy services that fit your needs.


Other Safety Measures

Although VPNs and proxy servers are effective, they might not keep your identity anonymous all through. Moreover, in cases such as phishing, it is possible to offer your private information unsuspectingly. Therefore, even with VPNs installed, it is important to follow these steps to keep safe:

  • Be Wary of Phishing Mail
Phishing attacks refer to cyber criminals' attempts at posing as legitimate institutions to try and acquire your personal information. The emails sent as phishing bait will often have links that lead to dangerous websites or that require some type of login. Opening such emails or clicking the links within puts you in danger.
  • Do Not Overshare
Be careful what information you share on the internet. Social media brought with it a sharing culture where people post about highlights of their lives. However, it is essential that when posting, no sensitive information is shared. Sensitive details include credit card info, home addresses, or children's faces and identities.
  • Use Strong Passwords
VPNs and proxies can help with securing your passwords and making them inaccessible. However, with or without these options, you must ensure that your passwords are secure. Many websites or logins offer a metric for strong and weak passwords.
  • Change Your Passwords Often
Switch up your passwords once in a while for that extra layer of security.
  • Avoid Strange Sites
As mentioned earlier, hackers can access your private information by leading you to strange websites that siphon your information. However, phishing does not only occur through emails, and you might put yourself in danger by clicking that suspicious link.
  • Be Wary of Open Public Wi-Fi
Stay away from unsecured public Wi-Fi unless you have a VPN. Using public Wi-Fi provides others the opportunity to access your personal information.
  • Regularly Backup Your Data
In case of a virus infection, it would be difficult to recover your data. Backing up your data makes retrieval easier in such instances.
  • Keep Your Devices Locked
Lock your devices when not in use. Having an unlock password is an easy way to ensure that your data isn't accessible by anyone while you're not using your device.
  • Log Out of Websites

Make sure you log out of websites, especially when using public computers. If possible, delete your browser history after browsing on such devices.


Make the Internet a Safer Space

Now you know the many tricks you can use to keep yourself safe. Be an educator. Teach them to others, and hopefully, the internet will be safer for all.

How To Make Your Mobile Payments More Secure


Did you forget your card at home? No problem! You can pay with your mobile phone. Want to send money abroad? You don't need to leave home! With your mobile, you can make payments from wherever you are, even to the other side of the world if necessary.


But is it safe to pay with a phone? The truth is that as beneficial as it is, it can also be an easy target for cyber-attacks and data theft. Cyber criminals are using mobile content services as a way to distribute malicious attacks that target mobile devices. Online credit thefts and phishing scams are very real threats today. However, there is no need to resort to traditional methods of payment. Instead, learn how to make your mobile payments more secure!


Update your operating system

One of the main tasks you should do after reading this article is to update your phone's operating system. Whether it is Android, iOS or Windows, you will need to keep your device up to date. Want to make your mobile payments more secure? Update your phone!


Updates usually come with the latest news, and they alert you if there is a potential threat! See how important it is to update your phone? From now on, when you get that update notice, do not ignore it! Without an update, hackers can easily track you down and attack you.


Use strong passwords

If you want to make your mobile payments more secure, one of the steps you should take is to create passwords strong enough to prevent access to your information by unauthorized users. Strong passwords lower overall risks of a security by passwords that are hard to detect both by humans and by the computer.


Creating passwords is no longer just about typing numbers, letters, or symbols. Now that you don't have to remember or enter passwords, you can create "strong" passwords (long and complex) that are replayed when you swipe your finger, making your personal accounts more secure. This makes it much more difficult to replace identities and steal information! After reading this, are you seriously considering changing your weak online passwords to super strong passwords? Do it for your own sake.


Get an antivirus for your mobile or enter only on secure pages

Viruses are everyone's nightmare. Yes, the most normal thing to talk about nowadays is the coronavirus. However, this is not an issue for this article. You should know that there are other viruses, which do not attack people directly but their mobile phones! And these can also be lethal. So, is it worth it or not to have an antivirus program installed on your mobile phone? The truth is that it wouldn't be a bad thing to have one. Because new viruses are identified every day, it is important to use an antivirus program with an automatic update capability.


But if you prefer not to have an antivirus on your mobile, then there is another option: you should only use trusted sites. For example, if you are an online player, there are websites, such as Asiabet, that recommend only safe sites where you can play without worries! Their list of recommended casinos gives you a wide range of roulette sites to choose from. Not only do these sites all offer roulette games, but they also provide plenty of other advantages too. Easy, right?


Some final advice

Honestly, it is impossible to eliminate 100% of the likelihood of web attacks that you may suffer. Cyber criminals are constantly developing increasingly sophisticated malware, putting businesses and consumers under threat of financial losses, identity theft, not to mention damaged reputations. Just having a mobile phone makes you a potential victim. But don't be afraid. Knowing how to make your mobile payments more secure will give you greater confidence in doing so!


Finally, it should be remembered that while making payments in this way is more convenient, it will require your constant attention. Therefore, your mobile phone should be one of the most valuable things you have in your hands. Take care of it and follow the guidelines above!

How to Increase the Battery Life of a Smartphone?


Modern smartphones have a weak link - the battery. Each user puts the gadget on charge at least once a day but is not insured to remain without communication. In the following article, we will advise you on how to increase the battery of your mobile phone and avoid rapid loss of charge.


Main Consumers of the Battery

Look in the settings of your smartphone and check the power consumption of programs and the presence of background applications. You will see that some programs are real battery drainers.


Mobile Games

Each game actively consumes the maximum amount of energy. If you run a demanding game without interruption, the phone will quickly lose autonomy. The charge will consume everything: processor, screen, speakers, and network connection. In this case, local heating occurs.


As we are talking about games, particular attention should be paid to online and casino games. They also affect the battery performance greatly. So when you press the PlayAmo casino login button to play your favourite slots or table games, keep in mind that they will drain a lot of battery.



Similar applications, like games, are the most energy-intensive and consume the most charge. Consumption indirectly depends on the software version.


The most energy-intensive applications include Telegram, Zoom, WhatsApp, Viber. Internet banks, and online stores also affect the charge consumption.



Compared to other battery eaters, widgets do not consume too much energy. However, a large number of active programs significantly reduces the autonomy of the device.


WiFi, 4G, GPS

Unstable connections are another reason for high power consumption. Illiterately built Wi-Fi networks, a weak signal, and a large number of signals in the area cause the battery to quickly lose charge.


Bluetooth and GPS also affect the battery life, but many services and accessories are tied to them. It is unlikely that deactivation will be convenient for the user himself.


How to Reduce the Power Consumption?

Users of Android smartphones are often faced with a rapid loss of charge. The most consuming can be a mobile network, a screen, and other system resources. Even the latest models suffer from a similar problem and in the late afternoon, there is practically no energy left on the device.


Airplane Mode, GPS and Wi-Fi

Activate airplane mode if you don't need a connection. The smartphone will still be able to use Wi-Fi, view content offline. It is possible to completely disable GPS by suspending many services.


Don't forget to connect to Wi-Fi to surf the internet. This will increase the operating time on a single charge. If possible, turn off Bluetooth, 4G, NFC modules when they are not needed.


Power Saver

Activate the power saving mode in the battery settings. The option is available in almost every modern device. This will reduce power consumption but will affect phone performance.



Optimize settings by reducing the power consumption of the display. Reduce the brightness, high settings are not needed in low-light places. Choose a comfortable level and activate automatic adjustment.


Auto-brightness will reduce power consumption. This will save minutes or hours of work. Reduce the refresh rate, resolution in the screen settings. High settings lead to an increase in power consumption.


Do not discharge the battery to the minimum values ​​(3-5%) and try not to charge up to 100%. It is also recommended not to leave the phone without charging for a long time. If the measures taken do not help, it is better to replace the battery with a new one.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency: the Most Reliable Assets


Nowadays, many people wonder how to buy a cryptocurrency and start trading. There is a wide range of assets and cryptocurrency exchanges on the market, which can confuse inexperienced traders that do not know which platforms are trustworthy and which are not. If you are a novice investor and want to buy a cryptocurrency in Ukraine in the simplest, but at the same time, reliable way, try out such popular platforms as WhiteBIT, Currency, Binance.


Investing and Trading

Investing in cryptocurrency is the acquisition of assets with the aim of obtaining subsequent profit. The digital asset market is attractive due to the high volatility of assets: this positively affects the size of investors' income. As a rule, investing involves financial investments for a long period of time.


Trading is short- and medium-term investments made to earn on the exchange rate difference. The value of assets can rise and fall in a matter of seconds, and to make money, you need to know the intricacies of the process and master the skills of working with specific tools. Otherwise, it will all look like a gamble with the most likely sad outcome.


Types of Cryptocurrency

There is a wide range of cryptocurrencies on the digital asset market, and it is pretty difficult to choose among them, especially for beginners. The following assets can be classified as reliable and in-demand:

  • Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency on the market, a peer-to-peer payment system that uses cryptographic methods to protect the system. All information about transactions between users of the system is publicly available. Coins are mined by a network of miners. These can be both large mining companies and private miners who have installed equipment for mining coins at home.
  • Ethereum is a digital currency, the second most popular after Bitcoin, which is based on conducting transactions and supporting the operation of the Ethereum blockchain. Many decentralized applications (dApps) are created on the basis of the Ethereum network.
  • Tether is a stablecoin. The value of this digital coin is pegged to the dollar. Stablecoins have a more stable exchange rate, and therefore, they are often used for the least risky investments as an alternative to investing in US dollars.
Before buying cryptocurrencies, it is crucial to study their charts and decide on the exchange where you will operate them, as well as the method of storage if you are investing for the long term. Traders can buy cryptocurrency on the exchange or from other users: it depends on the strategy they choose and the market situation.

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