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Nokia Web Tablet

It's true, there was a Nokia tablet in production 9 years before Apple's iPad, or 6 years before the Steve jobs introduce the iPhone. It almost happened, after what could be called the last minute, the plug was pulled after about 1,000 units were manufactured, and so the "Nokia M510 Web Tablet" would never reach the hands of consumers.


Consumers and families were the target of the M510. Esko Yliruusi was on the team that created the tablet, and was responsible for testing the communications capabilities of the device. He was attached to the project up to the point it was canceled in August 2001 and he left the company.


Nokia web tablet


The Nokia Web Tablet had a full set of features for hardware of its era. It was designed on an early build of Symbian, called Epoc. It featured native email, calendar, "noticeboard" (bulletin board), and Opera web-browser apps.


The user interface was touch-screen enabled, and also stylus enabled. There are function buttons and toggles on each side of the tablet. The screen was a full 10-inch 800x600 pixel LCD. There was enough battery power for 4 hours of use, which, if you remember the technology from 2001, meant the tablets weight of 4 pounds was perfectly reasonable.


Nokia Web Tablet logo


There was USB connectivity as well as ps/2 and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Connectivity was managed by a Nokia C111 Wi-Fi module providing 802.11b connections allowing speeds up to 11Mbps. The M510 even had a stand to keep it upright while it was on the table. In fact, you could say the tablet was ahead of its time to an extent. Nokia's market research was indicating there was no demand for the product and that was the reason why the project was canceled.


Of the 1,000 tablets that were produced, nearly all of them were sent to the crusher. Mr. Yliruusi believes there are about 130 surviving devices. Each member of the development team got their own, "I had a strong feeling that this one is a keeper. There were things in the device that were done just as they should be. I felt that we shall be hearing of gadgets like this."



Microsoft Nokia Deal


It's a Done Deal... Nokia has just announced the completion of the sale to Microsoft of all of its Devices & Services business to Microsoft. Substantially since two factories were excluded from the deal the Chennai factory in India, but also the Masan factory in South Korea. The deal underwent other changes too the final price is expected to be slightly higher than the initially announced €5.44 billion due to a positive adjustment in net working capital and cash earnings.

The South Korean factory employed roughly 200 people, but Nokia will be closing it down. The fate of the Chennai factory is unclear, but Nokia will be offering financial assistance to its employees so they can "explore opportunities outside Nokia starting from a sound financial base".


What's Next for Nokia ? we will see in the Net few weeks.

Source (Nokia)

Nokia Microsoft


Microsoft purchase of Nokia's Devices and Services set to close this month, the Redmond based software giant has been sending out letters to various companies to inform them of the imminent closing of the acquisition.

One bit of information that has been leaked from these letters, is that Microsoft plans on renaming the Nokia Mobile Devision Business to Microsoft Mobile Oy. This was already hinted at in a previous letter from Microsoft to Nokia's customers, that we showed you last week. 
Here's the letter from Microsoft to Nokia suppliers:



Dear Supplier,
On September 3, 2013, Nokia Corporation announced its intention to sell substantially all of its Devices and Services Business to Microsoft Corporation. We anticipate the transaction to close during April 2014.
Under the terms of the sale, Microsoft will assume all rights, benefits and obligations of the Nokia Devices and Services business, including Nokia's agreements with suppliers, customers and partners which pertain to the Devices and Services business. Therefore, the purpose of this letter is to update you that the current terms and conditions that you have with the Devices and Services business will not change.
Please note that upon the close of the transaction between Microsoft and Nokia, the name of Nokia Corporation/Nokia Oyj will change to Microsoft Mobile Oy. Microsoft Mobile Oy is the legal entity name that should be used for VAT IDs and for the issuance of invoices.
New name and registered address replacing Nokia Oyj/Nokia Corporation is:
Microsoft Mobile Oy
Keilaranta 7
02150 ESPOO
New Bank Accounts: Please note that Microsoft Mobile Oy is going to have new bank accounts, for further information please contact us via AP Portal: (registration required).
There is NO change in the invoice sending method, please continue to send the invoices via electronic channels as before.
For further information on changes (legal address/send to address) after the close of the transaction between Microsoft and the Nokia Devices and Services business, please check our Invoice Address Search tool (IAS): (No registration required), or contact us via AP Portal: (Registration required).
Please note that the only changes in the Purchase Order (PO) layout after the close of the transaction will be to remove the Nokia Logo and change the legal address, whereas the PO numbering format and sequence will not change.
Continuation of business with Nokia
In addition to becoming a supplier for Microsoft Mobile Oy, we appreciate that you might also remain a supplier to the continuing businesses of Nokia (i.e., NSN, HERE or Advanced Technologies) after the close of the transaction between Microsoft and Nokia Devices and Services. Nokia will communicate separately any changes in invoicing methods and addresses before the close of this transaction.
Best regards,
Nokia Devices and Services Financial Services Purchase to Pay Team




lumia 930

Nokia has just launched its New flagship device for 2014, the Nokia Lumia 930 with Microsoft's latest Windows Phone 8.1 OS.


lumia 930



The phones features Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC with 2.2GHz quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of built-in, non-expandable memory on board. The display is a 5-inch super-sensitive ClearBlack AMOLED unit with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) and pixel density of 441ppi.


The main camera of the Nokia Lumia 930 is a 20MP PureView unit with 1/2.5" BSI sensor, f/2.4, OIS, and a dual-LED flash. It is capable of capturing 1080p videos @ 30 fps. The Nokia Lumia 930 is expected to roll out globally in June starting with Europe, Asia, Middle East and India. It's expected to cost $599 (€435) before taxes and subsidies.



Nokia Lmuia 930 Specifications


Nokia 3310 Pureview


Nokia sense of humor this year is way above expectation, The company's blog announces a New PureView Smartphone running Windows Phone 8. The Nokia 3310 PureView, yes, you heard it right...Nokia 3310... that old chubby phone from the 90's.


Nokia 3310 PureView


Nokia 3310 PureView packs a 41 MP PureView camera module we know from the Lumia 1020, which will ensure oodles of photographic fun with the reinvented 3310. Nokia managed to stuff a dual-core processor, 2 GB of RAM, and a microSD slot in dimensions close to the original's casing, gracing the new 3310 with a 3-inch "Clear Diamond" display that sports the generous 768 x 1280 pixels. Head to the source link for more "fooling" info.

Of course it's an April Fools' joke!


Source (Nokia)

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