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Microsoft is killing Nokia Branding step by step, the company just announced the "Microsoft Portable Power DC-21" with a 6,000 mAh charger available in three different bright colors. It is the most powerful charger by the company to date, but it is also the first one using the new branding "Microsoft" not "Nokia" or "Lumia".


Since Microsoft is dropping the Nokia branding already, I guess the rumors were true and upcoming phones and accessories will be Microsoft branded as well.


About the charger now. Microsoft Portable Power is a 6,000 mAh portable charger available in white, green and orange. When used with Nokia Universal Fast USB Charger AC-60 (or any 1.5A wall charger I suppose), it goes up to 80% for three hours and up to 100% in four hours. The Charger will cost about $50.




Nokia Microsoft


Nokia Official Facebook page just posted a Photo saying that it has moved to a new "Home" referring to a new website ( instead of (


It looks like Microsoft has already started re-branding it's Mobile device, trying to replace the Nokia brand with its own, So it will soon be "Microsoft Lumia" not "Nokia Lumia" as a way to kill the Nokia brand.


So all we have to say is Goodbye Nokia, you've been a great innovative company.




Microsoft CEO


Satya Nadella, Microsoft's CEO, announced today in an email to employees that the company is preparing to layoff a total of 18,000 people within the next year.


Additionally, Stephen Elop, chief of Microsoft devices, also announced that the Nokia X Android project is over. Future Nokia X designs and products will be shifted to Windows Phone devices. He notes that the company will make the shift immediately, but support and sales for existing Nokia X products will remain.


There's no further information on what's the destiny of the recently announced Nokia X2. It's an existing product technically, so it should go on sale, but given the new developments Microsoft might as well cancel it. After all, we doubt anyone will be interested in buying into the platform now that it's officially pronounced dead.




Ninja fruite

Well, Nokia Lumia 930 build quality is probably the best in the market, it has a pretty tough display too. Its super-sensitive touchscreen adorned with Gorilla Glass 3 has in fact wonderfully survived a Fruit Ninja gameplay with a Knife, believe it or not. Video below proof it!


The Lumia 930′s touchscreen is touted as being very sensitive and can be used with gloves on, and apparently even with a knife. So the next iPhone may come with a revolutionary protection layer on top of its screen, but the current-gen Gorilla Glass 3 is nothing if not tough itself.



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Nokia X Opera


Opera has a long-standing partnership with Nokia to provide a browser for its phones, it used to be Opera Mini on Series 40 nowadays it's the full-fledged Opera Mobile on the Nokia X platform.


Opera will be the default browser on Nokia X phones, starting with the new Nokia X2, and it's available for free download for current X owners.


Nokia X


Opera is now based on Blink but adds Opera's traditional strengths including Turbo and Speed Dial. There's also the Discover features, which finds fresh content sorted by country and topic.




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